Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Battle Report! Orks vs. GK rematch

The much awaited rematch of Dok's Grey Knights against Soldado's Orks went down this weekend in fontucky.  The first game was at 1850 points, spearhead deployment, with the capture and control mission type.  That game would have ended in a draw on turn 5, so they played turn 6 and Dok's GK were able to finish off the Orks.  For the rematch they both fielded 1850 lists again to continue practice for the upcoming BAO, Dok rolled for a random battle type and ended up rolling two 4's, making it spearhead and capture and control once again, a true rematch game.  The lists this time are slightly different for both players.  Dok rolled another 4 to Soldado's 1 to pick deployment areas and determine turn order.

<-- Dok's Grey Knights

Castellan Crowe

Venerable dread, Autocannon. Extra Autocannon, psybolt ammo
Vindicaire Assassin

Purifiers x 5 - Psycannon x 2, halberd x 3
Razorback w/Psybolt ammo
Purifiers x 5 - Psycannon x 2, halberd x 3
Razorback w/Psybolt ammo
Purifiers x 5 - Incinerator x 2, halberd x 3
Razorback w/Psybolt ammo
Strike Squad - Psycannon, psybolt ammo

Dread, Autocannon. Extra Autocannon, psybolt ammo
Dreadknight - Nemesis Greatsword, Heavy incinerator, Personal teleporter
Dreadknight - Nemesis Greatsword, Heavy incinerator, Personal teleporter

The list and tactics can be seen in more detail here

<--Soldado's Orks

Ghazgull Thrakka - THE FUCKING BOSS!!!
Big Mek with KFF, Power Klaw, Cybork Body, and 'eavy armor

15 Burnas

Diversified Nobs in Battlewagon with Deffrolla, Red Paint, Armor Plates and a Big shoota
17 Shoota boys with Nob with powerfist and bosspole
17 Slugga boys with Nob with powerfist and bosspole
10 Grots and a runtherder

Fast Attack
1 Deffkopta with twin linked rokkits and a buzzsaw

Heavy Support
3 Battlewagons with Deffrolla, Red Paint, Armor Plates and a Big shoota

Report continues after the jump!

Dok chose to deploy in the southwest corner, surrounding one of his Dreadnoughts with three Razorbacks all with Purifier squads onboard, with Crowe standing alone a couple inches to the north.  His two DreadKnights are deployed closer to the center of the field and a bit to the west, semi-utilizing the middle ruin for some cover. His last Dreadnought is further north and a couple inches to the west of his Dreadknights. Dok's Assassin was infiltrated to the southeast corner behind some ruins.

All of Soldado's forces are massed as close to the center of the table as possible.  He scout moved his single Deffkopter over to the west coming around towards Dok's Dreadnought.  Soldado attempts to seize and fails, and the game begins in earnest.

 Dok's deployment in SW quadrant (lone model in background is an objective).
Soldado's deployment in NE Quadrant (Soldado's objective is in NE corner behind ruins)

Turn 1

Dok - Dok maneuvers his Razorbacks away from his rear Dreadnought, two of them moving west to take up positions behind the DKs starting position.  The other razorback moved east along with the rear Dreadnought.  Both of his DKs move north up the field towards the Deffcopter, as well as the forward Dreadnought moving a couple inches north to improve LoS. Crowe moves up two inches, closer to the ruins he was deployed near.

Shooting - Crowe runs forward 3 inches to take a position on top of the ruins.  Forward DK cooks the Deffkopta with a heavy incinerator, destroying it.  The Deffkopta was the only casualty this phase, with the rest of Dok's shooting missing or getting stunned results that are negated by Soldado's extra armor on his Battle Wagons.

Soldado - The 2 BWs furthest west continue to move in that direction, getting in front of the approaching DKs.  The other 2 advance south towards the center of the field, crushing over any ruins and terrain in their way.  The Battlewagon furthest to the northwest has their unit disembark, Ghazgull and a nob squad facing off against a DK.

Shooting - no shooting from the orks.

