Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hero Battles!

Good day!

Hero battles is an idea we have been kicking around for a while.  Basically you take an independant character, beef him up as much as you see fit, and then battle your friends! It's like the pokemon of warhammer! ha ha!

My only hero
Without further ado, here are the rules we came up with!

Warhammer 40k Hero Battles
The 41st millennium is an age of war and carnage. During this time, countless battles have been fought and the tide of these battles have been turned by incredible individuals. This is an opportunity to see the Universe's finest heroes battle and see who is the mightiest of all!


Hero Selection:
1.      Any single model may be selected as long as it is not noted with Unique (or the equivalent)
2.      Any number of upgrades may be taken as long as it is legal in the appropriate and most current codex.
3.      No single wargear maybe be taken multiple times, unless it was specifically intended that way.
4.      No model may have an armor value.

The Game will be played on 4X4 table if there are less than 8 players, a 4X5 for 12 or less and 4X6 for greater than 12. The game will use standard scenery and all scenery should be identified and discussed before the game starts.

Turn Sequence:
Each round will consist of each player taking a turn. Effects that last 1 game turn will last an entire round, effects that last 1 player turn are not altered. At the start of each round, player turn order is established randomly! The simplest method is by putting a number in a hat for each player, then drawing from the hat at the start of each round.

Special Rules:

All units deploy on the table on the first turn.  Deep strike/daemonic assault/infiltrate are not allowed for this mission. 

You may shoot into any assault you are not involved in. Hits will be determined on a random model in the assault.

EX: If there are 2 models in the assault, roll a D6. On the result of 1, 2, or 3 model 1 is hit. On a 4, 5, or 6 model 2 is hit. Blasts and templates work as normal.

All models have the hit and run special rule

Victory Conditions:
While it is true the last man standing is the toughest; the Emperor, The Chaos Gods, or whoever the hell is important to you do not like cowards! Each kill will be worth 1 victory point(VPs).  The game continues until there is only one hero standing.
 - The person with the most VPs at the end of the game will be known as the Deadliest Man in the Universe (Which let's you re-roll 1 to wound roll in the next game)
 - The last man standing will be the Toughest Man in the Universe (Which let's you re-roll 1 save in the next game).
 - If the last man standing is also the person with most VPs he will be the Grand Champion of the Universe (Which let's you re-roll 1 to wound roll and 1 save in the next game) until this title is taken from him.
-  If the last models die simultaneously, the victor is determined by VPs.  If there is a VP tie at this point, the people tied roll off. Winner of that roll off is the Luckiest Man in the Universe. The Luckiest Man in the Universe can use his supreme powers of luck to reroll 1 dice roll in the next game.

And those are the rules!  We are gonna take this for a spin and post a report of it sometime next week. What killer combo can you think of?


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