Monday, December 12, 2011

Dramatic failures in the guise of warhammer

This weekend I busted back onto the scene of warhammer! With the same old tired GK list :(

I figured since I knew that list like the back of both my hands, that I would be a shoo-in! Unfortunately my rustiness combined with a shift in the metagame and a couple tables with sparse terrain sealed my doom!  Doom!!! DOOOOOOMM!!! tl:dr I didn't win spectacularly.

Slightly less epic than this

I did get to shake off some rust and play against some challenging lists, so that's a good experience. Especially since I plan on heading up to Antioch for the second Bay Area Open in a couple months. Without further ado, I'll run a recap of my games after the jump and my major mistakes in each of them.

Tourney details: here

Game 1, fight!

The first game of the day was against a gentleman by the name of Chris. He was playing a DE army featuring the Duke and wyches as troops. Everything else was pretty standard. Trueblasters, ravagers, venoms, etc. The mission was 5 objectives with some weird other stuff to get vps. The tourney was set up 'ard boyz style with massacre, major, and minor victories to be had.

A quick note which will have dramatic implications later! Chris was busily assembling his dudes when the tourney actually started, so he wasn't quite ready for the match. I offered to help him out and moved the stuff he had ready over to the table. We didn't actually get started on the game until about 20 minutes into the tourney as he was having a bit of trouble deciding how to deploy and what to do with his guys. I'm not saying he was trying to slow play me, I'm just saying he played a bit slow. He was agonizing over every decision and move so I think he was either new to DE or new to tourneys in general. I tried to hurry him up a bit later in the match, but I think it was too late by the time I did it. Wah wah...

Either way, it was a really tough game. For the first couple turns everything he shot at exploded. I was down both dreads by the second or third turn which usually doesn't happen. I was making a pretty good number of saves against dark lances with my DKs which is always cool. Dreadknights surviving past the first couple turns is always a good sign for me.

Around turn 4 we were really running out of time. A lot of stuff was dead including all but two squads of wyches, one of which only had the hekatrix left. I decided to go for it and charged the one man squad with a full purifier squad, and the full squad with the duke attached with Crowe. Somehow, the hekatrix killed three dudes and survived... and with cleansing flame I won combat by two, he failed his ld, and I swept that squad out of the game! Go Crowe!

Over the next turn the hekatrix killed the rest of my squad and was able to claim the objective by her. I moved my dreadknight on top of a ruin like a derp and forgot the flame templates can only shoot up or down one level, so I couldn't kill her. He then contested my objective with a still mobile raider and the game was 1-0 him on objectives. However, there were some weird rules that also gave vps so I got one for something or other which made this game a rather anti-climactic draw. (Which is the first one I've ever had in a tourney btw.)

Game 2, less of a fight
Game 2 was against Carlos, who was playing BA with 5 squads of jump guys, 3 squads of devs, a lib, and two priests. Pretty much a terrible match up for me. Especially with this round being kill points.

I won the roll for first and deployed in my standard "hide behind the DKs" formation. And then he seized on me and everything went down hill from there. He didn't put too much damage on me the first turn, but I got a bit flustered and moved my DKs into the middle of all his dudes. And missed the charge by 1/4 inch. Wah wah.
He put all of his fire into my two guys and they didn't make it through that. It was kind of silly on my part as I saw him measure his movement and not move up the full amount. So we battled back and forth, but he was making armour saves like a champ and I was rolling sub-par. He ended up with a massacre on me, which is also a first for me in a tourney... Woo hoo! New experiences!

Game 3, attrition!
Game 3 was against a gentleman named Matt who showed up to the game about 20 minutes after the round started. He was playing a weird kind of GK list. Coteaz, lib, a full squad of pallies with all the trimmings (coming in at around 700 points), two dreads, and then 6 squads of 3 man warriors in razorbacks with psybolt ammo. I was kind of confused as to what to do, but I figured this was an objective mission, so kill the troops is always a good plan to start with. I also still haven't really figured out how to deal with pallies so I went with the plan of avoid them and lure them away from objectives.

The first plan went ok as I was able to destroy or immobilize all but one of the razorbacks. The second plan was only so-so. Paladins lay down a ridiculous amount of firepower when fully kitted out and they were laying waste to anything that got close enough to matter to them. I'm really not sure what to do against that squad. I don't think my army is built to handle something like that. Any suggestions are welcome.

Either way, my strike squad deep striked in and camped on the objective furthest from the pallies ftw! They really won the game for me. 1 objective for me, 1 contested, and the other unclaimed. Minor victory for me! I'm back in it, baby!

I didn't get any lunch as the first game went into the lunch period so I was starving. I jetted before they announced the winners (it definitely wasn't me!). So if anyone could fill me in on the results, that would be sweet!

Here's a quick breakdown of the mistakes I felt I made
Game 1:  I left my dreads kinda out in the open, which allowed some open shots at them. Around turn 5 I jumped a dk on top of a two story ruin and forgot I couldn't flame the ground level from there (which fluff wise doesn't make any sense, but they don't have any special rules for ignoring the normal template rules so meh). I also feel I should've made a move for the objectives sooner, but I was trying to get max firepower on his raiders as they were making like half of their flickerfield saves. Also, I shoulda killed that one wych...
Game 2: The terrain was sparse, I should've waited for him to come to me. I was way too aggressive with the DKs, especially when I knew I was jumping them into at least 10 meltas. I forgot str8 ACs cancel fnp... Rookie mistake! And I put the vindicaire in a poor spot where pretty much anyone I shot at would get cover for firing over terrain.
Game 3: I don't know if I made any blatant mistakes in this game. Like I said, i'm not sure what to do against that squad of pallies. Any squad that gets close is going to get torn up, and sanctuary is going to bone me if I try to rush with everything. I guess pallies are just a hard counter to my current list.

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