Monday, September 26, 2011

A quick shout out to the Doctor

I recently started watching Dr. Who because it was on Netflix and I was bored.  Either whiling away the hours painting or waiting for my darling girlfriend (Hi Jenni!) to come over.  I had heard of the show before on various nerd elated blogs and podcasts (woo Nerdist! Big C is dreamy!), but I didn't know anyone IRL who had seen it.
10 minutes after starting the episode 'Rose', I was hooked.  The 9th doctor had an amazing on screen energy and he meshed with Rose better than most people mesh IRL.  I could believe these two had been fated to meet up.  Every adventure they had seemed truly joyous.  From there I would spend the next couple weeks feverishly watching as many episodes a night as I feasibly could. And the next day, all I could think of was "what places am I going to get to see next???"

I bring this up because I just read this article over at Cracked.

It fully explains what I was not able to explain to my friends.  "I like dr. who... it's like... good and stuff?".  It really is an amazing show and some of the storylines reach right into the heart of me and then smash it into an iron maiden.
Not this one...
When the 9th Dr bit it and the tenth Dr. began his regeneration, I was calling bullshit.  The 9th Dr was the shit.  That's all I can really say about him.  He put his neck out time and time again for Rose and humanity and all he got was one season.

But then there was Tennant,,,

I've never been one to have "heroes". Some people look up to Michael Jordan.  Yeah, he's good at basketball, but he doesn't really inspire me to go out and slam dunk on Larry Bird.  This man though.... The tenth Doctor... Is as inspiring and deep as any real person that ever lived.   Maybe David Tennant is just the best actor to have ever lived, but every episode had me enthralled.  Perhaps he is a sorcerer.  Ensorcelling my mind with his awesomeness!

All I'm saying is if you like truly amazing sci-fi tv and have netflix then you would do well to watch the Doctor adventure through time and space. Which will be your Doctor? Who will be your favorite companion? Only time will tell!


  1. I know of Dr. Who but I know nothing about Dr. Who. Where should I start, if I wanted to start watching what is by all accounts an incredible show??

  2. If you have netflix instant play then you can start at the 2005 re-boot of the series. You can stream all the episodes up to the season before the one currently airing.
    I tried to watch some of the older 60's and 70's stuff but it doesn't have the same feel. The Doctors were much more serious in demeanor and less serious in wardrobe, lol

  3. Ok, so, seriously man, fuck you. I have been watching Dr. Who for like 3 years and shit. I have nearly every reboot episode on my DVR now, which is pretty much awesome.
    Anyway, I want you to know that the best is yet to come. Tenant was truly a great Doctor, and I had major misgivings when it came time for him to regenerate... and Matt Smith turned out to be possibly the greatest thing to ever happen to Dr. Who. The guy is fantastic, seriously.
    Good to know I have another person to talk about Dr. Who with now, since I already got Codi hooked.

  4. That's the first time I have ever heard you mention it. That's all I'm sayin. Also, I don't really like matt smith so much. Maybe the season I haven't seen is better, but I didn't like the first one he was on so much.

  5. Favorite doctor is one of those things, its very personal, lol. I think Matt Smith is perfect, but other people prefer prior doctors. I think the combination of Smith and Moffet has brought the series to new heights. But I will never be critical of anyone who prefers David Tennant.

  6. I actually really preferred Chris Eccleston. I would've liked to see more with him. He is a super awesome actor and he'll be on game of thrones next season as Stannis!
    I just like David Tennant because there was a lot of him and I liked him and Rose together. My least favortie episodes are when he's with Donna. That bitch was sooo annoying. She had no redeeming qualities imo, lol

  7. Yeah, he was great. Word on the streets was that he signed on only to do the 1 season to prove the show could be successful again, but he wanted to keep making movies.
    And yeah, I wasn't a fan of Donna or Martha, to be honest. Rose was cool, though Mickey annoyed the shit out of me. I think personally part of the reason I like the newest seasons so much is that I really like Amy and because Steven Moffat is a better lead writer then Russel T. Davies.

  8. I really liked Martha, but I think it was because I watched Torchwood first.
    Torchwood is also awesome btw if you haven't seen it. <3 captain Jack.

  9. I'd rather watch 16 and Pregnant.


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