Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gamer wear: nin nin nin

Check out this tee from qwertee. It's international so it might take a while to get to you, but if you're having a shirt emergency then here's directions to target :)
There's only 24 hours left right now so make sure to ninja that shit soon!

And as a shout out to my buddy Soldado who has grown up problems...
How do their bellies get bigger...
You can get this one over at snorg
It's an oldy, but I still find it hilarious!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Killer Whales in Texas

Killer Whale is Killer Whale and I wonder if these drunk Texans realize that these whales will KILL THEM if they piss these whales off?

This whale type below are a little easier to manage, kind of...

Monday, September 26, 2011

A quick shout out to the Doctor

I recently started watching Dr. Who because it was on Netflix and I was bored.  Either whiling away the hours painting or waiting for my darling girlfriend (Hi Jenni!) to come over.  I had heard of the show before on various nerd elated blogs and podcasts (woo Nerdist! Big C is dreamy!), but I didn't know anyone IRL who had seen it.
10 minutes after starting the episode 'Rose', I was hooked.  The 9th doctor had an amazing on screen energy and he meshed with Rose better than most people mesh IRL.  I could believe these two had been fated to meet up.  Every adventure they had seemed truly joyous.  From there I would spend the next couple weeks feverishly watching as many episodes a night as I feasibly could. And the next day, all I could think of was "what places am I going to get to see next???"

I bring this up because I just read this article over at Cracked.

It fully explains what I was not able to explain to my friends.  "I like dr. who... it's like... good and stuff?".  It really is an amazing show and some of the storylines reach right into the heart of me and then smash it into an iron maiden.
Not this one...
When the 9th Dr bit it and the tenth Dr. began his regeneration, I was calling bullshit.  The 9th Dr was the shit.  That's all I can really say about him.  He put his neck out time and time again for Rose and humanity and all he got was one season.

But then there was Tennant,,,

I've never been one to have "heroes". Some people look up to Michael Jordan.  Yeah, he's good at basketball, but he doesn't really inspire me to go out and slam dunk on Larry Bird.  This man though.... The tenth Doctor... Is as inspiring and deep as any real person that ever lived.   Maybe David Tennant is just the best actor to have ever lived, but every episode had me enthralled.  Perhaps he is a sorcerer.  Ensorcelling my mind with his awesomeness!

All I'm saying is if you like truly amazing sci-fi tv and have netflix then you would do well to watch the Doctor adventure through time and space. Which will be your Doctor? Who will be your favorite companion? Only time will tell!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Innistrad Prerelease Primer

Hello all. As tomorrow is the day of the Innistrad Prerelease, I wanted to touch on a few points about the set, specific cards and the archetypes I can see being strong in Limited. This is to give people a bit of a heads-up to things you might see. Hopefully, some of our readers are going to attend their local prerelease and this info will help you to prepare.

Like homelands, but better!


What wonders await me today? T.G.I.F.!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Innistrad Limited Review: White

Though I have been out of the game for some time now, my first love of competitive gaming was Magic: The Gathering. So, just in time for the Innistrad pre-release this weekend, I am debuting the first part of a review of the set for Limited tournament play. Specifically, geared towards draft, but it should have relevance in sealed as well.

All my information is being taken from, so check out there site for even more great articles and to see the full spoiler for yourself.

SO, lets get started...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Improve your game in 3 easy steps!

Good day!

No matter what game you are playing, there are certain concepts that are common in all of them.  It's the same in chess, stratego, 40k, or real life. Some ideas are just universal in tactical situations.  These ideas build on each other like the legos of life! Here are some of the key things I consider when trying to get better at any game. (Using Warhammer 40k examples)

The only tactics I care about...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Go steelers!!!

Fo life!!
How can girls like this be wrong???
The Football season is in week two and I just want to show some support for my boys in black and gold!  They didn't do so hot week one... (they got rocked!) So I'm throing up some internet good vibes their way.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whale Tail Wednesday - Man in Kayak vs. Whale

The ocean is a scary place, especially for Kayakers who don't know any better. Case in point:

Talking about awesome, I give this to the whale but give the man a half point for surviving this whale belly flop.

For another whale of a tail...

Monday, September 12, 2011

The truth as it applies to me. Being Awesome

For those of you who don't know me in the real life. I am awesome. With that said it should be obvious that you are not as awesome as me and should really look up to me more.  I am good at lots of games; Warhammer 40,000, Magic: The Gathering, World of Warcraft, King's cup, Canasta, Barrel of monkeys, and various board games. I like to think that other people who play me just don't know how awesome I am and that's why they waste their time sitting across the table from me. They Read, plan, plot, and listen to podcasts whose sole intent is to beat me at Pinochle! 
Internet fist bump for being awesome!

Well, the demand of being so awesome can be pretty overwhelming. I know it's a hard life being me but I do not want or expect any sympathy. I knew what I was getting myself into when I was developing into awesomeness, the chrysalis of my old nerd self blooming into the full blown awesomoth that I am. I can attribute it to being some sort of moth/human hybrid.  Did my mom bone a caterpillar before I was born? FUCK NO!!! Really, she might have. I'm not sure! Fortunately, I don't let being a genetic freak hold me down! I think that is what being awesome is all about.

