Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Drunken Master: Battle report!!! Orks vs GK

Good day!

Me and Soldado got together this last weekend to get a little practice in for the Bay Area open! First things first, let's take a look at the armies...

Grey Knights

Just chillin!


Der Waaaghersnitzel

Army lists and battle after the jump

GK List
Grand master - Psycannon, 3 servo skulls
Vindicaire assassin
6 man Purifier squad - Psycannon x 2, Halberd x 3, Daemon Hammer, in a Razorback - Psybolt ammo
Venerable Dreadnought - Twin linked AC, Twin linked AC, Psybolt ammo
6 man GK strike squad - Psycannon, Psybolt ammo, in a Razorback - Psybolt ammo
5 man GK strike squad - Psycannon, Psybolt ammo, in a Razorback - Psybolt ammo
5 man GK strike squad - Psycannon
Dreadnought - Twin linked AC, Twin linked AC, Psybolt ammo
Nemesis Dreadknight - Heavy incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Daemonhammer
Nemesis Dreadknight - Heavy incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Daemonhammer

A couple things about my list. I know it's not the standard GK spam list or really the standard for a GK list at all, but I really wanted to try deep striking the Dreadknight with shooty weapons to see if they were as effective as they are with the personal teleporter. Check out my thoughts at the end of the report to see what I think

Ork list
Big Mek with KFF, power klaw, and 'eavy armour, cybork body
Dem Burnas
Dem boyz named Lootas
Diversified Nobz wiv a Wagon wiv a rolla
Boyz in a Trukk (like good boyz do)
Mo' Boyz
Dem Grots wiv a boss
Kopta wiv rokkits and buzzsaw
Da ovver wagon wiv a rolla
Da ovvver ovvvveeerrr wagon wiv a rolla

It's a pretty standard Battlewagon rush list as seen here Soldado's boyz. He has had some success with this list on the RTT tourney circuit so I wanted to get some practice in against it. Orks are still taking the top spots at some of the tourneys so it's always good to have practical knowledge about what you'll be fighting.

Annnnnnnddddddd Round 1, FIGHT!
Mission type: Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead
First turn, Grey Knights

I roll Grand Strategy and get a 5, which lets me assign an ability to 3 units. I chose unyielding anvil so I could leave my ven dread on my obj and move everything else up. The targets for the anvil were the ven dread, and both DKs.

I choose the big ruin with the clear los to the middle to deploy in. I spread out my servo skulls on my table half (Those are the necron warriors you will see in later pictures. I figured they were servo-skully enough, haha)

Operation: hide behind the Dreadknight

I left one of the DKs and the strike squad with no transport in reserve to deep strike. Hopefully to claim/contest his objective on the other side. I'm trying to figure out a way to add some mobility to an otherwise slow and plodding army. (anti-stormraven rant to come later)

Soldado deployed on the opposite side with his lootas in a ruin and his wagons lined up within the KFF range

Notice the lone kopta. What is that motha-fucka up to???
I infiltrated my assassin in soldados table half in the empty quarter
The Kopta tried to pull some scouting shenanigans but I shut him down pretty effectively with my servo skull deployment :)

Soldado tried to seize and failed... wah wah

GK turn 1!
I shuffled my RBs around a little bit to get some shots and then on to the shooting phase!
The Dreadnought shot at his trukk and he got Stunned and weapon destroyed results
One of my RBs Killed a loota
RB shot the kopta and got one wound
This turn I learn that soldado can make a shit ton of cover saves!!!

Ork turn 1!
The Boyz pile out of the stunned trukk and move up
All the Wagons... rush... 13" up
The disembarked boyz, the kopta, and the lootas shoot at assassin. He makes all his saves! He must've learned from Soldado!
Here's how it looks at the end of turn 1
No game of warhammer has really started until the first beer is down!
GK turn 2!
At the start of the turn I cast Psychic communion. The better to roll for reserves my dear!
I roll a 5 for the Dreadknight and a 2 for the Strike Squad. Thanks psychic communion!
The Dreadknight comes down by the furthest servo skull and scatters a few inches.
I move my RBs around a little bit more to get better angles on things, jump some guys out of the RBs to get more shots at his wagons. I move up my Dreadknight that was on the table to assault his nobz wagon.
I take some shots at his lootas with dread, kill enough to make him take a ld

I shoot everything else at one battlewagon...
I get one shaken and one immobilized...

