Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Drunken Master: Wtf is a Dark Eldar?

Good Day!

Let me start this off by saying I don't play Dark Eldar.  I play against them fairly often and fellow blog author Ubershizza plays them pretty well.  But I don't play Dark Eldar.  I'm a Craftworld man until the day I die.
Alaitoc fo life!

That being said, I do play Grey Knights.  I was having a discussion with a buddy of mine from the FLGS who plays Dark Eldar and he was lamenting GKs ability to tear holes through their paper barges. That got me to thinking about Dark Eldar and what they could do to mitigate this.

Here's my idea so far

haemon x 2
wwp x 2
shattershard x1
liquifier x1
2 x Harlequin x5
2 x Shadowseer
2 x kiss x 4

Trueborn x 4 w/Blaster x 4
3 x 10 man Warrior squads
3 x shredder
3 x splinter cannon

Warrior x 5
3 x Beast master unit
3 x beast master x 5
3 x clawed fiend x 2
3 x Razorwing flock x 6

3 x Talos
3 x chain flails
3 x Twin linked heat lance

Not your standard WWP list as far as I've seen. In deployment, you would start the Haemon's with the Harlequins so that the unit benefits from the Veil of tears.  First turn you would move the one unit up to drop the WWP in an advantageous location for turn 2 arrivals and the other would run into a more forward position to increase your deployment options.

The cool thing about Veil of tears is that it negates any shooting past 24" which means that most armies won't be able to touch you before you get your second portal down.  I like this list because of it's flexibility.  If they come at you to try and take you out as you come on, then you will swarm them in CC as your monsters come out of the portals.  If they stay back and wait for you to come out then you can advance your second portal right into their face and there's nothing they can do to stop you.

If you can get a portal to the center of the table then you pretty much have the game on lock down. The majority of your units have a 24" threat range out of the portal. Giving you the flexibility to threaten most anything that is not hiding in the extreme corner.

The only thing I'm not convinced about in this list is the troops selections. I chose Warriors with the layout above so that they would be the shooty portion of the anti-troop. I'm not sure if that's what the list needs or not. Maybe replacing the current setup with more of an anti-tank presence? Wyches with haywires or just a different warrior setup altogether? Only playtesting will find out.


  1. I have yet to see a footslogging DE army.

    I like the idea though.

    I'd like to think my orks can roll right over it though.

    Lets do this!

  2. I dunno, it would prolly depend heavily on when my reserves came in and who went first. If your wagons are near my portals when the taloi come out then they might be in trouble.

  3. the problem with that is, the wwp are easy to avoid and bad reserve rolls could keep most of your anti tank stuff off the board.

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