Assault - Ghaz and the nobs roll a 5 for slow and purposeful, getting enough range for his squad to assault the lead DK.  The Nobs put 7 normal wounds on the DK, which saves 6 of them and takes one wound.  the DK's attacks back result in 2 wounds, Force weaponing down two Nobs.  Ghaz and the PK nobs swing last dealing a total of 12 wounds, the DK makes half his saves which is not enough to save his ass and he gets removed from the table.  The squad rolls a 1 to consolidate and does so 1 inch to the south.

End of Turn 1 - 1 deffkopta, 2 nob casualties for Soldado, and 1 DK down for Dok at the end of turn one.  Pic shows the field (left long table edge is considered North, right long table edge is South).

Turn 2

Dok - Dok fails his reserve roll for his strike squad.  Remaining DK teleports up the field behind the Nob squad, resulting in a clear assault path to their rear.  One of the rear Razorbacks attempts to move through terrain, becoming immobilized in the backfield.  The Purifiers inside dismount on the western side of the immobilized Razorback. The other Razorback moves up to the west of the first purifier squad and also empties its troops, once more on the western side of the tank.  Both squads have clear views of the nob squad.  Dreadnought moves south and west 6 inches.  The Razorback on the south east side moves further east and also drops its purifier squad out, this time on the eastern side of the tank. The rear Dreadnought moves 3 inches to the west, continuing his dreadnought shuffle.  Crowe and the assassin both sit still.

Shooting - Last Dreadknight puts a flamer template on the nob squad he is hanging out behind, getting 5 hits, with 4 of them wounding.    The orks take 2 wounds spread across some nobs.  Purifier squad shoots at the nobs as well, getting two wounds, one saved one not.  The second Purifier squad also shoots, getting two more wounds but both are saved.  Heavy bolters from the Razorbacks result in no wounds.  Assassin shoots at the battlewagon and misses.  Dreadnought in the backfield shoots his autocannons at the nobs as well, inflicting 4 wounds resulting in 3 dead nobs.  Autocannons from the lead Dreadnought land on the furthest east Battlewagon, but fail to punch.  Dok's last Purifier squad lets Psycannons loose into the same battlewagon, getting one punch, but the damage result rolled is again a 1.  Dok is visibly frustrated by his janky damage rolling.  Southeast Razorback Glances and immobilizes the second battlewagon from the east side with their heavy bolters.

Assault - Dreadknight assaults the remaining 2 Nobs and Ghazgull. The DK gets 4 wounds on the nobs, making his force weapon roll and killing them both.  Gaz swings back and puts 3 wounds on the DK, but Dok saves them all!  Ghaz fails his LD and gets swept, the DK consolidates 2 inches north towards the empty BW.

Soldado - Soldado begins by pivoting all his BWs towards his targets, and fails his reserves roll for his grots.  The immobilized BW dumps the choppa boys out to the east of the middle ruin, in front of the BW.  The Choppa boys move south towards Crowe, ending their normal move about 3 inches away from him.  Soldado's Battlewagon furthest east attempts to Deffrolla Dok's Assassin, coming up about 2 inches short.  The Shoota boys within the wagon dismount to the south and east.  The empty battlewagon attempts to Deffrolla the DK that killed Ghaz, which takes 5 wounds, 1 of them unsaved.  The second Battlewagon in that area also Deffrollas the DK, ending up next to the empty wagon but to the east a bit.  Soldado gets 6 hits on the roll, all of them wound, and Dok saves 4 of them and takes 2, for a total of 3 unsaved wounds on the DK this turn from Deffrolla hits.  Burnas and Big Mech dismount from the rear of the second Battlewagon in the west.  

Shooting - Lots of pistols get shot at Crowe, but they are completely ineffective.  The big shoota is also ineffective, go go orks!

Assault - Burnas and KFF Big Mech assault the DK.  Shoota's multi-assault the Purifiers, Razorback, and Assassin at the SE corner.  Sluggas and Choppas assault Crowe in the middle of the field.  Crowe activates 'blade shield' and casts cleansing flame, netting 9 wounds, 3 of which are saved, so Soldado picks up 6 orks.  

