Friday, July 8, 2011

Tournament Vs. Casual - Gaming how you want to!

Here at 3forint, most of us play games at a pretty competitive level. However, in the down time between events we tend to do a lot of gaming as well. It might be Call of Duty: Black Ops on PS3. Group games of Magic: The Gathering or a 40k 4 way, we tend to play as often as possible.

Some of us just play casually and tend to play more fun based themes, while others of us tend to use the latest and greatest all the time. I personally have a grip shit of stuff going on, so I only own my competitive stuff, but I still try to use my Chaos Space Marines, or my Elf Decks, more often than I use my tournament stuff for casual play.

I am of the opinion that at home I can take ridiculous stuff like A Chaos Lord on Juggernaught with a Demon Weapon and Mark of Khorne, or play crazy fun cards like Concordant Crossroads and Drop of Honey, but (aside from legality) the funnest stuff isn't usually competitive and shouldn't be taken seriously.

So what I am getting at here is when you have serious gamers and you have casual gamers, there becomes a rift in ability, armament, and demeanor.  I am not a person that wins at all costs, but I am a person that likes to win. I am of the opinion that the ultimate goal of any game is to be victorious. That being said, to me it seems as if the best strategy to achieve this goal is to used an optimized lists/decks/profile/class.

I was at my brother-law's the other day and my nephew was playing Black-Ops and running around pistoling people. I was like "dude, why the fuck are you just pistoling." He said "it was more fun...."

Ah ha! The second element to fun is challenge!!! When facing an inferior opponent, handicapping yourself makes it more challenging, thus more fun. Is that true? I guess to a certain extent it is. It definitely let's you take a different approach to a game that you have gotten very good at. Is it the best? Absolutely not. It's never good to practice being bad at things, but a break from the grind of playing the same thing over and over again is nice occasionally.

In conclusion, casual gaming can be as fun or more fun as long as you let it be and not get wrapped up in the hype of internet-cock-measuring. No one gives a fuck about your gamer tag score or your win loss draw records, really... no one. Once you get over yourself and start playing for the enjoyment of all, then you can start to experience "fun" gaming.

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