Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crazy list idea: Mordrakwing!

Good day!

I have been thinking a bit about the special characters in the GK codex and it has come to my attention that there is no love for Grand Master Mordrak! I might have a bit too much GK on the brain, but I came up with what I think is a pretty interesting list using him as the focus.

He loves this stick like a fat kid loves cake. 
First off, his statline is decent enough. It is the same as a normal Grand master with one more wound and attack. That's a pretty good deal for 25 points more already!  He comes with all the standard GK wargear with a MC daemon hammer as his primary CC weapon. His special rules are where things get interesting, specifically First to the Fray. More on this after the jump.

First to the Fray lets Mordrak and any unit he accompanies deep strike on the first turn with no scatter.  This is going to be the corner stone of this list. Without further ado, check it out.

Ghost knights x 5
1 w/Bro banner
1 w/halberd   
1 w/Daemon hammer
1 w/falchions
1 w/sword
Librarian w/Warding staff, teleport homer
Powers: Quicksilver, Might of titan, Shrouding, Sanctuary, summoning, Warp Rift
Paladin x 5    
1 w/Psycannon, halberd   
1 w/MC daemon hammer
1 w/MC falchions
1 w/MC psycannon, sword
1 w/Bro banner   
Strike squad x 10
Psycannon x 2, MC Daemon hammer, Psybolt ammo

Strike squad x 10
Psycannon x 2, MC Daemon hammer, Psybolt ammo
Dreadknight w/Heavy incinerator
Dreadknight w/Heavy incinerator
Dreadknight w/Heavy incinerator

So the idea is that you drop mordrak with the librarian attached to the squad first turn in an advantageous position while holding everything else in reserve.  The army you are facing will greatly affect where you drop this squad. You don't have an overwhelming amount of firepower with just this squad so you may want to be conservative if you are looking at receiving a lot of return fire. Cover is most likely a necessity as you will want shrouding to give you that sweet 3++ cover save against AP1-2 shots.

After the first turn you will want to psychic communion with Mordrak. Everything in your army will deep strike in as they become available. The teleport homer on the Librarian lets you drop all your heavy hitters into a sweet spot (Hopefully not too far out of assault range!). The Paladins and the dreadknights will definitely come in around the Mordrakbomb and rack up a few kills.  The strike squads can come in to lend some fire support or to claim objectives. Remember that Psychic Communion can modify the die roll up or down after the roll has been made so you can potentially keep one of these units back for late game if you need to.

You also have the option to drop your heavy hitter units away from the Mordrakbomb and use the summoning to bring them back later if you need to cover a larger portion of the table.

I think this list could use a bit of fat trimming for sure. Maybe reduce the strike squads to 5 man to add some more firepower in the Elite slot. The problem with GK lists is that everything takes a huge chunk of points so it's hard to squeeze things in. I feel like it could be a pretty good contender against the top lists out there. Mordrak still has the grand strategy so the paladins or the dreadknights could be scoring as needed. Or even outflank!

One thing I'm really not sold on is the lack of teleporters on the DKs. I have tried them without teleporters and they seem to be really lacking. Would you ever take a CSM Damon Prince without wings? I know I wouldn't. So maybe that's something that can be changed as well.

Anyway, that's my idea for today! Let me know what you think of the list and how you would tweak it!

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