Thursday, September 8, 2011


Good Day!

Our buddy Reece from the Bay Area Open is putting together another pretty sweet looking event! This time in the 3 for int crew's own backyard!  The 1750 point 6 game GT style tourney will take place at the LA convention center about 15 minutes from my house.  There is no golden ticket, but the prize support is substantial.  $2000 worth of prize support!  That doesn't mean a whole lot right now with each finecast model being in the expensive as fuck price range, ha ha! But it is still better than most prize support out there. And maybe it will be enough to wrap down further than 3rd place!

I have already bought my ticket for this and plan to play GK.  I'm not sure if I want to play the same list I played at the BAO or if I want to do something else. I have been toying around with the idea of a super tough Grand Master based army using the highly mobile options in the codex. Something along the lines of this:

1750 Comikaze list
Grand Master w/psycannon

2 x ven dreads with double twin linked AC w/psybolt

10 man strike squad w/daemon hammer, 2 psycannon, psybolt ammo
5 man strike sqaud w/psycannon

10 man interceptor w/daemon hammer, 2 psycannon, psybolt ammo

2 x Nemesis Dreadknight  w/teleporter, Heavy incinerator

This is an 8 KP list where almost all of the KPs are fairly hard to claim. I can then combat squad to increase my effectiveness in the objective based missions. The double ven dreads will be almost impossible to remove and they provide a good target for the grand strategy in the 4 objective missions.  The entire army with the exception of the dreadnoughts can deep strike which gives me a huge alpha strike advantage and the potential to come in and put all my S5 shots on side/rear armor.

I have a large amount of mobility with the dreadknights and the interceptors for late game contesting or claiming (with grand strategy! I <3 Grand strategy).  I really want to try a large squad of interceptors out as they seem like an awesome harassment unit.  Being able to stay in the 18"-24" range via jump packs seems pretty optimal and will wear down approaching/pursuing units greatly. 

I feel this army is super adaptable to most situations.  The only thing I'm worried about is the lack of heavy armour/heavy infantry stopping power.  I can put a lot of shots into termies... which is definitely A way to kill them.  But no amount of stormbolter shots is going to take down a monolith.  (Damn you Keith!!!)  So I may have to playtest this a bit to see whether it performs better against the armies my purifier list has trouble with.

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