Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life, it's bigger...

It's bigger than you and you are not me!

But that was just a dream, just a dream... For reals! Or was it???

Obligatory 90's song reference, go! A lot of us took some time off of the blog to do various RL things. What are RL things you say, person who's still  paying attention to a super inactive blog? Well personally, A trip to colorado to sample the crazy amount of breweries there (More on that later). Hanging with my lady, occupying skyrim...

And basically doing anything I can to avoid things that seemed to be work like.  Also, falling into the trap of flash "strategy games" (ala Travian) that I told myself I wouldn't do again. Those games are such a drain on my sanity and take so much time out of my life it's ridiculous.

I am going to (hopefully not) single handedly attempt to drag this blog kicking and screaming out of the uterus of anonymity and into the bright, judgmental sunlight of internet famousity!!!

Upcoming posts include...
Beer!!! My opinions on which ones are awesome and which are not awesome. As well as the inception of my own brand of brews!

Games! If I can drag any of my friends out into the relative daylight of a gaming store, we will be posting some battle reports and some opinions on what's going on in games today. I heard there were some skeleton robots that needed some more talkin about

Beers! Seriously, beers are awesome.

More games! Funny stuff that happened in skyrim... to be honest, nothing's really going on besides skyrim. I did see a horse riding a horse last night though...

Well, what else did you expect? Beers and games are pretty much what I'm all about. Maybe I'lll throw in some posts about my attempt to get back in shape, if they are anything resembling successful :)

That's all for today, hopefully someone out there is still looking at this thing so they can tell all their friends. You have friends, right??? Tell them!!!


  1. A horse only rides another horse when they are in love and wanna make ponies.

  2. If they were trying to make ponies, they were sure doing it wrong. But hey, what do I know about horse sex?

  3. You used to be a horse sexpert until you took an arrow to the knee.


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