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Ork Boyz: All the troops you will ever need.

Hey guys and gals, welcome back to Blood Lord Soldado’s look into Orks.
SnakeBites, Goffs, Bad Moonz , Evil Suns?
Gimme that flava!

Part 3 of my Codex: Orks walk through is going to specifically focus on the troops and section of the army. With a limited selection of troops it may seem like it will be a short piece, but that’s far from true. Ork Boyz are a complicated beast and I do my best to make it clear on the different abilities they can do with just a few minor equipment changes.

Speaking of this being a weekly segment, I was preparing last week for the Bay Area Open, so I apologize for that.

So without any further hesitation:

Ork Boyz can be very diverse in their abilities and selections, even with the limited options they have. Shootas or Sluggas and Choppas. Seems simple right? It is a limited selection of things compared to some Codex's, but it is good enough to make Orks a very competitive army. 

Ork Boyz
Ork Boyz can be taken in squads of 10-30 and they can have 1 Big Shoota or 1 Rokkit Launcha for every 10 Boyz in the squad. Boyz can either have Sluggas and Choppas (Pistol and cc Weapon) or a Shoota. (R18 Str4 Ap5 Assault 2) Ork Boyz in units 12 or smaller can take a Trukk. Orks are a base 6 points each.

Shootas  vs  Sluggas
There are various debates on "The Internet" about which is a better choice for Ork Boyz. Soften then up with shooting versus additional attacks in the assault. I feel like both have their places within an Ork Horde.

By adding some Big shootas to the Shoota Boyz, it seems like it should add to your offensive power. But in my experience this is not true. I recently ran 20 Boyz with 2 Big Shootas and I found that they are not working as well as I hoped. I wanted to be able to open some soft armor at range and it never worked out. At the last tournament I was at the only “armor” I managed to kill was a Thunderfire Cannon and that was cause I happened to kill the techmarine with a stray shot. The rate of fire doesn’t offset the low BS of Orks so much. In my 7 games last weekend, I rarely had more than 1 hit from the 6 shots. I did have 1 round where all 6 hit though, alas they are still just AP 5 and my opponent made all his saves.

My experience with Rokkits is the opposite. 2 Rokkits over 2 Big Shootas seems like a much more reliable way to go. If they miss, then you just assault the vehicles and hope to glance it out. If they hit!! It might actually do something. With 2 Rokkits you have like a 45% chance to hit with 1. Is that good? No. But Big Shootas are worse than that to hit and punch and do something to AV 10, where Rokkits can work on up to AV12 reasonably, and you have the longest of shots to stun AV14. In the future I am going to run 20 Shoota Boyz, 2 Rokkits and Nob with BossPole and Power Klaw in my support BattleWagon.

Slugga / Choppa Boyz
These are meant to get into to CC without hesitation. I usually run 18 in a BW with Ghazghkull to absorb some fire after we murder our first target and we inevitably end up standing there. I also always put a Nob with Bosspole and Power Klaw in to give them the punch they need to handle tougher targets and general killy principles. I find that the lack of range from Slugga Boyz often leaves them moving and running to get to places after the initial onslaught is over. This sometimes is very bad if the combat had a lot of casualties. Nothing is more vulnerable than a squad of 5 orks in the open, and this happens pretty often. I do like Slugga Boyz in 30 man squads for a ridiculous counter charge!
I will cover army types and strategies for them in a future post though.

One Boy from each squad can (and should be) upgraded to a Nob. The Nob can have a Power Klaw or a Big Choppa. The Nob may also select a Bosspole. Bosspoles are almost mandatory as they allow you to inflict a wound to reroll a leadership test. As Orks start to dwindle down in later turns, leadership becomes a major issue and for 5 points it’s like a little safety blanket. I always arm my Nob with a Power Klaw. He has a lot of Boyz to absorb wounds while he puts that Klaw to good use. There are many Combat Squads that have fell to 2 rounds of Nob attacks.

‘Ard Boyz
One squad of Boyz per army can be upgraded to ‘Ard Boyz. I have seen these used to minimal effect. ‘Ard Boyz are regular Boyz with 4+ armor instead of 6+. Almost everything that hates Orcs ignores a 4+. Heavy Bolters, Heavy Flamers, Psycannons, Assault Cannons, Auto Cannons, Tau in general. It does let you save versus a lot of small arms fire which our 6+ cannot. In assualt the 4+ has a more notable impact, the only issue is that the upgrade per model is 4 points, making your squad of Boyz cost 66% more.  When I do play ‘Ard Boyz, they are always Slugga Boyz and always with an HQ unit. They are just a little bit tougher to deal with, but it’s really hard to say they are worth the points.  Especially with Grey Knights so strong in the local meta. Ignoring all of my upgraded guys armor makes my Waaagh turn into a weep.

