Thursday, June 16, 2011

GW - Warhammer 40k Main Rulebook FAQ

So the buzz around the recent FAQ's released has mostly focused on the new Codex: Grey Knights rulings. While it impacts my game, as it is very popular in the local meta, I could also care less as I do not play Grey Knights.

What does impact my play style is the FAQ of the BRB.

The items of note are here:

Q: What psychic powers count as psychic shooting
attacks? (p50)
A: Any psychic power with a profile like that of a
ranged weapon (i.e. has a range, strength and AP
value) and any psychic power that specifically states
that it is a psychic shooting attack

In Codex: Chaos Space Marines that effects to important spells, Lash of Submission and Winds of Chaos.

Lets take a look at how we can take advantage of these changes:

I personally always run defilers along with my lash prince. I often find though that I can never really abuse the bunch them up idea and then blast with a battle cannon and still effectively use my battle cannons. Now I can, as I am no longer required to assault the unit I am lashing. Lash something off the left into a pie-plate shaped group and then assault the unit on my right. PURE WIN!

It was also worse with Vindicator Cannons, as I was always afraid to get that cannon that close to my Lash Prince. Now things can be spread all over.

Winds of Chaos is also of note only because it is a flamer that breaks all the rules! No cover, no saves, doesn't matter who you shoot it at. I am thinking of a Slanneshi Sorcerer in a rhino with 9 beserkers as the ultimate middle of the table nuisance. Give him Lash and Winds and have all the utility you will need to make mince meat of anything you get near.

Other items of note in the FAQ:
Allowing multiple Casting of the same spell to stack.
I am not sure how this is going to work with Cataclysm from Codex: Tyranids, but if a Hive Tyrant can get USR: <i>Feel no Pain</i> multiple times, I am pretty sure it gets to use it multiple times, making it pretty much the baddest ass mother f'er to hit the table. Swarmlord with 4 Feel No Pains?

Ill just pack up now

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