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The Drunken Master: Grey Knights FAQ review

Good day!

Today I would like to talk about some Grey Knights! I have been playing Grey Knights since the new codex was released to pretty good results. In the recent league at my local gaming store, I ended up with a 14-1 record(My loss was to DE). Which was good enough to net me first place and some sweet store credit! So far my tourney record is 5-1, with the loss being to Necrons(I know, wtf?).

I just wanted to get that out of the way to show that I am somewhat experienced when it comes to the new Grey Knights. The recent FAQ to the Grey Knights codex changes the way people were assuming certain things worked, and with the Bay Area Open rapidly approaching, the tactics and usage of certain units has changed dramatically...

And that's what I'm here to discuss.

The pros - AKA the things I would like to high five GW about
1. The "Shunt-Punch" punt

If you don't know what this is, people were giving their Dreadknights the Scout USR via the Grand Strategy and saying that the shunt move was a Normal Move(tm) that could be used during a scout move. This was always really dubious to me and I'm glad they stopped people from doing it. I know there are ways to work around getting first turn assaulted by this, but it seemed really cheesy to me. Allowing a player to assault with his monstrous creatures before the opponent has done anything seems like a good way to turn people off the game.

2. What is a Daemon? Things called Daemons! Who knew...

This is a good clarification as well, because giving the internet space to argue about something will always result in 30+ pages of bullshit. There were a couple of surprises here. Mandrake and Kheradruakh are daemons? Sure, why not... Daemonically possessed vehicles? I'm not sure why this would matter. You can't preferred enemy against things without a weapon skill, so Defilers? Good enough I guess, but I'm not excited about being in CC with a Defiler.

There were a coupe of "duh" things that people were trying their hardest to argue against which made me laugh. "Daemon Princes aren't daemons bro, for reals!!"

C'mon now. That's just silly.

3. One man, seven hundred rules questions...

That man is Coteaz!

- They clarified that you can't have 50 squads of one man servitors with multi-meltas! Hooray!
- They clarified the who/why/what/how of "I've been expecting you". Which does kind of go against how the game was preciously played, but I guess they have to find design space where they can get it.
- Henchmen cannot be taken as elites while Coteaz is in the army. Even if you wanna!

Bonus: I threw Coteaz into my list a couple games back just because his usefulness for 100 points is ridiculous. I happened to come against a buddy of mine who was playing Web Way portal and I've been expecting you completely shut down both his web way portals! This isn't a killer tactic as they can still come in from the board, but it was just a funny interaction I saw unfold on the battlefield.

The Cons - Reasons to punch GW in the face hole
1. Scoring vehicles...

In a complete reversal of how the rule read and all precedent, they made Unyielding Anvil make walkers score.

The unyielding anvil rule says they score as troops. Death company dreads and Deff Dreads bought as troops both also score exactly as troops score since the are in fact troops! The rules change here is kind of silly and completely unnecessary. It was already clear that troops that are also vehicles did not score per the specific rules in the 40k main rules. I don't like it. No sir!

This does add some power to the already good psyrifleman spam list. You can now take the minimum amount of troops and spam all the dreads you want as long as you include enough grandmasters to cover the scoring requirement. Sucks for Dark Eldar...

2. Dreadnought CCWs on Dreadknights...

Let me be clear, the ruling on the nemesis doomfist not doubling the strength of the Dreadknight makes sense from how the Dreadknight unit entry is listed. Having hammerhand and the daemonhammer upgrade wouldn't make sense otherwise. What doesn't make a bit of sense is giving the damn thing a DCCW in the first place!!! None of the rules for DCCWs apply to the dreadknight. Each one of the rules for DCCWs requires it to be a walker for the rule to apply. They literally could have done anything else and it would've been less confusing.

F them for doing that. F them right in the A.

3. Falchions that give +1 attack only give +1 attack>!?!?!?!

I don't use Falchions. I will most likely never use falchions. This ruling kinda cemented any experimenting I would've done with them. Way to make a useless upgrade!

The only possible use I could see for them is to put them on paladins with a quicksilver librarian. Then you are striking at I10 with at least 4 attacks(assuming Bro Banner). But that is not a unit I personally would ever field. It's prohibitively expensive and too reliant on psychic powers.

I just want to point out that this is another ruling where they went against the RAW and ruled to nerf. A pair of falchions is two weapons as much as a pair of lightning claws is two weapons. If you've ever looked into the Codex: Space Marines, Assault Terminators are just listed as having "lightning claws". Not a pair, not two, not 5, just some nebulous number of lightning claws. We've always assumed since they are modeled with two that they would have a bonus for extra cc weapon. RAW, they do not. The same RAW they are using here.

But like I said, I had not planned on using them. So this ruling doesn't bother me too much. The inconsistency with their own rules is what bothers me.

Bonus item!
Ulumeathi plasma syphon!

The piece of wargear that "Tau Players" across the internet are bemoaning as the end of the world for their armies. The addition of a definition of waht is a plasma weapon will ruin me!!! oh nooooeeesssss!!!!

Are you fucking kidding me? I don't understand how stuff like this gets so out of hand? I guess it's just a lack of information on what the item does? Or who can take it? Let me clear that up for all two of you still playing Tau.

One model.

One HQ model.

One T3, 4+ armour save HQ model.

Now, I'm not saying you will never see a Xenos inquisitor on the battlefield. They are the cheapest source of Rad grenades a GK player can get. But never in the history of ever will you see one equipped with this pos item.!

In addition, the range of it is 12" from the inquisitor. If you are playing Tau and you are 12" from a squad with an inquisitor attached, then you should be more worried about the squad attached then the shitty wargear options they took.

Or hey, let the possibility of someone out there taking one piece of wargear sometime ruin your whole day. You are probably better off doing that than playing actual games against people with actually good lists.

That's it for me kids! Hope you enjoyed the read of my awesome opinions!

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