Since I'm a young man I notoriously burn the awesome candle at both ends. Playing guitar, riding a motorcycle, watching loads of Doctor who on netflix, the possibilities are endless for me! The difference between awesome and not awesome is simple. No one depends on me for anything. The awesome factor that has changed in my life is lack of responsibility. I now have a full plate of hobbies and a awesome girlfriend on top of being a super extreme high level gamer.  All the effort and responsibility that involves is just a lot of bears. Sometimes juggling bears can be difficult when they are angry. So what am I getting at?

Given my lack of worthy gaming opponents, bear attacks from all angles, and not enough time to fight said bears, the simplest solution is to go to bear fighting school for a while. The truth is, that is exactly what I am going to do.  From now on, I am dedicating my life to bear fighting! I am inclined to challenge myself to accomplish great things, one day I could even be a bear fighter trainer! Being awesome, in my opinion is learning how to do ridiculous things at a barely competent level and then pretending that you are an expert!  Obstacles can be overcome by simply going around them or ignoring them until they fall over!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Soldado for reminding me that I am awesome and providing me with an entertaining idea for an article.  He is a good friend and I hope things work out for him!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekend Nosh: September 9

Short Week, so I hope everyone enjoyed it. Here is some stuff to do this weekend:

Food: Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill - First Caveat: This isn't "real" Mexican food. I am far from an authority on that, though I have had my share of legit tacos and tortas. This is NuMex casual dining, in the vein of Baja Fresh. However, I find their food to be much better and with a better selection. Personal favorites include the Stacked Chicken Enchiladas, the Nachos Grande (which are some of the best Nachos I have ever had) and their Pizza. The Pizza there isn't traditional pizza, it is served on toasted flat bread and has no sauce, just salsa. It's different, but really good.

Drink: Red Tail Ale - An impulse buy, it turned out to be a very solid beer. Very balanced, and with a high ABV it is a great sipping beer; great for drinking with dinner.

Movie: Letters from Iwo Jima - This war movie is a bit polarizing. It is set during the build up to the Battle of Iwo Jima, in the latter stages of World War II. This movie was a companion piece of sort, to Director Clint Eastwood's prior WWII movie "Flags of our Fathers". Letters is told from the point of view of the Japanese garrison, and does a very good job of humanizing the Japanese soldiers, who were essentially forced into a suicide defense of the island with no support. It has an excellent cast of Japanese actors and a great storyline that gives it a place second only to Saving Private Ryan in the genre. While many still are very critical (rightfully so) of the Empire of Japan's actions during the war, this movie portrays the nationalistic zeal that characterized the Japanese forces in contrast to the despair many of the rank and file soldiers felt. It is very effect, and I highly recommend it.

Anyway, good week, better weekend. Have a great one!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Good Day!

Our buddy Reece from the Bay Area Open is putting together another pretty sweet looking event! This time in the 3 for int crew's own backyard!  The 1750 point 6 game GT style tourney will take place at the LA convention center about 15 minutes from my house.  There is no golden ticket, but the prize support is substantial.  $2000 worth of prize support!  That doesn't mean a whole lot right now with each finecast model being in the expensive as fuck price range, ha ha! But it is still better than most prize support out there. And maybe it will be enough to wrap down further than 3rd place!

The Truth as it Applies to Me: Growing up.

For those of you who don't know me in the real life. I am married with 4 children and I drive a hellish commute to work daily. With that said it should be obvious that my free time is very limited and my ability to play games is even more limited. I try to play lots of games; Warhammer 40,000, Magic: The Gathering, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, WarMachine, various board games and other internet bullshit games I come across. I like to think I play these games to a degree of skill and with an ability to win, but this all takes time. Reading, planning, plotting, listening to podcasts, painting, tournaments, it's all a massive time sink and let me tell you all, time is something you never have when you have 2 babies and a teenager. Football practice, homework help, diapers, bottles, cleaning, cleaning, oh and did I mention cleaning?!?! Sooo, why the fuck am I saying this?

Well the demand of it all is pretty overwhelming. I am not a fan of bitching to bitch so I do not want or expect any sympathy. I knew what I was getting myself into when it was all happening, I just did not understand what it all meant at the time. I can attribute it to lifting lots and lots of weight. I know I can hold 80 lbs in my right hand, 80 lbs in my left hand, I can squat 300 lbs and legs press 800 lbs, but can I do all this at the same time? FUCK NO!!! Damn. This is where I fucked up! Fortunately, like with weights, its a simple solution. I need to  put stuff down and stop trying to do so much! I think that is what growing up is about. When I was younger (Not that I am super old now at 30) I notoriously burned the candle at both ends. Running a raiding EQ guild, managing a Sizzler, going to college and DMing a super awesome D&D campaign. The difference of now and then though is simple. No one depended on me for anything. The factor that has changed in my life is responsibility. I now have a full plate of adult responsibilities on top of trying to be a top(ish) level gamer and all the effort and responsibility that involves its just a lot to bear. Again, the easiest responsibility to alleviate is the gaming. So what am I getting at?

