Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bay Area Open Results and My Over-Compensation

Hey Everyone,

Just got back from the Bay Area Open. What an event!!!! Lot's of great people and great games of Warhammer 40k.

I was very pleased over all with the event, the venue and the atmosphere. There was a lot of very stiff competition there as well. It was good times from everyone I talked to.

The Results for the even are here, with our own Dok taking 8th place.

I didn't do so well and I will give you my insight to this after the break.

So if you scroll down the list to 56th place you will find me.

56th place out 75 players is pretty shameful!

So what happened?

I over compensated. I added a 4th Battlewagon to my BW rush list and it made me entirely one dimensional.
Allow me to elaborate.

Game 1. I played DE in Dawn of War Annihilation. He had venom spam in Annihilation. I was set from the go, but he almost pulled it out. I was lucky with quire a few rolls, but all my BW's ended up dead and I was left to hide from Splinter Cannon massacre.

Game 2. I played our friend Grimgob in a mirror match BW on BW throwdown. The difference? He had 3 BWs and a lot of support. I have virtually no support. This was the ultimate demise of my day. Aside from Grimgob being a true Orkish tactics master, and having one of the most beautifully painted Ork Hordes I have seen, It was a good game and I was schooled fairly and squarely.

Game 3. I played the internet super star Yakface. Another one of the top Ork players in the region. He had a Kan wall list that varied from the internet cookie cutter and he played it like a professional. It was close until turn 4 when his cans made it through the center wall and dominated my face. Again, his superior firepower left all of my Battlewagons dead or useless.

Game 4. Vanilla Marines. I am pretty sure when this guy was writing his list, he was sitting there saying to himself. I am going to play Blood Lord Soldado and this will fucking rape him. Multiple Melta-Speeders, Lascannons all over. 2 Iron Clad Tarpits, and 2 god damn Thunderfire Cannons. The game came down to turn 6, where I could have managed a draw or even a win with awesome rolling, but Ghazghkull couldnt withstand the shooting of his whole army and I couldn't roll enough 6's to get his speeder off my objective. 2 dice rolls from winning and I didn't make them.

Game 5. Mech Blood Angels. A game I should have won, but I was 1-3 at this point so I was playing as friendly as possible. I could have won still, if my Nob on the last objective would have rolled a hit with any of his 3 attacks on the guy contesting. Alas, 1's and 2's. I could have also won if I rolled a 3 or more to consolidate with my nobs squad, but again a 1. The dice gods did not favor me this weekend.

Game 6. KP's versus Traffic cone Necrons. Killed all the monoliths, Killed the Lord and his squad. Everything else ran and hid and I couldn't hide enough from the destroyers. My Nob squad didn't make any saves and died in like 2 rounds of shooting. I was sad. Keith has a beautiful army as well, I love his orange Necrons. Keith and I are 1 - 1 now in tournament play. I shall get my revenge.

Game 7. Chaos Demons. I have never played against demons and it was an experience. He had the most beautiful army. Hand made Tzeentch Chariots, resin bases on the whole army, just absolutely beautiful and I am sure he won best painted. I played him well and rolled average. It ended up a draw. He was a great player! I was down to 1 squad of boys and he was down to 2 units of Bloodletters on the opposite side of the table and 3 Plaguebearers standing on the 3rd floor of some ruins, hiding like champions! Alas, another draw.

All in all I had a lot of great games and they were all very close aside from the smashing that Grimgob put on me. I had a great time and I learned that too much of a good thing is not always the best.

Less Wagons, More support!!!

Next weekend is 'ard boys. I might have to bust out my Chaos for this one.


  1. That's a rough result bro. We need more playtest partners besides you and me, lol

  2. Word all of my experience against Grey Knights did not prepare me for Orks and Orks and FUCKING THUNDERFIRE CANNONS!!! AGGGHH!! I am still having anxiety of the God Damn Thunderfire Cannons!!!


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