Monday, July 18, 2011

The Drunken Master: The Realm RTT Game 1 battle report! Grey Knights vs. Blood Angels

Good Day!

This weekend I took a little trip through Carmeggedon to hit up a semi-local 1850 point RTT in Brea, CA.  I've been to the Realm a few times before and have done well in the past.  The guys there are cool and fun to play against, which is always a bonus when you have to hang somewhere for 6+ hours!

Here's my list:
Venerable Dreadnought w/2xtwin linked autocannon, psybolt ammo
Purifiers x 5 w/psycannon x 2, halberd x 3
Razorback w/psybolt

Purifiers x 6 w/psycannon x 2, halberd x 4
Razorback w/psybolt

Purifiers x 6 w/incinerators x 2, halberd x 4
Razorback w/psybolt

Strike Squad w/Psycannon
Dreadnought w/2xtwin linked autocannon, psybolt ammo
Dreadknight w/personal teleporter, Heavy incinerator
Dreadknight w/personal teleporter, Heavy incinerator, Nemesis Greatsword

I'm not sure how this is relevant..

I didn't have the chance to take pictures this time around so I'm gonna give a quick recap of the games and my overall feelings on how I played and any mistakes I may have made. More after the jump!

Let me start off by saying... I had chik-fil-a for breakfast and that shit is an amazing way to start off the day.  They don't really have any where I live and them having one in Brea is one of the reasons I make the 40 minute drive. Woo mothafuckin woo for Chik-fil-a! That being said,on to game 1!

My first opponent was Jeremy.  His list looked a little something like this

Reclusiarch with jump pack
Reclusiarch in term armor

Chaplain with jump pack
Sang priest x 3. 2 w/ jump pack. 1 w/term armor
Assault terminators x 6(i'm not sure how many he had tbh) 5 th/ss. 1 LC

2 10 man assault squads. Both with 2xmelta. One sgt had a T.hammer, the other had a p. fist

3x Devastators with missile launchers

The missions are all pre-determined, so we had Spearhead/modified seize ground with 5 objectives. After objectives are placed, they all scatter 2d6. They can go off the board!
Jeremy wins the roll to go first and deploys his jump troops and terms right up at the spearhead line. He deploys 2 of the devs in a ruin close to 24" in, right on the deployment line The other dev goes in the open on the shorter side of his deployment zone.
I deployed mostly in a ruin about 24" on the far side of the table form him so I could get the most shots in. There was a large 3 or 4 story ruin in the middle of the table blocking los from his devs to most of my stuff. I deployed The Dreadknights a bit closer so I could get shots on his devs in the open.  The assassin infiltrates on top of the ruin I'm camped out  in.

I tried to seize and failed.

