Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bay Area Open

With the event about a month away, the team here at 3 for Int has started prepping for the throwdown.

We should have a team of 3 or 4 headed up to conquer the great north and it looks to be a good event.

More information on the event is here.

Bay Area Open

You might ask what the fuck do you nerds do to get ready for a Warhammer Tournament?

Let me tell you.
First thing to do:
Secure a room as far away from Dok's snoring ass as possible. #1 rule to playing well. Be awake. Every single time my opponents have passed out from exhaustion I have won. FACT!

Aside from finishing up a grip shit of painting for my Battlewagon Assualt, the team is doing a lot of play testing. We plan to put in about 40 or so practice games between now and July 31, which is about all the nerd rage my man cave can handle... If that's not innuendo then I don't know what is!?!?

My take on the top lists in the current meta (in no particular order):
GK - Purifier Spam with or without Storm Ravens.
Orks - Kan Wall, Battlewagons.
Marines - DOA BA, Parking lot BA, Deathwing, All sorts of SW, Salamander
DE - They all seem to be the same... Dashofpepper uses more Venons than others, but we will test against a few.
IG- Leafblower
Eldar - Mechdar? I havent seen this in a while, but we have one around so I will play it for testing.
Chaos Space Marines: Nurgle Spam, Lash princes with Vindis

I know there will be Necrons there, Im not scared of Tau. Chaos Demons? Hmm no.

All in all, I think my orks can match up well vs all these armies and I am confident in my ability to actually play this army.

Still it will be a fun weekend in the Bay area and I hope to see some of our readers there.


  1. How do you feel your army will match up. What are your strats? Post more, poo head.

  2. Does Dok's ass snore? That should win.


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