Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Drunken Master: Base contacts resin bases!

Good day!

Today I am going to take a look at some of the awesome products from our buddies over at Base contacts

Here are a couple of the bases I thought were cool and that I was hyped to paint. I got (clockwise from the top) A flying base, a Bike base, a regular sized base, and a Terminator sized base.

Post resin washing!
The painted pics and more after the jump!

Here's a closer look at the Term sized  base pre- paint

The flying base with the bike base off to the right

The Term sized base was a cool little temple like base and I immediately thought this would be sweet for my GK Grand Master.

At first I didn't really know what this was for. It's about Dreadnought sized so I figured I would throw one of those on there. But it has a massive rock in the middle that I would need to cut off. Then I checked the Base contacts site and noticed that they had land speeders on top of these. Duh, ha ha.

Dark Crystal!

Here's the flying base after paint.  Sorry about the sideways shot!  I decided to go with a purple up to light blue color scheme. Making it look like an alien crystal or a glowing rock projection.  Also it looked a lot like Dark Crystal so there's that, ha ha!

Here's the Biker base. I plan on putting my SM scout bike on this once I get that painted. The base has a cool alien type thing burrowing from under ground (The green part). And then a broken concrete area where I plan on putting the bikes back tire.

That shit's on fire!

The smaller of the bases was a crumbling brick floor with a piece of temple.  This was perfect for the Castellan Crowe I was putting together so I painted the bricks in my Grey Knight scheme and decided to go with a lava like floor between the crumbling bricks. 

Here's Crowe on the base. Lookin sharp!
Butt shot!

Here's a side shot on the burning base. While putting Crowe on here, I noticed that he has a little chaos icon under his foot! It went perfectly with the base and gave it a little more personality.

Here's another shot from the back side.

Painted like a boss!

This turned out to be one of my favorite pieces I've painted so far. The base matches my painting theme so well! I wish I had more of them to go around.
The only thing about this base I didn't like is that I had to drill holes in it.  I forgot to drill the holes before I painted like a dumbass. It didn't really mess anything up but I had to be extra careful.

My overall opinion of these bases is that they are great! I'm not really sure what to do with the flying base so far, but Soldado said he might want to use it for a deffkopta, haha.  If those look good to you, then go check them out over at Base contacts 


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