Turn 1 he moved a bunch of his guys up as Blood Angels do. He moved one of his squads over towards my table edge in an effort to claim the objective there. We later talked about this and he wondered himself why the hell he did that on the first turn, haha. The terms ran a mighty 1" and the other assault squad ran also.  The devs in the open shot my assassin but he made his saves. The devs in the ruin shot at my leading dreadknight and wounds 4 or 5 out of 8. And Then I fail two 2+ saves :(
My turn 1 I shunt the wounded dreadknight to his table half to get an open shot at his devs and draw his assault squad over. The other DK just jumps that direction into the ruin the rest of my guys are hanging out in. 2 of my razorbacks all shift towards his table edge to move toward the objective there. I shoot a couple incinerators at the devs and kill the Sgt. The assassin shoots down a priest. A heavy bolter or two go at the terms and I take down the LC one.
His turn 2. Guys move forward! The terms come across the center ruin. The assault squad moves towards the objective some more. The other one moves towards my DK. In his shooting phase, both the melta guns shoot at the DK and miss and/or fail to wound. At which point I say "Don't you want to shoot your pistols?" which he does, which do two wound to my dk. Again I roll snake eyes on my saves. (this won't be the last time today). He shoots the one dev squad that can see my regular dread and wrecks him in cover.
My turn 2, I move my DK to his assault squad that killed my other DK. I move my RBs over towards this squad and unload everyone. Crowe moves to the front of the ruin to intercept the tems. During shooting, I take down 4 or 5 guys from the assault squad, including sniping the p. fist.  Crowe shoots his storm bolter at the terms and kills one! He's an all star!  I assault his squad with my DK and  force weapon down his reclusiarch and kill a couple guys in the squad. He does two wounds back to me I believe and passes his morale.
His turn 3, the terms move to assault Crowe. The remaining full assault squad decides to get in the game and not hang out on an objective.  They move towards my guys and run a bit.  The devs at this point can't see anything so they move down through the ruin and run to try to get a better vantage point. The terms assault crowe. He can only get the priest in b2b so I only have to fight him for the first round. I decide to re-roll my saves anyway. Combat is a draw. My DK kills his remaining guys from the assault squad
My turn 3, DK moves towards the devs in the open.  My incinerator squad moves to take the objective in his table edges far corner. The strike squad takes the middle one via deep strike. And I move my other squads into the ruins I started in to claim that objective. In shooting, I take a lot of shots at the assault squad and he doesn't lose many due to FNP. I assault the devs with my DK and wipe them. Consolidate 4" or so.  Combat vs crowe is a wash again
His turn 4 he moves the assault squad up into the fray but is too far to really assault anything.  The terms are in combat. The devs line up shots on my DK. Keep in mind, he has two wounds at this point and you will prolly see what's coming. During his shooting the devs lay into my dk, get two wounds, and i roll snake eyes again... the assault squad runs and the other dev squad runs. CC vs crowe is a wash again.
My turn 4, I move my two squads out of the ruins to assault hit Assault squad. the incinerator crew moves back on the objective to get out of range of the devs. During shooting, I assassin another priest in the assault squad. Then my two purifier squads and the strike squad light them up killing 3 or 4 marines. I assault into the crew and wipe all the normal marines, but the chaplain makes all his saves. I believe this is the turn crowe bit it. He consolidated towards my strike squad on the objective.
His 5 he moves the terms to assault the strike squad. The devs mill around in the back and he moves them to go sit on the objective since they can't do much else at this point. Due to terrain, the strike squad goes first and lays out a th/ss term. Then the terms kills the shit out of them, lol. In the Chaplain CC, I do a bunch of wounds and he takes one. He does 3 to me and I am forced to make no retreat rolls on two squads. I fail 3 out of 4 saves... I'm going to burn my dice after this game! I still have 5 guys in combat so I should be able to take him down next turn.
My 5, I move the razorbacks around to get shots on the terms. I move the ven dread to get shots on the terms. I do a lot of shooting and end up wiping the last guys in the assault squad. The reclusiarch and the sang priest are still standing. The sang priest makes his 5++ against the assassin. During CC, I kill his chaplain and consolidate both my squads towards the objective.
At this point, I have two and he has no troops left. We roll to continue...
And we do!
His 6 he moves the terms to come after my weakened purifiers. The devs move around a bit.
He shoots the storm bolter but no luck. The terms assault my 2 man purifier squad and wipe them up, I do a wound to his reclusiarch, but I fail my psychic test to kill him. They consolidate closer to my objective.
My 6, I tank shock his reclusiarch and priest away from my objective. I then move my other RB up to make a wall between them and the objective. The assassin shoots at the priest and he makes another 5++.  The vendread shoots at the terms and he fails saves on both characters, killing them both! He can no longer contest or affect the game so we call it here. I have two objectives to his none.
The secondary mission was to kill an HQ chosen before the game for +2 battle points. All the HQs are dead at this point, so we end up scoring the game 19-5 for me.

It was a pretty tense and somewhat frustrating game. I couldn't roll for shit, but Jeremy failed some saves at some critical times as well. I think I played this one pretty well. I probably should have kept my dread out of los of the devs, but there wasn't really a good place for him.  Jeremy didn't have very many models and once his assault guys were dead, I think it was just a matter of time for me to win.  If he would've been able to wipe both my weakened purifier squads, he would've nerfed me on points, but I still had the corner objective which was too far for him to do anything about. All in all I had a good time, Game 2 will be up soon!


  1. Devastators!

    Interesting choice over preds / Bhaal's

  2. Indeed was a good game. You should call yourself the Drunk Master, as I was still partially buzzed upon start of tourney. I think my inebriation carried over to that one assault squad. Looking back on it I'm like what in the FUCK were they thinking letting me tell them to go over there...

    I'm aghast you remember so much of the game so clearly without taking notes... lol


  3. Haha, no worries man. It was a fun game with lots of random 1 rolls.
    It comes back pretty easy to me when I start writing it down. Then I'm like "what happened next? Ohhh yeah!"

  4. Malted hops and barley are memory enhancing vitamins for DOk!


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