Friday, June 17, 2011

Windows phone gaming - dumb.

On the way to work, I ran into a pot smoking voiced commercial about a Windows phone that comes with Halo Reach. Really?

I understand phones are getting better these days but gaming on a phone, regardless of size, is a momentary distraction. Something to do before you have testicular cancer surgery while in the waiting room. Maybe something you do in a boring marketing meeting or a bad date while the chick is Charlie Brown teacher talking.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of couch surfing and playing on a ridiculous, barely fit your room flat screen but I guess some don't have that luxury.

Also, you probably can't upgrade your phone so it'll either soon bog down on newer games or have no games at all soon.

Get a PSP IMHO. Much cooler.


  1. Agreed. The whole concept of playing Halo on a phone seems ridiculous. Also, the guy on that commercial sounds ridiculous. Microsoft has a long way to go with their marketing efforts.

  2. KISS - Keep it Simple, Stupid. Apple is stupid good in this way. =)


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