Monday, June 20, 2011

Opening Volley

Well here is the first step on hopefully an eventful journey together. As the title might indicate, this is my first contribution to this fledgling site, dedicated to serving out big doses of wisdom to the public at large. My particular focus is likely to dwell on some of the technical and historical aspects of gaming, as well as some of my side interests. Hopefully, we will all learn something.

Now for a bit about me:

What I am:

-First and foremost, I am a nerd, a geek or whatever prerogative you would like to bandy about towards the growing group of tech savvy, intellectual people slowly taking over and assimilating the world. Think about it: now the whole world has handhelds devices, we had Gameboys back in circa 1990; Text messages and IM have replaced voice communication, using language innovated by Counter Strike and Everquest players back in 1999. It’s everywhere, and you have nerds to thank. You are welcome.

-I am a professional. I went to school and graduated with a business degree. Unlike most people, I intend to use it. Success is a state of mind, and luck has nothing to do with it. I learned that mentality through gaming all my life. Sometimes, shit just takes a lot of effort, like 100% clearing your favorite game, or upping the difficulty to the highest level so you get a different ending or getting up at 5:30am after going to bed at 2:00am to win a Magic the Gathering tournament , despite the night of drinking that kept you up that late. That extra effort is simply what it takes.

-I am intellectual. I like to dissect and analyze every component of the stuff that interests me. Whether that is a Role Playing Game, a Movie, or a pint of a new beer; I want to know as much about it as the person who made it. I want to understand how it stacks up against its competitors, what are its strengths and weaknesses and how I would make it better given my shot at it. While some people don’t see the advantage of this outlook, I think that constant analysis teaches us to learn and grow from all experiences in life, making them worth that much more.

What I am not:

-A Social outcast. Long gone are the days of nerds cloistered in their basements, unable to relate to anybody or anything outside their sphere of influence. I might be a Dungeon Master some nights, but other nights I am the hip young foodie out to enjoy a brilliant meal with my girlfriend. Leave your assumptions about personal hygiene at the door, the sloppy nerds days are over.

-As big of an asshole as I sound. Sometimes, I probably will offend you. Likely it’s in gest, or simply due to a misunderstanding, but it will happen. Just let me tell you right off that bat, I welcome discussion and feedback and the opposite point of view. I enthusiastically enter debate or even arguments, but assume that, like me, we can at the worst be amicable enemies when the conversation winds down. Depending on the situation, I might even buy you a beer.

What I like:

-Games. Probably pretty obvious by now, but I like games; all kinds of games. From card games to video games, I enjoy them. Personally, I tend to slant towards role playing or strategy games, but I have played the big players in nearly every genre under the sun. And if I haven’t played them, I probably wanted to at some point and didn’t have the time. That’s life. I lean towards Sony in the console wars, but also enjoy other platforms. My pen and paper/board game roots go way back (age 8: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, age 9: HeroesQuest), my console RPG roots even farther (age 3: Legend of Zelda age 4: Final Fantasy). I will generally classify them as Physical Games (card, miniatures, board, P&P) and Virtual (console, PC, handheld and flash based games of all sorts).

-Japan. I am a huge fan of that little island. However, I am also a sensible and reasonable person and am not obsessed with Japan (a “Japanophile” if you will) simply because I feel it’s deeper than that. Understanding and respect for a culture does not mean you need to plaster anime characters onto every inch of your exposed bedroom wall. However, that being said I will likely mention popular Japanese cultural influence, information about Japan as a place, some Japanese language and/or good Japanese Food often; it’s a big deal to me, so it will be here.

-Movies. I love cinema. From Akira Kurosawa, to Quentin Tarantino to Wes Anderson; a good movie can be a life changing experience. I will likely dip into this subject from time to time (less than the others, likely) but I think every movie is a personal experience, so I doubt I will do reviews or analysis of movies. However, don’t be surprised if I release movie oriented lists, recommendations or administer movie quotes.

-Food. I am an avid amateur chef and a foodie. I like exotic ingredients, but also well executed classics. While this is unlikely to come up often, I may recommend a place to eat on occasion. Don’t expect pictures of my meals to be uploaded too often though. It only makes people jealous.

-Beer, Wine and Spirits. One of the things that unites this site is gaming; the other thing is likely beer. We like to drink, though all for our own reasons. I personally enjoy them in the same way I enjoy food. The experience of something new or something extremely well done, the desire to perfect a drink of my design, or sometimes just to have a nice buzz going. It’s a great part of life and I think you are doing yourself a disservice if you abstain completely (or go overboard all the time).

Forewarning, this is my first attempt at writing for a broad audience (or at least hopefully a broad audience) and while I know it will have some fits and starts, I hope we can at least have some fun here.

And here… we… go!

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