DK lands 4 wounds on the KFF Mech, which gets popped.  Burnas swing back, landing 4 wounds, one of which goes unsaved which spells the end of the last DK.  Burnas consolidate 4 inches to the south and slightly west, getting cover by hiding behind the Battlewagons.

Sluggas and Choppas and the Nob swing on Crowe, resulting in a total of 12 wounds, only one ending up unsaved.  The Nob inflicts 3 wounds, but all are also saved.  Crowe's re-rollable saves are no joke. Crowe wins by 6 wounds, causing 6 no retreat wounds, which Soldado fails all of.  

In the multi-assault, the purifiersfail their cleansing flame with a 10. The Assassin goes first, inflicting 2 wounds and killing 2 Orks. Purifiers strike next, inflicting 2 wounds and killing two more orks.  Shoota's swing back inflicting 3 wounds on the Purifiers and 2 on the Assassin. The Purifiers lose both Psycannon marines and the Assassin takes one wound that is unsaved.  The Nob swings last on the Razorback, wrecking it with his powerclaw.  Orks win combat, and Dok loses one more marine to no retreat!

End of turn 2
Soldado casualties - nob squad, big mech, 12 sluggas, 4 shootas and ghaz
Dok casualties - DK, razorback, 3 purifiers, wound on crowe and assassin

Pic of the field (Northern perspective):

Turn 3

Dok - Reserve roll for his strike squad is made, and they deepstrike into Soldado's deployment zone about 9 inches from the north wall by the trees.  

Rear Dreadnought moves north 6 inches and turns to face the multi-assault in the southeast corner. Western Dreadnought moved north towards the empty Battlewagons.  The Purifiers with incinerators (furthest west) get back in their Razorback, which then moves 6 inches south, away from the Battlewagons.

Shooting - Western Dreadnought shoots the westernmost Battlewagon in the side, explodering it with a range of 6 inches, killing one Burna.  The rearfield Dreadnought shoots Autocannons at the easternmost Battlewagon near the multi-assault, and succeeds in shaking it.  Razorback shoots heavy bolters at Burnas, killing one ork. Second Razorback shoots their heavy bolters at a Battlewagon, but does nothing.  Psycannons from the Purifiers on foot in the southwest do nothing to the battlewagon that is targeted.  The Strike Squad in the northeast shoot at the Burnas as well, but score no kills.  

Assault - Crowe uses 'blade shield' and the psychic power 'cleansing flames', which kills 3 orks.  Dok gets outted for not reminding Soldado he got to re-roll his misses in assault against Crowe last turn by a spectator (Magister), his only response is a very Dok-ish grin.  The Nob ends Crowe's life with his power fist.

Purifier squad uses 'cleansing flame' in the multi-assault, killing 5 Orks.  Assassin swings, killing one Ork.  Purifiers swing and kill one Ork.  Shootas attack back, killing the Assassin and killing one Purifier.  Dok wins the total combat by 5 wounds and the Shootas fail their LD check and fall back, and they get sweeping advanced off the table with one purifier left!

Soldado - Soldado makes his reserve roll and the Grots march onto the table from the northeast table edge, and end up about 4 inches north of the Strike Squad.

Burnas re-embark into the western Battlewagon.  Furthest east Battlewagon moves 13 inches to the west towards the rearfield Dreadnought.  The 3 Slugga boys move southeast towards the Battlewagon and re-embark as well.  Western Battlewagon attempts to Deffrolla over the Dreadnought, making it past the model and ending up behind it.  Only 1 hit is scored by the Deffrolla, which is a shaken result.  

Shooting - Immobilized Battlewagon shoots a big shoota into Soldado's backfield at the Strike Squad, killing one marine.  Grots shoot their blasters at the Strike Squad, killing one more marine.  Strike Squad fails their resulting leadership check, with the 3 remaining marines falling back south.

Turn 4

Dok - Strike Squad automatically regroups (pesky marines...), moves 3 inches as part of the regroup back north towards the Grots.  Single marine from the Purifier squad in the southeast follows the Battlewagon.  The rearfield Dreadnought moves south 6 inches to get side shots on the Battlewagon approaching from the east.