Good enough, I guess? ha ha

We move on to the assault phase
The Lootas fail morale and fall back 7!
The DK assaults the nobz battlewagon and finally it asplodes!!! Auto hit s10 ftw! The explosion does one wound but fnp prevents it :(

All that work... so little payoff!
Ork turn 2 - the turn in which a lot of my stuff gets blown up!
In the pic above, one of my RBs is hiding behind those trees. Unfortunately the Orks saw through my clever ruse... The middle Battlewagon rammed and wrecked it
Ghaz leaves the nobz to their own business and head towards the DK that deep struck
The Nobz move out of their wreck to the DK that wrecked their ride
The big Mek jumps out and heads toward the painted RB in the back

Was dat, boss? Oh yeah... WWWAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
Lots of Orks move really fast

Ghaz assaults the DK, he does one wound and Ghaz fails his 2+ invuln and takes it to the dome! Ghaz hits back and hits hard. The DK takes 3 wounds. Unfortunately he makes his ld

The Trukk Boyz assault the Strike Squad out of the blown up RB. I get hammerhand off and manage to off 3 boyz Boyz before they wipe out the 5 man squad.

The Big Mek assaults purifier RB that moved 6". He hits 3 out of four and Assplodes it. My poor, poor razorbacks!

His Nobz multi-assault the DK and the last standing RB. They do 1 wound to the DK and wreck the RB with a well placed power klaw. The DK pops the scorcha Nob and the big choppa Nob with S10 goodness!
Note the conspicuous absence of right-side up Razorbacks...

GK turn 3! - Stuff happens!!!
I cast Psychic communion again and get my Strike squad. I put them in a position to shoot his obj camping Grots and they scatter 11" towards Ghaz on the other side of the wall. Boo to that!
The purifiers move up to help the DK. The GM moves over to see what's going on with that Big Mek. The Dreadnoughts shuffle around.
The GM unloads on the big mek with a psycannon to the face and takes him down

The dreads and the assassin do some shooting at the wagons. One is immobilised, the other one gets a Weapon destroyed. Awesome...
The Strike Squad the just came in kills a loota. Soldado continues to be the cover save master!
The Purifiers multi-assault the nobz engaged with my DK and the non-immobilized wagon. The purifiers cause three at I6. The DK pops the other big choppa at I4. The nobz hit back and smash the face of three of my purifiers. The hero of this battle is the Daemon hammer purifier. He gets one hit on the wagon and explodes it!

Orks lose 6 Burnas And they're pinned!!!
Hammer time! Sorry, I had to...

The epic battle between the DK and ghaz continues! I get one hit and one wound and he fails! Two wounds him! Ghaz whiffs all his attacks! Score!!!

Ork turn 3! - The turn in which I duck, dodge, dip, dive, and dodge

Grots run to the Trukk to avoid my SS by his objective and he parks the Trukk between my SS and his lootas

Boyz hop out of the last immobilized wagon with an assassin in their Orky sights! Or maybe they were just shooting in the air? I think it's all the same to them
2 squads of boyz shoot at the assassin
54 shots......
16 hits...
7 wounds..
One failed dodge :(

The continuing epic of Ghaz vs the DK! The DK does another massive wound!!! Ghaz finally gets his shit together and smashes him in the face! he consolidates towards my Strike squad that deep struck.
Say Cheese!

The big battle in the middle continues. All my halberds whiff... The DK whiffs... DK takes another wound from the frakking painboy! The daemon Hammer kills the painboy, but the Power klaws wipe the purifiers at I1. The DK makes his LD

GK turn 4 - The turn in which not much stuff is left and I remember that there's a deffkopta on the board!
Strike Squad and GM move to help out the GK and assault the nobs. The Dreadnought moves to assault the kopta? Oh yeah, there's a kopta...

