Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekend Nosh: July 1

It's 4th of July Weekend. So my recommendation is fired meat, beer and explosions. Sound good?
Well, specifically...

Meat: Pork - No, hang with me here. Pork is awesome. You should barbecue it this weekend, and should make it a mainstay of your diet. Ribs, Chops, the awesome pork tenderloin roast, its all good man. And don't overcook it. Take it up to 150 degrees inside and enjoy.

Beer: Samuel Adams Summer Ale - I wanted to pick an American beer here, just to be patriotic. It also helps that this has been a mainstay at all of my 4th of July barbecues in years past. Excellent Wheat Ale with a nice citrus tang to it. It's the summer seasonal, so you can only find it May - September. If you can find it on tap, all the better. Give it a try and I think you will be surprised, even if you don't care for other S.A. beers.

Explosions: Any explosions that don't start fires - Seriously, don't be that guy. No one likes huge wildfires threatening their town (or nuclear laboratories). Also, don't pay too much for them, but if you can find an appropriately priced show, go in and sit down. It makes it that much better and usually supports an organization or city, which is cool.

Anyway, have a good Independence Day (or Canada Day for everyone up way north). And for the rest of you, have a good weekend nosh.

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