Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Drunken Master: The Realm RTT Game 2 battle report Grey Knights vs. Orks

Good Day!

This weekend I took a little trip through Carmeggedon to hit up a semi-local 1850 point RTT in Brea, CA.  I've been to the Realm a few times before and have done well in the past.  The guys there are cool and fun to play against, which is always a bonus when you have to hang somewhere for 6+ hours!

Here's my list:
Venerable Dreadnought w/2xtwin linked autocannon, psybolt ammo
Purifiers x 5 w/psycannon x 2, halberd x 3
Razorback w/psybolt

Purifiers x 6 w/psycannon x 2, halberd x 4
Razorback w/psybolt

Purifiers x 6 w/incinerators x 2, halberd x 4
Razorback w/psybolt

Strike Squad w/Psycannon
Dreadnought w/2xtwin linked autocannon, psybolt ammo
Dreadknight w/personal teleporter, Heavy incinerator
Dreadknight w/personal teleporter, Heavy incinerator, Nemesis Greatsword

I'm still not sure how this is relevant..

I didn't have the chance to take pictures this time around so I'm gonna give a quick recap of the games and my overall feelings on how I played and any mistakes I may have made. More after the jump!

My second game of the day was against the man known to the internet as Grimgob!  I bullshitted with him a bit before we played and he mentioned that he had seen my list and read the epic battle reports against Soldado. He was interested to see how he did against me since he runs a similar list. Speaking of which, here's what I remember of his list
Grimgobs Orkses
Big mek with PK(I think)
Kommandos with snikrot
2 squads of 5 Lootas
?? number of grots
19 Boyz with a pk
19 Boyz with a pk
8 nobz with wargear differentiation
DT Battlewagons with rollas and planks. 
1 Kopta with rokkit and buzzsaw
2 Battlewagons with rollas and planks.

The numbers might be a little off, but i think that's the gist. A wagon list with snikrot for Ghaz infiltrating shenanigans.

The mission was pitched battle with modified KP. 2 for each troop and 3 for each HQ. We rolled for deployment and I beat him out after a couple re-rolls. I deployed in a way that wasn't really standard for me in an effort to get get flanking shots on his wagons as they advanced up the table. A dread near each corner, my razorbacks by the ven dread. Crowe, the strike squad, and the DKs are in the middle.

Grimgob deployed to my far right to refuse my flank. For some reason I didn't think about this when I was setting up and deviated from my standard refused flank deployment. He had effectively cut off half my army from the fight because I tried to be tricky against a good player like a dumb ass. A squad of lootas deployed in cover towards the left side of the table to get shots on my stuff and the other squad deployed behind the wagons. He outflanked his kopta and the kommandos and kept the grots in reserve.
After deployment, I infiltrated my assassin into the ruin in the middle.

We go on to turn one! He tries to seize...

And does :(

Wah wah...

