Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's a Trap! my Hangover II Review

Most people are aware of the general movie rule that sequels are worse than the original.  Of course there are some exceptions to this rule (Terminator 2, Empire Strikes Back, etc.), but for every success there are giant heaping mounds of sequel-garbage littering the movie landscape.  Was Todd Phillips (writer and director) able to avoid the sequel curse? Find out after the jump.

WARNING: Some spoilers ahead.

Ultimately, if you have seen the first Hangover then you have a pretty good idea whether this is the type of movie you are going to enjoy or not.  There is nothing deep or mentally engaging about it and the device that made the first movie different (picking up after the night of debauchery to begin the movie and gumshoeing their way through a mystery) is exactly how the sequel starts off.  That is not necessarily a bad thing as the first movie was incredibly funny, but going with the same format did feel a bit like a cop-out to me.

The same cast of characters is back, and this time it is Stu (the dentist that pulled out his own tooth in the original) getting married.  Apparently it has been a couple years since the first movie took place and after some ups and downs he has found a woman he loves and is off to Thailand to get married to her.  Thailand is the destination because that's where her family lives.  Early on Stu is being a whiny bitch and refusing to have a bachelor party, instead opting for a 'Bachelor Brunch' at ihop.  Doug convinces Stu to invite his brother-in law Alan, the not-quite-all-there catalyst that made the first movie interesting, to the wedding.  As the group gets together at the airport Teddy, the 16 year old pre-med Stanford student and brother of Stu's fiance, is introduced.  Alan takes it badly, upset at not being consulted on the addition to his beloved Wolfpack.

Jump ahead a bit and after an uncomfortable and insulting speech by Stu's soon to be father in-law in which he compares Stu to tasteless paste we find the guys surrounding a fire on the beach, promising to only drink one beer and then spend some wholesome time roasting marshmallows... The next thing we know once again the guys are waking up completely trashed, this time in a shithole hotel they soon find out to be located in Bangkok.  They find a severed finger and quickly deduce it is Teddy's, who is unaccounted for, and the race is on to figure out what happened because without him Stu's marriage is not gonna happen.

Shenanigans ensue as they unravel what the fuck they were up to the night before.  Chow, the short, angry, poorly endowed gangster that was locked in the trunk of the Wolfpacks Mercedes in the first movie plays an integral role in the story.  From this point on the movie takes a pretty raunchy turn.  

What happens next felt very similar to an online phenomena that is pretty appalling.  Have you ever gone to one of the youtube pr0n clone sites?  Every now and then, completely out of the blue, while you are just trying to check out some titties or browse some hetero-pr0n they have some giant banner or margin ad\preview of some Tranny plowing a dude.  That is almost exactly what happens.  They find some strip club they were at the night before, find a dancer they spent some time with, talk a bit, and just when you think something isn't right from the clues in the dialog you get blasted full on with view of Ms. T's package. Then there are some more shots of the Traps wandering around over the next couple minutes.  I thought that shit was pretty funny to be honest, but in the wrong company it could be pretty uncomfortable, so this warning had to make it in here.  Also, there may or may not be some moments of capuchin on tiny-asian-dude fellatio.

Overall I wouldn't say it is better than the original, but if you liked the first one you will enjoy this follow up. They had to have done something right as it has grossed over 500 million dollars worldwide.  If you enjoy raunchy party type comedies you can't go wrong here.

TL;DR - Raunchier but not quite as original follow up, watch it if you like the first.

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