I won’t go into a lot of detail on grots. They have the lowest stat line in the game. They die if anything does anything to them.  However, they are 3 points each. You can take a minimum squad of Gretchin for 40 points and it will camp your home objective. Start them in reserves to add some survivability and make sure you get them in cover. 3++ invulnerable if you go to ground in cover! There is really no other use for Gretchin. They are bad at everything.

Also, I know I am going to hear like “Oh my grots killed these Terminators” or “Oh grots are awesome because this super impossible shit happened because I rolled like 40 6’s and my opponent rolled all 1’s for armor.” Let me tell you, obscene dice rolling doesn’t make things good. If you would have rolled that with any squad it would have resulted in the same result, but you would have had anything better than a grot when it was all said and done. I love Grots, they are fluffy and hilarious, they just suck ass and die super easily. 1 squad, objective camping only, End of Story!

I wanted to talk about Trukks here since they are the dedicated transports of the Ork Boyz. Trukks are amazingly flimsy and die really easily. Open topped AV 10 means that even Bolters can bring it down. Trukks have a special rule called “Ramshackle.” Instead of just dieing on a damage result of 5+ it Ramshackles. If a 5 or 6 is rolled, roll again and consult the Ramshackle chart on page 41 of the Codex.
  Comedy Ensues! 
1-2  KABOOM! Explodes as normal. 3-4 Kareen! The Trukk moves in a random direction 3D6 inches and then KABOOMS! 5-6 Kerrunch! Get to disembark as normal and the trukk is dead.  I guess it’s sort of a buffer to makes trucks a little less deadly to Orks, but in reality it doesn’t make a huge impact unless your Kareen! rolls are very favorable/unfavorable.

Trukks can transport up to 12 Orks, models in Mega Armor count as 2 Orks.

  • Red Paint Job: Allows you to add +1 inch to your move. If you move 13” you do not count as going flat out, and allows you to flat out to 19”. It’s 5 points and I think it is always worth it.
  • Grot Riggers: a 5 point upgrade that allows you to repair in the shooting phase. Given you are AV 10 and open topped and the amount of melta in the world these days, trukks always seem to explode and I never find riggers to be worth it.
  • Stikkbomb Chukka: 5 points lets your boys be armed with grenades the turn they disembark. It’s a lot cheaper than giving all 12 boys grenades, but it’s very situational. It’s a viable option if you have a spare 5 points.
  • Armour Plates: 10 points to have all stunned results be downgraded to shaken. Keeps the Trukk moving so it might be viable. It’s a lot of points though. I never take it, but your mileage may vary.
  • Boarding Plank: I tend to think of this as an exclusive upgrade for Battlewagons. It hard to imagine getting your Trukk boys that close and not hopping them out. 5 points for the ability to use your Nob’s Klaw from the safety? of the back of the Trukk.
  • Wreckin’ Ball: The ball inflicts a str 9 hit on any units within 2 inches of the ball at the beginning of assault on a 4+. It’s pretty lame.  I have never hit anything with it in a game, and I have never seen one used in anyone’s list for anything. 5 points? Should be free!
  • Lastly, we have the Reinforced Ram: 5 points, lets you re-roll dangerous terrain tests! Nice. Nothing worse than immobilizing yourself. Also +2 armor against Death or Glory attacks and allows you to Tank Shock with your Trukk.

Also, the Big Shoota on the Trukk can be upgraded to a Rokkit Launcha. I think this is a worthy upgrade as a last ditch effort to pop the transport the squad you want to assault didn’t get it’s can opened. I take this almost exclusively on my Trukks. It also gives the Trukks a use after the Boyz jump out.

If you do take a squad of 12 Boyz in a Trukk you have yourself a Trukk Boyz squad. (DUH!) This is the staple of the “Speed Feakz” style of play that many Warbosses have grown to love. When I play Speed Freakz my Boyz are usually:
12 Boys with Sluggas and Choppas
1 Nob Upgrade with Power Klaw and Boss Pole
Trukk Dedicated transport with Red Paint Job and Reinfoced Ram. Rokkit Launcha upgrade.
Very fast and hard hitting unit that can assault up to 25 inches on the Waaagh!!! turn.

So this is my take on the Ork Boyz squads.  Please leave your feed back or comments here!

We love new faces here on the site!
Until next week…

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