Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wait....wat? New Zealand u so crazy.

I stumbled across this article today on google news and felt it needed to be shared, you know, for science.  Here is the opening sentence, further highlights and link to the article after the jump.

"Apple-infused horse semen shots might not be an obvious chaser to spring rolls, but they are causing a stir at the Green Man Pub where they are being served.

The shots are part of the central Wellington pub's entry in the nationwide 14th annual Monteith's Beer & Wild Food Challenge."

Some highlights from the article:
"Ladies thought it was great  a couple were going to go home and get their husbands to eat grass,"
"The men were very stand-offish. But a few have manned-up and said it is palatable."
"Mr Varley admits to trying the drink himself which he said was "ok", and "like custard"
And last, but definitely not least:
"I don't think anyone's had a particular taste for it . . . no one's addicted to it, lets put it that way,"


  1. That'll put hair on your chest...

  2. You forgot the gamer fuel tag, dude!

  3. Bless, thanks for that! Best random fact I've heard all month!!!

    I hate the idea of it but if I'd had enough brews I'd probably give it a nudge. It'd be rude not to after all, someone did have to wank off enough horses to get the amount of jizz required for the Monteith's challenge. That's dedication.

  4. I didn't even think about how much spunk would be needed for this...


    Pure Win!


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