Thursday, December 22, 2011

450 points is apparently not my sweet spot

Or, how to take a silly list and lose to not reading the mission!

Last night at my flgs they had another micro tournament. This time at, you guessed it, 450 points! The format was a bit different as min FoC was not enforced. The allowances were 0-1 hq, 1+ troops, and 0-1 for fast, elite, and heavy.

I considered bringing Eldar again as that went pretty well last time. But I just bought a stormraven and have it mostly assembled so I wanted to try it out. My silly list looked like this:

Death company x 5 with power weapon
Death company dread with blood talons, and heavy flamer
Stormraven with multi-melta, and assault cannon

What the fuck is a scoring unit?

0 scoring units, 1 unit I can actually control, and only one way to get them there. Sure fire route to winning big or losing hardcore!

The missions are 5 objectives game 1, KP game 2, and then 3 objectives game 3. My only option in the 1st and third is tabling so lets see how that goes...

Game 1 Vs Casey (Dark Eldar)

Casey was playing a super fast DE army that contained the following
3 venoms, 2 squads of warriors w/1 blaster, a 3 man squad of trueborn w/blasters, and a Haemonculous w/liquifier.
I won the roll for first turn and deployed (pitched battle) in a foresty area that had trees big enough to hide my stormraven. (score!) Casey deployed opposite around some rocks, trying to get his trueborn blaster guys some cover.
Turn one, I scooted up six inches and unloaded on his troop venoms. I had to remove A) his mobility and B) his troops so I fired the MM and two missles at one and the AC at another. Just enough to wreck one and immobilize another.
On his turn one, he scooted up his blaster guys to try and get me but I didn't take any damage.
On my two, I moved up 12 and got my dudes out ready to clean him up. Fleeted the dread, shot some pistols, ptms from the stormraven took out the other venom. In assault I wiped a squad and the immobilized venom. It was basically clean up from here as I had taken all his mobility and my assault guys were in his face.
Over the next turn and a half I mopped up the rest of his dudes for a tabling!

Game 1 Vs Levi (Orks)
Levi is prolly the best Ork player I have ever played against so I was kind of worried about this match. He was playing Ghazgull (Really, Levi? haha), a squad if boyz, a trukk and 5 lootas. He won the roll to go first and put his lootas on top of a two story ruin. Which seemed like it was custom designed to put lootas on. Then he hid his trukk with the rest of team in it.

I thought I would be clever and reserved out.

His 1, nothing moves. Orks play tiddly winks.
My 1... crickets.
His 2, more tiddly winks.
My 2, alright! I'm ready to come in and bust some skulls. But I roll a 2 for reserves... Oh well, next turn!
His 3, The Orks are getting antsy and start biting each other
My 3, Here I come! woo hoo! Except I roll another 2 to come in. Fuck!
His 4, The Orks start doing the macarena
My 4, I continue to roll 2s to come in, but this turn that's good enough. I move in flat out and take some ptms AC shots on his truck and stun it. I'm not sure why I didn't shoot at the lootas since they were the biggest threat, but apparently all that sitting around made me retarded.
His 5, He shoots with his lootas and of course explodes me through my cover save. The trukk boyz laugh and laugh...
My 5, I move my dudes up, ready to get some cc action! except I'm not close enough. And I didn't read the mission close enough. Because this round ends on turn 5 with no random game length.

Well, that was stupid. We kept playing since this game took about 15 minutes and Levi ended up beating me up. We played another game after that and I won that one of course.  I don't know if I'm really that rusty or I'm just a derp. I need to refresh my thinking skills or something! Fuck!

Game 3 Vs Adam (Grey Knights)
Adam was playing a strike squad with psycannon and a pally squad with a couple psycannons, a warding stave, and a hammer. I won the roll to go first and he reserved out.

My turns one, two, and three I just zoomed around my new toy like the 5 year old I am :)
His pallies came on in turn three and managed to punch the stormraven once and of course I didn't make y cover save... and it gets wrecked. Apparently people don't believe in shaking or weapon destroying things anymore... My dudes pile out, and I end up about 7 inches away from his pallies.
My turn 4 I shoot and charge the shit out of him. I was fairly confident that I could wipe these guys pretty quick, but I wish I would've had a power fist for this match. I put a bunch of wounds on him at I5.  Killed a pallie and wounded pretty much everyone else but he killed 4 of my 5 dc and put a couple hits on my dc dread with the hammer. He lost combat by a couple and failed his ld. I ended up catching him unfortunately and he passed his save.
On his 4, his strike squad came in and walked up to the objective. Then in combat I killed everyone but the freaking hammer pally and he ended up wrecking my dread.

So, a tabling for me at the bottom of four.

Oh well, I expected to do a bit better than that to be honest.  The stormraven just did not want to stay alive after that first game though. I mean theoretically I should make 50% of my cover, right? Right??? But it was fun playing this list. I have always really wanted to play BA stormravens as they carry a whole hell of a ot of firepower. And Death company are my favorite troops in the game! I really wish there was some way to control them like there used to be. The rage didn't really hurt me in these matches, but it has in the past.

Overall, Levi Ended up taking first
Casey ended up with best sportsman
And Pauls son (whose name I didn't catch) ended up with best painted.
Adam ended up with a box of sanguinary guard as a door prize, Emil got a cube of dice, and I got a metal zoanthrope... sweet?


  1. Yeah, what is it with your Mech toys *not* dying to my dice, but everyone else gets their way with them?

    What do I have to do to get your stuff to die? The one penetrate I got on the Dread? Stun, which a DC dread ignores. Pfff.

  2. Yeah, I dunno man. Travis has a similar problem with my stuff sometimes. Levi, on the other hand just looks at my shit and it blows up!

    I need to train with him Rocky style to learn that secret!

  3. Kinda sounds like the 500 pts list I ran for a local Paint and Play campaign.

    DC x 8
    PW x 8


    I did great against the Tau player lol.

  4. Haha, nice. I'm always trying to squeeze DC into any list I make. They and the DC dreads are my favorite models!


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