DS Strike Squad shoots down the trukk and it ramshackles on the other side of the ruin out of assault range! The Dread shoots down 3 Trukk boyz and they make their Ld. The Assassin is out of range for the now unengaged Ghaz.
GM and SS assault the remaining nobz. The Dread assault the kopta to avoid his encroaching boyz.
Nobz are wiped
Kopta is wiped
That was easy!
Everyone consolidates out to avoid the pile of burnas we seem to have forgot about :)

Grand Master - "When You see me, you'll shit bricks"
Ork turn 4 - Assassinated!
The Trukk Boyz finally make a move towards my objective. The other Boyz disembark the immobile Wagon. The burnas move out of terrain to position some burnin.

36 more shots at the assassin...
11 more hit...
He dies :(

Ghaz tries to assault the DS SS but fails his terrain roll! Woo, we're gonna make it!

9 Burnas multiassault SS and DK with power weapons blazing! The SS kills 3 and the DK kills 2 before they get to hit... Burnas kill 3 of the SS, and they do a wound to the DK with one left...
I toss up the die to make my invuln...
And see you next time for the exciting conclusion of this battle report!!!

Nah, jk. The DK totally made it!

GK 5 - the turn in which I shoulda killed one more Ork...

The GM makes his way over to help out... again...
The DS SS moves to contest his objective. At this point, there are 3 lootas and some number of grots hanging around.

The Dread shoots at the Trukk boys coming to party at my objective and kills two. Leaving the nob and one boy. They make their ld. The Ven Dread shoots the immobile BW and wrecks it. the DS SS shoots two storm bolters at the three remaining lootas in an effort to soften them up so I can charge and get some distance between them and Ghaz. 2 storm bolters kill all three. for the first time this game I kill a unit in one shot. Damn!

GM moves in to help SS and DK. Team GK wipes the burnas before they get to hit. Everyone consolidates out.

Ork Turn 5
Ghaz moves 6 towards my contesting SS. Trukk Boys move up the ruin towards my objective.

Boys assault my Ven dread and do nothing to it, but they are now close enough to contest! Ghaz tries to assault my DS SS again he fails to get the distance on his Difficult terrain check!
So close, yet so slowwwwwwwwwww

We roll to continue and the game is a draw! With both objectives being contested!
That was a bit of a disappointing result to both of us so we ended up playing it out. At this point, Soldado didn't have much left so I ended up wiping the Ork scum off the table!
A couple highlights from the rest of the game:
  • Grandmaster puts psycannon shaped holes in Ghaz's head
  • The DK that was still alive after all that killed 15 boyz in one round of shooting with the H. Incin and H. Psycannon
  • The Ven dread stood toe to toe with the Trukk boyz nob for two turns before taking him down
All in all it was a real fun and intense game. We need to do better at CnC (aka, the draw mission) which is why we choose this setup. Obviously we still need more practice :)

My thoughts on the DK without the personal teleporter. I don't like it. I really wanted to try the weapon platform DK, but the shooty options besides the Heavy Incinerator just aren't good enough. Plus, having the mobility of the personal teleporter and the range and flexibility of the Incinerator helps fill a hole my normal list lacks. Mobility. Without the DK jumping around, all of my army is coming from the same direction and can easily be anticipated. I have noticed, that in my games with the jumping DK, no one plans for you to jump behind them or to the side and put a S6 flamer template across 3 of their vehicles. It's hard to prepare for that kind of 3d attack when most battles are usually two lines of dudes slugging it out.

That's all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed the report and the pics!


  1. It was a very intense game!

    Ghaz really dropped the ball on me at the end of the game there not being able to roll more than a 4 for assault.

    You assassin took more shots that the whole cast of the Jersery Shore!

    It was a good time, but yes, Capture and Control with Spearhead Deployment is still a mystery to me.

    GG man. :) and great report!

  2. Nice batrep guys, and look at that secksi custom built gaming table in the background...

  3. Thanks, the carpet on the battlefield adds a nice bit of "I don't want splinters in my hands" that it was missing

  4. Dude, this post is the most popular to date. Can it be? Better than whale tails????

    Good job, Dok.

  5. Very close game! Nice
    Burnas shouldn't have been pinned (with Ghaz in the army they are fearless on the turn of the Waaagh and the next).. This would have made a difference I guess
    Well played to both

  6. Thanks man! We must've missed that, but good catch!

  7. Should Dreadknight not be able to instant kill ghaz with Daemon hammer?

  8. Ghaz is an eternal warrior from his Adamantium Skull.

    Only instant death from sweeping advances and crowe.... :(


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