Dok... I mean Grimgob turn 1
He moves his wagons up about 7" (which is not something I have sen many people do with their wagons on turn one). They stay in a close formation to take advantage of KFF.
During his shooting all his wagons take kannon shots at things in range, but like most Ork shooting, it doesn't do much :)  His lootas start out on fire! Both roll 6s for the number of shots! The right lootas stun my regular dread and the left lootas bounce off my razorbacks. One of his boyz squads shoots up at my assassin but no wounds are taken
Dok turn 1
Ok, nothing that bad happened that turn. I'm not happy about the seizing but it didn't seem to matter that much. I move 2 of my razorbacks 12 to get them closer to the Orks. The incinerator RB moves 6 towards the lootas across the way. The first DK shunts next to the lonely lootas for some burnaing action! The other DK and Crowe move towards the approaching wagons. The Dread and the Ven dread shuffle around to try to get better positioning
During shooting, the DK that shunted takes out 4 lootas. The other dk takes out 3 from the other squad. The dreads shoot at wagons but KFF and low rolls to punch means they do jack and shit. The assassin shoots at a wagon and gets bounced off a KFF. My record of no damage turn one vs wagons holds strong!  The lootas pass morale and we're off to turn 2!
Grimgob 2
He moves his nobz wagon and a boyz wagon 13" towards my DK.  The boyz jump out and Ghaz jumps out to join them.  The other wagon moves 7" closer, looking to take more shots on the assassin. The kommandos and the kopta come in as well. The kopta moves to assault my regular dread on the right hand side of the table and the kommandos come up behind my strike squad.
Shooting sees him take down my assassin with lots of boyz and loota shots. He also WAAGHs so the boyz + ghaz can get 6" closer to the DK. The kommandos assault the strike squad, the kopta assaults the dread and the boyz + ghaz assaults the DK.
During assault ghaz and the nob do a ton of wounds to the DK and he can't make that many saves so he dies. The kommandos + snikrot take 3 wounds and kill 3 guys from the strike squad making it a push. The kopta takes a wound from the dread and the dread gets immobilized also a push. the boyz consolidate into cover the best they can.
Dok turn 2
I jump my DK over to his last loota from that squad so I can assault it down and gain a little movement. The Razorbacks with the psycannons move 12" closer. The incinerator purifiers move out of their RB to help out the strike squad.  Crowe moves towards ghaz and the boyz with an evil grin! (does crowe have an evil grin? A purifying grin of chasteness? I think I read he is too pure for evil grins)
Shooting: crowe shoots his storm bolter at ghaz and the boyz. He gets a single wound which grimgob takes on ghaz... and he rolls a 1! Crowe is super awesome! Ha ha.
Crowe assaults into ghaz, the purifiers assault into the kommandos, and the DK assaults into the lone loota.
Crowe ends up biting it due to weight of Power klaw attacks and heroic sacrifices ghaz down! The purifiers end up wiping the kommandos on I6 and the DK takes down the loota. The epic battle between the kopta and the Dread is a wash.  Everyone consolidates it up and we go on to....
Grimgob turn 3
His grots come on and take up residence in the far corner...  (cowardly gits!) He moves his boyz (now minus one ghaz) over towards the dreadnought to try and help out the kopta.  He moves the wagons up the middle to try and get closer to the remainder of my army. During shooting, his two remaining lootas wreck one of my RBs. Damn you 'always rolling a 6' lootas!!! Purifiers pile out into the hill they were on. The boyz run and that's pretty much it
Dok turn 3
I move the remaining DK over to get the last couple lootas. He's about 14" from them now on grim's table edge. The purifiers hang out and I move my other RB up and unload the other psycannon purifiers. The strike squad moves over to take shots at the boyz. And the incinerator purifiers move to get back in their razorback.  Shooting sees two dead lootas to Heavy incin, one dead boy from the Strike shooting, one immobile nob wagon from psycannon shooting, and lots of nothing from my ven dread.  During assault I finally get the kopta dead with a autocannon bonk to the dome.
Grimgob turn 4
The big mek pops his big mekness onto the table in order to attempt to repair the wagon. The boyz move closer to my dread. The squad of boyz from the meks wagon roll 13" to my DK and pile out. The grots spread out to try and dodge some flamer template love.  During shooting the mek repairs the wagon (fuck). The boyz pop a lot of shots at my DK and get him a wound.  The other boyz run towards my Dread. (he was far, lol). He assaults my DK and I kill a couple boyz and he puts another wound on it with the pk. I can't seem to make a save with these guys all day!.
Dok turn 4
I move my strike squad a bit closer to get shots on his boyz. I move the incin purifiers up to follow him. The psycannon crews hang out on the hill to try and get more shots on the wagon. The ven dread shuffles around and tries to get off the terrain but he's not in a very good spot. The RB cruises up to try and get shots on his grots. During shooting the Strike kills another boy but they are still above ten. the dread takes some shots on them as well and kill another but he makes lots of cover. The RB shoots at the grots and I kill one. The psycannons get a couple results on the wagon but nothing more than shaken gets through. In assault I kill a couple more orks with the DK and he ends up finishing him off with the PK.
Grimgob turn 5
The mek jumps in the nobz wagon and they cruise up 13" to right in front of my incin RB.  He jumps out his nobz on the closer side to me and the mek hangs out in the wagon.  The boyz closer to me continue their trek to the dread and the boyz on the far side jump back in their wagon. The wagon moves 7" closer to my guys.
During shooting, his kannon kills a purifier and the boyz in the wagon kill another. For assault, his nobz assault my strike squad and the boyz assault my dread.  He tries to boarding plank my RB at this point but both tanks are kind of precariously balanced so the measurement is kinda wonky. We 4+ it and he ends up not being able to. To be fair, I have no idea where the wagon actually ended up so this is the best we could do. I get a couple attacks on his nobz and end up doing two wounds. My force weapon goes off and I end up killing one! Better than expected! Then his 15ish PK attacks kill the shit out of my squad, lol. The boyz, after all that long hard walking... end up whiffing on my dread. Combat is a wash as I only have one attack now. The nobz consolidate behind terrain out of los of most of my stuff. But not far enough away from my purifiers...
Dok turn 5
The purifiers jump out of their RB and move to good flaming position on the nobz.  The ven dread moves over to try and get better shots at his boyz wagon. The psycannon purifiers turn to blast the nobz wagon to hell. During shooting, the incins do a couple wounds but he makes most of his fnp. The psycannon purifiers take doen the wagon with a wrecked result and the mek jumps out behind. The ven dread gets a shaken result on the boyz wagon. The far RB kills a couple grots but not enough. The incin purifiers assault the nobz! That's the last exclamation for this battle report... I roll really poorly to hit and then roll really poorly to wound. I think 3 or so wounds. I then go to force weapon and I perils... fmylife. I do a couple wounds to the nobz and they end up wiping that squad, giving grim a pretty handy lead. The boyz/dread battle rages on with both sides whiffing mightily.
We roll to continue and we do... wah wah, lol
Grimgob turn 6
He moves his mek to hide with the nobz and moves his nobz so they remain out of los. The boyz chill out in the wagon and the grots hang out. No shooting. In Assault, we continue to do nothing to each other.
Dok turn 6
I don't have much to do as most of my stuff can't see his stuff. I move my RBs around and warm up my dice to start blasting his last wagon. All the psycannons I have as well as my ven dread unload on it and it gets wrecked! unfortunately I don't have anything else to shoot and he is still way up on points.
We roll to continue and the game ends on 6.

Grimgob wins!

Some things I think I did wrong in this battle:
I deployed like a freakin tard. I have never once deployed my army in a gunline pattern like that and never should. I need to focus my guys into one group to combine my armies power. This cost me the game for sure as he was able to take me apart piecemeal.
Turn 1 I should have shunted the DK to his wagons rear. This would force him to move his guys back and not get extra advancement on me. I moved up 12" confident that I would survive with my invuln save but as we saw, that didn't happen.
I should have deployed my assassin farther away. I have a bad habit of deploying it way too close and getting him shot by bullshit. 3+ isn't that good when 20+ boyz are shooting at you.
All in all it was a fun game. Grimgob was awesome to play against and a cool guy. We got to talking a bit afterwards and hopefully we can get a rematch in at the bay area open!


  1. YOU LOST TO ORKS!!!!?!?!

    Oh shit!!!

    It's amazing! A miracle!

    Sounds like a good game game though.

    I don't think we have ever played KP... hmmm

  2. Yeah, he was very good about maneuvering his wagons. I only got the charge on him half the time and my only hope of purifiers-Wan Kenobi failed me.


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