Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Space Marine: the demo review

Good day!

I had a little time over the long weekend here in the USA to download and play a bit of these two games produced by THQ.  You can find the demo link here for PC or XBL. The PS3 demo must be downloaded from the PS store like everything else.

I downloaded it on PC and PS3 and I found the PS3 version to be much more the experience I was looking for. The mouse look and key movement on the PC is not something I have ever really liked for a shooter game.  (My laptop is more optimized for work than for gaming so that may have steered my decision) But let me tell you, once I started the demo on PS3 and got into some hard core Ork face smashing... Never have I felt so rapturous playing a video game.  This is what I wish every shooter was like.  I know people are saying it's just a 40k skinned gears of war, but I say What's wrong with that?  Gears of war is a great game. Throwing a 40k Skin on it just makes it appeal to my demographic!

The PS3 version really captures the brutality of smashing Orks in the face/chompy bits with a chainsword.  Later, I got the power axe during a particularly long Ork wave... I couldn't wipe the grin off my face for twenty minutes!

During my second playthrough I discovered there were guns, haha! (WTF is a gun???)
You start with a standard Bolt Pistol/Chainsword.  The Pistol doesn't hit too hard and has a limited clip size but it has unlimited ammo so you will always have it available. The Chainsword hits in a 3 swing combo which sweeps away enemies on the third swing.  You can also perform a stun attack which lets you eviscerate the stunned Ork.  Let me just say, the animations for eviscerating are pretty freakin awesome!  You either run them through with the chainsword, stomp their face off with a big marine boot, or chainsword them in the face!!! the eviscerate move also restores some of your health so you will get to see it a lot if you melee.

Cleanse the heretic!
The bolter is your standard machine gun and fires much as you would expect a bolter to fire.  It hits the Orks hard and sends 'em flying!

Wtf is a silenced shell?

The stalker pattern boltgun ala Sergeant Telion of the Ultramarines is the sniper weapon you start with.  It hits pretty hard but it seemed kind of out of place.  It would cool against a different enemy, but when Orks are running at you then you don't have time for sniping.

There's some sort of munitions launcher where you can shoot mines and then explode them remotely, but I didn't play with it too much as I wanted to chainsword some more shit!

A couple other features common to this type of game are present as well. You have a couple frag grenades, they are pretty standard for the genre. You also have a fury meter that lets you hulk out a la God of War. The fury mode regens health and makes you hit harder. It's pretty useful for nobz as they hit like a trukk. Along the way you get to upgrade certain weapons. I mentioned the power axe above, which changes your attack animations to be much more bad ass... but there are also the plasma gun which I believe is an upgrade for the bolter(not in the demo) and the lascannon (which is the upgrade for the stalker boltgun. Also not in the demo).
Lascannons: Do they shoot laser cannon balls? Now you can find out!

The second part of the demo lets you take the jump pack for a spin.  Holding down X lets you make a short burst up into the air to change levels. The controls are a little wonky but you can do a smash down attack that is fairly sweet.  The aiming for the smash down attack could use a little work but it's pretty cool to smash down into the middle of a bunch of Orks. I wish that were how assault marines worked in 40k, that's for damn sure!  It's also a little difficult to tell friend from foe when you're in the air.  smashing down on your marines doesn't really do anything to them but it is a bit silly.

Only the Bolt Pistol/Chainsword or the Bolter can be used while you have the jump pack equipped. You will mostly just be smashing down on people so you don't really need the other weapons.  I doubt sniping would do you much good since you are only up in the air for a couple seconds.

All in all, the mechanics of the game are good and the animations are awesome.  It's pretty much what I've always imagined smashing into a wave of Orks is like!  I didn't get too much into the story as it is only a demo.  But it was cool to see a lot of the tabletop elements represented. There were drop pods, guardsmen, Inquisitors, Boyz, Nobz, Lootas, and all flavors of UltraMarine.

The ultimate question is Will I buy it?? At first when I heard about it I was skeptical, but I think the demo has swayed me to the side of the marines! I wish there were other skins that came with it though. I'm not a huge ultramarine blue fan.  If they added the army painter from DoW then this game would be perfect!

8/10 awesome points!

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