Friday, June 24, 2011

Classic Move Review: Fight Club

Let me start this article by saying this, if you haven't seen this movie go fucking kill yourself.

Right now!!!

Now for the rest of you non-heathens, here is my take on this American Classic!

I realize I am breaking the first rule of Fight Club by talking about Fight Club, but I am willing to risk it for my loyal readers.

The movie is set in a time not to far in the past, well call it the late 90's. It is a time of ... well the 90's were lame and its not a period piece aside from there are "anonymous" meetings for everything, which sort of sums up society and the way humanity are moving. Everyone wants a fucking soap box to stand and and whine and bitch and have people tell them everything is okay and that they are not alone. It's all total horse shit. So we find the main character, who will be known as our friend from now on, has massive insomnia and finds comfort in the suffering of the people at these meetings. (See that, my rant ties in. I'm pretty much a literary genius.) The only time our friend gets to sleep is after he returns from the misery of others. During the day he works as a recall analyst for a major car company, by night he moves from meeting to meeting, fake crying and hugging strangers who are desperate to not be a lone.

On a business flight he bumps into a man named Tyler Durden. It's a very brief meeting but it sets up the whole movie so it is important. When our friend returns home from the trip he find out his apartment has exploded, which is a pretty shocking event for him. With nowhere else to go, he calls Tyler. They agree to meet him at a local bar for drinks. Tyler begins to make our friend think. About life, about being a man, about all the shit that we should all be thinking about. They finish a couple pitchers and they head out the back.

This is the scene when it all begins.

From there a couple of dudes see them fighting, and they ask to join. Soon more and more people want to fight each other in the back of this bar. Tyler convinces the manager of the bar to let them fight in the basement and Fight Club is born.

At the start of each Fight Club, Tyler goes over the rules of fight club:

This goes on and on, and it begins to build a massive following. They go from city to city setting up more and more fight clubs until they start popping up on their own, and with this Tyler starts to form his army.

As the story line progresses, Project Mayhem is revealed. Our friend and Tyler end up getting a large house in the middle of an industrial part of town and soon the army starts to move in. Instead of rules and homework, Tyler starts to hand out missions of destruction and vandalism. Destroy a piece of corporate art, burn a happy face in the side of a sky scraper, and so on and so forth. As the movie draws to an end the master plan is revealed. The ultimate goal of Project Mayhem is to destroy the headquarter building of the major credit cards and wipe the slate clean.

Now let me tell you, there is a lot more to this, and I will not spoil any of the good stuff. I have intentionally left out Marla Singer and some of the other stuff as they are intricate parts of the finale, and I don't want to spoil it for those that haven't seen it yet, and don't have the nuts to follow the instructions I gave at the beginning of the article.

The movie is fucking epic! It touches on the issues I see everyday and I find myself guilty of a lot of the bullshit that this movie points out. People these days have their god damn head shoved far up their asses anymore its ridiculous. This may seem off the wall coming from a guy that plays a gang of video games and runs around with my little plastic army men so I can "do battle," but just hear me out. People these days take shit way to fucking seriously. I hate all the bullshit society accepts like American Idol, and Teen Mom. Why the fuck do people watch this shit. If you want to see fucking dramatic teen mom shit just look around your neighborhood. Dumb fucking kids are having babies all over the place and you need to see this shit on TV. Fuck that!!! We need to stop letting main stream media tell us whats cool, or how important stupid shit is. Get the fuck off my TV Charlie Sheen, fucking Lindsay Lohan. Everything these people do is useless bullshit and the media eats that shit up. I wish someone would come along and bring an end to all the corporate in-bread non-sense that fucking plagues us.

Fight Club is more than a movie, its a fucking wake up call to all the people that still have a pair of nuts still sewn between their legs and are tired of the bullshit. If you watch this movie and not feel like punching the person sitting next to you, then email me. I will send you a coupon for a box of tampons, little bitch!

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