Increases of responsibility, unbearable stress from all angles and not enough time to do anything with life, the simplest solution is to give up gaming for a while. The truth is, that is what I was leaning towards, but in reality the easy road is not the one I ever take. I am inclined to challenge myself to accomplish great things, like be a great father and husband and a great gamer all at the same time. Growing up, in my opinion is learning how to cope with the challenges life throws at us and becoming a stronger person for doing it, and never letting a challenge get in our way. Overcoming obstacles are moments that I cherish and I am looking forward to trying to make it all work.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank my Wife for reminding me that I do have other things to consider in life and for helping me better handle the expectations set before me. I love you Sendi. I will be home soon.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Njal commission

Just wanted to throw up a couple pics of a Njal commission I did for a buddy of mine.

Check it out!

Almost done...
This one just has bad ass lighting. It made all the ice blue come out nice!
He just needs a fat base and he will be done as fuck
Slightly different perspective
I will be putting up some more space wolves stuff as I get it done. Next is Logan Grimnar!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Space Marine: the demo review

Good day!

I had a little time over the long weekend here in the USA to download and play a bit of these two games produced by THQ.  You can find the demo link here for PC or XBL. The PS3 demo must be downloaded from the PS store like everything else.

I downloaded it on PC and PS3 and I found the PS3 version to be much more the experience I was looking for. The mouse look and key movement on the PC is not something I have ever really liked for a shooter game.  (My laptop is more optimized for work than for gaming so that may have steered my decision) But let me tell you, once I started the demo on PS3 and got into some hard core Ork face smashing... Never have I felt so rapturous playing a video game.  This is what I wish every shooter was like.  I know people are saying it's just a 40k skinned gears of war, but I say What's wrong with that?  Gears of war is a great game. Throwing a 40k Skin on it just makes it appeal to my demographic!

The PS3 version really captures the brutality of smashing Orks in the face/chompy bits with a chainsword.  Later, I got the power axe during a particularly long Ork wave... I couldn't wipe the grin off my face for twenty minutes!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekend Nosh: September 2

Well, Summer is pretty much over. But weekends will continue to kick ass. Here is some stuff for this weekend, if you are looking for suggestions!

Food: Daichan - Billed as Japanese Soul Food, it definitely gets points for authenticity (they even serve Natto, ffs. If you don't know what is, here is a wikipedia link. ) There food is really quite good, and probably the best traditional Japanese food I have in the San Fernando Valley. They have a slight Hawaiian slant, but that's fine with me. Check them out over on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City.

Drink: Chartreuse - I have resisted going too "High end" with this bit in the past, as I think a good alcohol should be one you aren't afraid to drink because its so damn expensive. HOWEVER, having finally got my hands on a bottle of this renown liquour last week for my Birthday... I can't suggest denying yourself the unique experience. Quite possibly the best drinking experience I have ever had, I literally didn't want to swallow it, it was that good. Try it (be warned though, a bottle is over $50.), and be impressed by the dizzying array of herbal flavors you get and the intense reaction in your mouth, giving it an almost syrup like consistency. Very unique.

Movie: Zombieland - This movie was a definite sleeper movie for me, considering its low budget and middling cast (at the time; obviously Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone have had much success since). However, my girlfriend suggested we watch it on dvd and I really think it is an excellent movie. Very innovative and well written, all 4 of the principle characters have loads of personality and talent (I actually have always enjoyed Woody Harrelson; I think he's a bit under rated). I enjoyed the take on the zombie movie it has, and the cameo midway through the movie is awesome.

Anyway, I hope I have given you a few things to consider. I realize this will likely never end up a true weekly piece, but I hope people can check back intermittently and have enjoyed my suggestions so far.
If you do take me up on one of them, feel free to leave some feedback (good or bad) in the comments. Have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Mentality of Losing

We all reach a point in game where winning is no longer an option. My recent tournament performances have shed some light on the other side of the game, Losing. How do we learn from our mistakes? How do we play with integrity when faced with certain defeat? How do we keep ourselves from tilting or worse? Ever dreaded is the rage quits and pre teen tantrums in a public scene, but occasionally that inner monster rears his head, and reminds that we are human and we are not infallible. The question is how do we make the best of a bad situation?
Learning from a superior opponent is the best thing we can take from a loss. At the Bay Area Open I was paired against Grimgob in round 2 and Yakface in round 3. These 2 gentlemen are some of the top rated players in the U.S. and they handed me my ass pretty easily. I was pretty nervous going into the games with them and I made some obvious mistakes, but they played exceptionally well and capitalized on every opportunity I gave them. Seeing their tactics and watching how they took advantage of my errors made me a slightly better player. It was also cool for me to meet some iFamous people! More on this after the break!
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