Monday, June 20, 2011

Game Fuel: Royale @ the Oinkster

This is the Royale at the Oinkster in Eagle Rock.

Chili, Pastrami, Bacon and Burger. CAN I GET A HELL YEAH!!!?!!?!?!

As you can see I clearly labeled the picture for your viewing pleasure.  All of the ingredients lend themselves well to each other and the lettuce and tomato got promptly thrown to the floor. I ordered a man burger, not a fucking salad!

On the 1 to 10 scale I give this burger a 9.5

What it needed? Topless waitresses.

I am pretty sure that burger just increased my likelyhood of heart attack from 80% chance of cardiac arrest to about 85%. Its all good though, those last years of life are shit anyways


  1. Can you see Johnny Trav eat this and live?

  2. I can eat 2 of those like a BAWS! with ma fries, coke nd a chocolate shake. haha

  3. I just had one of those the other day. That shit was one tasty burger!


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