Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Drunken Master: Grey Knights at the Bay Area Open

Good day!

We are counting down the days to a 40k tournament going on at the end of July called the Bay Area Open!

Here's a quick rundown:
  • 1850 armies
  • 7 games over 2 days
  • Standard book missions. 6 are predefined, the last is random
  • Over 100 people are signed up already, including a bunch of folks from our local gaming store who are making the drive up. I'm looking forward to grabbing a beer with some of those guys and Yakface of Dakka fame!
This will be my first ever road trip for a 40k tourney! I'm super excited to play against some of the most competitive players and lists from around the country. I'm hoping I don't get rolled, that would be a huge blow to my ego, lol! But even if I do, it should be fun and I should learn a lot.

I am signed up to play Grey Knights. My potential list and how I feel about its matchup against common armies after the jump!

Castellan Crowe

Venerable dread, Autocannon. Extra Autocannon, psybolt ammo
Vindicaire Assassin

Purifiers x 5 - Psycannon x 2, halberd x 3
Razorback w/Psybolt ammo
Purifiers x 5 - Psycannon x 2, halberd x 3
Razorback w/Psybolt ammo
Purifiers x 5 - Incinerator x 2, halberd x 3
Razorback w/Psybolt ammo
Strike Squad - Psycannon, psybolt ammo

Dread, Autocannon. Extra Autocannon, psybolt ammo
Dreadknight - Nemesis Greatsword, Heavy incinerator, Personal teleporter
Dreadknight - Nemesis Greatsword, Heavy incinerator, Personal teleporter

A moderate firebase, with a modicum of mobility, this is my favorite list to play so far. It strikes a good balance between firepower and CC that the Grey Knights excel at. The Purifiers move into psycannon position, while the dreadknights move to incinerate/assault anything the rest of the army pops out of transports.
The Strike Squad is a new addition and I'm not sure of it's viability. The purpose is to deep strike in on unclaimed objectives and/or get rear armor shots on anything camping the backfield. So far they haven't been too effective, but I've only played 2 games with that addition.

Vs Dark Eldar
This army contains plenty of firepower to take down the paper airplanes of the DE. If you go first, they will most likely reserve, so you will want to deploy as far back or in as much cover as you can. If they go first, then deploy your dreads out of their potential dark lance range so that you can get good shots. One psyrifleman should take down one of their barges per turn.
Target priority should be ravagers, venoms with trueborn, all other venoms. Use your range to your advantage and use the dreadknights to hit as many targets as you can.

Vs Space Wolves
Deployment type will greatly determine how this game goes. In a pitched battle, you wil want to shunt early directly to the long fangs and put as much hurt on them as you can so that they can't put the hurt on your vulnerable troops
Spearhead is a challenge. You will need to seek cover as you advance and lay into the long fangs with everything you have. Getting the Dreads in cover is an absolute necessity as they will be taking a lot of fire. Use smoking razorbacks to your advantage as moving cover. Deep striking the Strike Squad into cover will most likely be necessary, but they will probably be ignored which will let you get free shots on the backfield targets.
Dawn of war is the best possible scenario. You can advance without fear of getting shots and the SW player will have to take a turn or two to get into an advantageous firing position. This should be an easy match. \

Vs Grey Knights
MSU purifier spam with Psyrifleman support will most likely be the theme of the day. A Dreadknight with a Greatsword will be able to sweep aside a MSU purifier squad with ease. The only worry is them rolling a lucky 6 and force weaponing you. They should most likely not get the charge on you, so you should be able to clean up most of their troops in a couple turns.
Psyriflemen are super awesome at killing transports. But they are not that great against power armor. You get your armor save against everything they have so your best weapon against this list are the dreadknights.

Vs Orks
This will either be battlewagon spam or kan wall. Kan wall doesn't really pose any threat as they are too slow to effectively do much to you. If you refuse flank and make them come to you as you shoot them down, you will win.
Battlewagons are a bit scarier. It is hard for GK to bust av 14 in most situations and they will most likely always have cover. You will need to deploy forward and feint back as they come at you. Lob up a sacrificial unit to get the nobs out and shoot the hell out of them. If you can get them to expend their waagh or miss an assault, then you are golden. If you can slow down or disable their nobs, then you will take out their teeth. The number one priority here is slowing down those nobs as they present the biggest threat to your units.

Vs Blood Angels
The vindicaire gives you a huge advantage here. BA relies heavily on their Sanguinary priests and the ability of the assassin to snipe them out is huge. Against DOA, you will want to deploy your strike squad near the dreadknights to try to prevent any melta shenanigans. Spread them out as much as possible to cover a wider area. Once they come in, charge away. You don't have much to fear in CC from them. The hidden power fist may cause you a bit of concern, but you will wipe the squad in 2 or so turns. Also, the nature of deep striking provides your incinerators with a tastily grouped pile of marines to fry up!

Vs Imperial Guard
Kill the vendettas and try to avoid taking shots. That's really all I can offer here. This will be a hard matchup no matter what. If you go first, you will have a slight advantage, but there's no way to guarantee that so do your best to hide if you aren't going first.

Vs Necrons
Dodge the deceiver as he will tear through a dreadknight with no problem. You are able to outmaneuver most everything in their army. You will not have a way to do anything to monoliths so skirt around them to the best of your ability and make sure all of your fire is directed at the necrons in the army. Necrons haven't changed in 5+ years so their tactics shouldn't come as a surprise.

Vs Tau/Tyranids/SM/Daemons/ChaosSM
I don't feel any of these armies are a challenge to this list. Played properly, you should wipe any list they can field off the table. A Khorne/fateweaver daemons army will give you trouble, but that army isn't very good against anything else so you shouldn't see it past the 2nd or 3rd round.

All in all, I feel I have a good shot. I am familiar and comfortable with my list which is the most important x-factor in my opinion. I know how to move my army around the field and I know my target prioritization. Now all I need is some hot dice for a couple days and I'll come away with a sweet prize!!!


  1. Awesome Breakdown. One thing I'm not sure of is whether or not Dreadknights have Psych-out Grenades or not. That is a huge concern in the GK on GK match-up. One more thing, expect to see DA as well.

  2. They do not. They actually have no grenades which is one of their weaknesses. For some reason regular GK termies have plenty of pockets for grenades, but the one in the baby bjorn does not.

  3. I wouldn't be so confident about being able to take all SM lists... it looks to me like dual-LR Vulkan Termies would roll you over.

  4. I've actually played against that list piloted by a pretty competent player. I was able to win that game by a decent margin so I am confident I could pull it out again.

  5. I wouldn't be so confident in beating my orks.

    I am going to beat you and literally rape you on the floor...

  6. Literally rape? You do know there is porn on the internet, right? No need to be so sexually frustrated.

  7. I wouldn't be so confident in your raping skills. I've raped your face into submission over the last 10 years so I don't think you could pull it off.
    I just need to wear an eldrad necklace and you'll piss yourself and run away! hahahaha

  8. Great List man! I will be at the Bay Area Open GT with Dark Eldar!

  9. Thanks! I have tweeked it a bit with some super secret tech :) I hope to see you there tho, we will have awesome stickers to hand out to rep our super awesome blog!


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