Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bay Area Open 2012

First off, Happy Holidays readers!!

I hope Santa brought you all that you asked for and made your dreams come true!

One of my gifts was the green light to return to one of the premier war gaming events on the West Coast, The Bay Area Open !!!

Fellow writer Dok and I will be headed up to take part in all the events and shenanigans the first weekend of March.

What events? So glad you asked!!!

On Friday we will be in the Teams 40k event. We have been brewing up some ideas on how to make our opponents squirm and flee in terror!!! We have a moderate amount of practice in teams events from Staff group games and drunken 4 ways in my garage (Yes, it's as bad as it sounds!) I am looking forward to this event a lot, as it is scored on performance as well as fluff and awesomeness, something that Dok and I both excel at.

Saturday and Sunday will be days of the main event. I will be looking to redeem myself for last years crappy showing. 2-3-2 for the day is unacceptable!!! VENGEANCE WILL BE MINE!

What is very interesting this year is the new Bay Area Open Scenerio,

Bay Area Open Scenario: The Bay Area Open scenario is all three book missions, played simultaneously. There are 2 Capture and Control Objectives on 40mm bases, 3 Seize Ground objectives on 25mm bases, and kill points as victory conditions. Whichever player achieves more victory conditions, wins. In the case of an equal number of victory conditions between players, the game is a tie. Follow all rules for placing objectives as outlined in the book. Seize ground objectives are placed first, before rolling for first turn and deployment as normal. Capture and control objectives must be the standard distance from one another and at least 12″ from a Seize Ground objective. After each game, Victory Conditions will be tallied, and the total amount earned in all games will be used for tie breakers.
I am confident that my Orks can do well with this particular mission. Knowing that there will always be 5 objectives is a key to my list building for this particular event and also limiting the number of KPs I give up will help tremendously.

Last years event was awesome. It's a well organized event with a great crew, great tables and a great attitude. I recommend this event to everyone!! Hope to see you all there!


  1. What are your plans for the warhammer groupies?

  2. I can't discuss those on such a public forum. If you'd like to meet me tomorrow for drinks, then we can talk about it.

  3. I love meeting strangers on the internet for drinks! It's how I lost my virginity, my kidney and my hopes and dreams.


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