Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend Nosh: June 24th

Hey, this is some stuff to check out this weekend in between games. More often then not, it will be geared towards the Greater Los Angeles area. Sorry if these things are not applicable due to geography. You should probably move to L.A.

Food: Hook Burger Bistro - Burbank, CA (also Oxnard, CA and soon to be Pasadena, CA)
This new restaurant from the same company who brought us "The Habit" is just as awesome as that place is, but it has beer which brings it up to epic level. They have a collection of what appeared to be 6-7 beers on tap and another 1/2 dozen in bottle form. The food was an assortment of burgers, sandwiches and salads. The also have onion rings, fries and sweet potato fries which were all superb. Everything seems pretty damn good there, especially at the very reasonable price tag. A good meal can be had for about $10-$12, so check it out.

Drink: Karl Strauss Red Trolley Ale (bottled in San Diego, CA)
This turned out to be an awesome spontaneous selection, as it has already risen to a top 5 beer on my list. It is an Irish Red Style ale with a nice sweetness to it, but without a burnt or hoppy aftertaste. Excellently clean and tasty. Hipsters can also rejoice, as Karl Strauss was part of the brewing team at Pabst when they created PBR. I'm sure you will be unenthusiastic about it.

Movie: Training Day (2001)
The movie that earned Denzel Washington his first Oscar, but likely not his last. He is incredible in this movie, with a gritty crime drama storyline. Top notch all the way through, with good acting, writing and direction. If you have never seen it, watch it and don't forget that the gas chamber smells like Pine Oil.

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