Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekend Nosh: September 2

Well, Summer is pretty much over. But weekends will continue to kick ass. Here is some stuff for this weekend, if you are looking for suggestions!

Food: Daichan - Billed as Japanese Soul Food, it definitely gets points for authenticity (they even serve Natto, ffs. If you don't know what is, here is a wikipedia link. ) There food is really quite good, and probably the best traditional Japanese food I have in the San Fernando Valley. They have a slight Hawaiian slant, but that's fine with me. Check them out over on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City.

Drink: Chartreuse - I have resisted going too "High end" with this bit in the past, as I think a good alcohol should be one you aren't afraid to drink because its so damn expensive. HOWEVER, having finally got my hands on a bottle of this renown liquour last week for my Birthday... I can't suggest denying yourself the unique experience. Quite possibly the best drinking experience I have ever had, I literally didn't want to swallow it, it was that good. Try it (be warned though, a bottle is over $50.), and be impressed by the dizzying array of herbal flavors you get and the intense reaction in your mouth, giving it an almost syrup like consistency. Very unique.

Movie: Zombieland - This movie was a definite sleeper movie for me, considering its low budget and middling cast (at the time; obviously Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone have had much success since). However, my girlfriend suggested we watch it on dvd and I really think it is an excellent movie. Very innovative and well written, all 4 of the principle characters have loads of personality and talent (I actually have always enjoyed Woody Harrelson; I think he's a bit under rated). I enjoyed the take on the zombie movie it has, and the cameo midway through the movie is awesome.

Anyway, I hope I have given you a few things to consider. I realize this will likely never end up a true weekly piece, but I hope people can check back intermittently and have enjoyed my suggestions so far.
If you do take me up on one of them, feel free to leave some feedback (good or bad) in the comments. Have an awesome weekend!

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