The western Dreadnought moved 3 inches north to get rear arc shots on the westernmost Battlewagon.  Razorback with incinerator Purifiers moves north 12 inches and the troops disembark on the north side, leaving them roughly 4 inches from the rear of the western Battlewagon.  Final Purifier squad moves west 6 inches toward Dok's backfield objective.  Strike Squad moves 6 inches north back towards the Grots.

Forgot to take pics at top of turn 4, so took them after Dok's movement phase.  Current field (first from southern and then northern perspectives.):

 Bonus: Soldado attempts to drum up some fans with his mighty yet bashful chest shot in the background...

Shooting - Rearfield Dreadnought shoots Autocannons at the eastern approaching Battlewagon's side arc, wrecking it.  Sluggas make their pinning test and disembark as close to the Dreadnought as possible.  The lone following Purifier shoots at the 3 Sluggas that got out, killing two of them with his Stormbolter.  Western Dreadnought shoots at the rear of the western Battlewagon with his Autocannons, also wrecking it.  12 Burnas disembark on the western side, as far from the Purifier squad with incinerators as possible.

Heavy bolter from the immobilized Razorback finishes up the last Slugga in the open field.  

Rearfield Purifiers run south, somewhat towards Dok's objective.

Incinerator Purifiers shoot at the Burnas, ultimately killing 2 of them.  Strike Squad opens fire on the Grots, killing 4 of them. 

Assault - Strike Squad assaults the Grots in the northeast, Purifiers attempt to assault the Burnas in the southwest but do not roll well enough on their difficult terrain check.  Strike Squad kills 6 Grots, Grots kill nothing and get swept up in the Strike Squads advance.

Soldado - Down to a weakened squad of Burnas and an immobilized Battlewagon Soldado mulls conceding, but decides to nut up and play it out. He moves his Burnas southwest to try to get around the ruins and approach Dok's backfield objective.

Shooting - Big Shoota from the Battlewagon fires at the remnants of the Strike Squad, needing to kill it before they get out of LoS and onto Soldado's backfield objective. Sticking true to his Orkish roots Soldado missed all his shots.

Burnas run a few inches southwest to avoid getting the dick flamered out of them by the Purifiers next turn.

Turn 5

Dok greedily covets his flamer template

Soldados belly lords over the pit of dead Orks

Dok - The southernmost purifiers continue their advance towards the SW objective and the Strike Squad advances to capture the NE objective.  

Burnas get wiped up from shooting and incinerators, the game is OVER!! Dok claims rightful and glorious Victory.

Commentary - To keep my thoughts brief and impartial since this post is already long as hell it seems to me that Grey Knights just pack better punch and versatility across the army for the points than Orks do at the moment.  The newer codex's are simply more powerful.

We would love to hear your comments and critiques below!


  1. Losing Ghaz to a sweeping advance made my heart break.

    I am still crying in my cheerios. :(

  2. Yeah that was a rugged game. I was very disappointed in my first couple turns. It definitely didn't look like it was going my way at first.

  3. I thought this might be rated "R" for the swearing at the top of the page, but not for the nudity at the end.
    Tough luck, Soldado. I've not yet beaten Dok's GKs in ... 3 matches? I was pullin' for ya!

  4. Haha, thanks a lot Casey. Always root for the grey knights, they're awesome!

  5. Yeah, I have lost like 4 or 5 in a row to Dok's GKs.

    I am sure in like 300 games Dok has beat me like 290+ times. He is my bane. Maybe he's just really good... I won't comment on that for sure. I know I am at least decent, and he wallops me, but it makes me a better player? or does it?

    Nudity was due to it being like 100degrees + in the garage at like turn 4... my apologies.

  6. Personally, I belive that if Sol didnt take so many Bw with rollas he would have more points to throw out on better killy units. if he had more koptas with tl rokits he could deal with the Dk from range and another squad of lootas he could pop your Rb, and drop MEQ easy with possible 30 shots on ya. I would Never run burnas on MEq( I know they can work) unless they stayed fast and inside a BW for moving platform. I also love my SAG drop plate who cares if they miss :)


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