Wednesday, December 28, 2011

L33t BAO strats!

1. Don't eat them straight from the truck as the insides are often hot as fuck
2. Make sure it contains pork and not "pork"
3. Enjoy your Bao! It is delicious!
So fluffy, like a necron/blood angel high five!
Nah, just kidding. (Not about bao being delicious. I fuckin love me some bao) I'm really gonna talk about the leet strats I am concocting for this coming years Bay Area Open!  The guys that run the BAO have been up to a lot since the last one. Made a new website, opened a new online store, and started a podcast! Those guys are goin off!

There are a couple changes to the format for the upcoming event. Firstly, the tourney is set at 1750. 1750 is a weird spot for a lot of armies.  As far as I understand, a full game of 40k is designed to be played at 2k and "balanced" (I'm giving 40k developers the benefit of the doubt here) around those point values.  This means that the developers expect armies to have a certain amount of threats and a certain amount of answers to threats. This is the fabled "All-comers" list. When you duck under the designed for point value, armies start to become lopsided. So, at 1750 (and anything below the optimal point value) you must make trade offs in the force you take to either make it resemble a balanced list, or sacrifice a balance to emphasize the armies strong points.


The mission has changed drastically. Last year, each mission was a mix of deployment and book mission. Just like any game of 40k you would sit down with a buddy and play.  Roll the mission up and go! This year, each mission includes all three book missions and a deployment type from the book...

A duck you say? What duck???
So it seems what they are saying is that you will need to build an army that will be able to hold or contest many objectives, while not giving up a large amount of kill points. Or at least some Venn diagram list that can do two out of three of those against every army.  This is a tough proposition.

My general strategy when going to tournaments is "kill shit, fuck the objectives".  That's not gonna work in this one unfortunately.  Also, I'm going to have to keep my head on a swivel when it comes to victory conditions.  I'm gonna have to keep a constant awareness of the KPs each player has and what can contest which objectives.

 So, with all this in mind...

The perfect army for this is Deathwing!  5-6 hard as nails troops, with cheap fire support in either typhoons or dakka preds. Everyone has a 2+/3++ and my command unit will have fnp. They are beasts in CC and can take shots all day...

I will have 9 or less kp total in my army and each one will be hard to get. If I can deny my opponent the KP victory condition, then I only have to focus on holding/contesting objectives and killing things that can contest mine. I haven't decided on a firm list yet, as I haven't had any time to practice... (f'in christmas) But I think that having the ability to effectively deny your opponent a victory condition will make the matches much easier to deal with over the course of 2-3 days.

That's my theory at least.  It might turn out that I don't have enough bodies. Or I fold to paladins.  Or I can't get a hold of 30 thunder hammers in time! But I hope to get some battles in this weekend against a couple of my buddies.  If I can remember anything after new years eve, then I will try to get them up here.  But until then, what is everyone else taking? Are you making any special modifications to your lists to adapt to the mission?

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