Wednesday, December 7, 2011

400 is the new black

Last night at my local game store, they decided to replace the normal Tuesday night 40k scrimmage with a 400 point full scale tournament! It required the normal force org stuff and had a restriction of no vehicles with a facing of av 13 or more. All the games were on a modified 4' x 3' table so we could fit two games to a table. I heard about it over on Dakka and decided that it was an interesting enough idea to break me out of my 40k slump. So I brainstormed and brainstormed and consulted my homies and this is what I came up with:

The tiniest banner for the tiniest army

Eldar 400 point list

HQ - Farseer w/singing spear, doom, Runes of warding

Troops 1 - Guardian jetbikes x 3 w/shuriken cannon
Troops 2 - Dire Avengers w/Exarch, dual catapults, bladestorm
Dedicated transport  - Wave serpent w/twin linked scatter lasers, shuriken cannon

I ran 9 points short on 400 but I couldn't figure out any way to switch it around that I liked, so I ran with it.  My plan was to have a large number of shots that I could take outside of mos things charge range.  The runes of warding was for the large number of people at my store that play GK (None of which I got to play, haha).  Game recaps after the jump!

Game 1

Bye!  Wtf. I didn't come or no bye! i sat around and bullshitted with my buddy Travis and watched some of the other games. The first mission was 5 objectives so I'm kinda glad I didn't have to play it. Most people didn't have more than two troops so it sounded like a draw fest. On to...

Game 2

Bye!!! No, just kidding. I played a gentleman named Brian who was rocking BA. His list included a min sized tac squad with melta, a min sized assault squad, a captain, and a dreadnought. This mission was spearhead/annihilation.
I won the roll of to go first and deployed my jetbikes on the "spearhead bubble" to the left center and put the wave serpent with everything in close to my table edge against the bubble. Brian deployed everything in an aggressive stance against the bubble. Trying to take advantage of cover where he could.
My first turn, I jump the avengers and farseer out of the serpent and move them up into cover. The serpent moves up 6" in between Brian's dudes and my dudes. The jetbikes move up to get in catapult range of his tac squad. In the shooting phase, I unload the bikes and the serpent on his tac and kill two of them. The avengers run a bit to get into range.
Brian's first turn, he moves his guys to get closer to me and takes a multi-melta shot at my serpent that doesn't do anything.
My 2 is where I turned the heat up. He moved his jump guys right into the middle of the table so I doomed them and shot them down with the serpent and the jetbikes. Got a couple shots on the tac, but I decided against bladestorming.  I had. KP J - 1, B - 0
His 2, moves his tac up to unload on my avengers. I think he wounded one guy but I made my cover. The dread tries to take another shot on the serpent but misses. A side note, Brian was having a tough time with his dice. Missing saving throws all over the place and in general not shooting very well.
My 3, I doomed the tac and took em down with the avengers and the bikes. The captain took it to the dome as the last man standing from my serpent. KP J - 3, B - 0
His 3, He charged his dread into combat with my avengers and farseer. I shook him with the spear and he killed three avengers. I make my LD. 
My 4I move my bikes and serpent on opposite sides to hopefully get a back shot after he whoops me in combat. We go to combat and I punch and explode his dread... well, so much for plans!

Final KP J - 4, B - 0 

Game 3

I matched up against the gentleman I least wanted to play, A man named Garrett who was playing IG. IG with a manticore. FML. Readers of the site may recall my last encounter on the top table with manticores from the Bay Area Open last year. Quick recap, it did not go well.  Garrett was a nice enough guy, but IG is tough for me as I don't have much experience against them. His list consisted of a command squad with the master of Ordinance, two penal legion squads, and the dreaded manticore. This mission was 3 objective sieze ground. He won the roll to go first... wah wah...
He set up his penal (he he, penal) legions in cover to make moves on the objectives and put his manticore in the far corner... As they do... The command squad went in a ruin towards the back.

I reserve everything as any Eldar player who is a)going second against IG, and b) is playing an objective mission would.

His 1, He shuffles his guys around and moves towards the objectives.
My 1, Crickets...
His 2, more shuffling and getting into cover. 
My 2I roll my reserves and get my bikes in. They move up the left side of the table and I get some cannon shots on one of his squads, no guys die unfortunately. 
His 3He gets a couple lasgun shots on my bikes and kills one and I make my LD. All his Ordnance scatters off the table. woo hoo!
My 3, I roll my reserves and get my serpent in. It Turbo-boosts up the right hand side of the table towards the other squad and the other objective. The bikes shuffle around and blast the guards men again. 1 or 2 die.
His 4, he shuffles his dudes around and tries to get them in cover. The right hand squad knows what's coming next turn :) His shooting wipes my bikes. I can't make a 3+ to save my life!
My 4, I move my serpent up 12 and jump my dudes out. I bust some bladestorm shots on his guards. I wound 13 and kill 4. The Serpent opens fire on them as well and kills one. Garrett's saves are on fire!
His 5, He moves to charge my avengers and takes some Ord. shots at my serpent. We have a bit of a rules dispute on Ord. against the serpents field and I have him roll the second die anyway. He ends up glancing with the first on and whiffing with the second one so we move on. It gets shaken. His dudes charge my dudes and he forgets that all my dudes strike first so I kill 3 and sweep that squad out of the game. I consolidate towards the objective.
My 5, I move my guys on and around the objective to try to avoid more bombardment casualties. I then tank shock his other guys off the objective and they roll a 12 for morale! they don't fall back that far, but it's good enough to secure the game this turn.

Time ran out around the end of this turn so I ended up taking it 1 Objective to 0.

Overall result:  I took first place with a 3-0 sweep. I know byes are cheesy, but what can I say? I would've definitely rather played but I take what I am given!

This was definitely a cool format and there are a ton of army options even though the points value is really restrictive. I think another 100 points or so would let more armies shine. Most marine codexes have to take 100 point HQs minimum so it's hard for them to really put much on the table. All-in-all it seemed everyone had fun and i got to shake my 40k doldrums. I'll be back in it for this Saturday's tourney! Hopefully we can see a repeat 3-0 performance!


  1. Boooooo! Eldar smell!

    Glad you won though, I need to make sure to get to this next time.

  2. Thanks man, it was good times. Hopefully I'll see you over there saturday!


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