Sunday, December 25, 2011

The top 10 articles of 2011

This has been an interesting year for me. Started a blog, stopped a blog... Restarted a blog. (Sometimes you gotta quit things to go play flash games for a couple months. You know how it is.) 

Played in a band for a while, got a motorcycle, dated a girl for almost a whole year!   (This is apparently describing my 30 year old mid-life crisis)

Anyway, enough about me, on to the top 10 from our inaugural year at 3forint!

10. - Magister took a look at the codex: Space Marines biker variant. It's a good starter point to familiarize yourself with the army, that's fo sho

9. - A quick recap of one of my first games with GK vs a blood angels army. My opponent was hung over, and I served him a heaping morning portion of ass whooping!

8. - I believe this post has something to do with whale hunting, but my girlfriend won't let me look at it, so I'm not sure...

7. - Soldado did a whole series of these and reviewed the units as he saw fit. This series caused a bit of fuss on dakka as people didn't quite agree with his opinions... I know, people disagreeing on the internet? That shit is crazy!

6. - Magister gave a pre-release review of the... last? Magic set to come out. (I'm really not sure if it was the last or not to be honest). Unfortunately he only did white, as he became really busy at his new job at the weiner factory.

Catch the top 5 after the jump!

5. - ME, ME, ME!!! This is a recap of my times a tribulations at last years Bay area open. I'm gonna be headed to it again this year, so keep an eye out for me flailing for wins with an army I haven't played since 2nd edition!

4. - Soldados take on his BW rush strats. I've been pimping this one around lately in the hopes that he'll think he's popular and come back and write some more. Don't tell him tho...

3. - Another of Soldado's looks into the Ork codex. This thread caught fire on dakka as people told him that he was an idiot for thinking tank bustas and meganobz were bad.  Umm, sorry the internet, they sure as fuck are.

2. - Me vs Soldado in an epic rematch of epicness!!!  Spoiler... I won. In your face Soldado!

1. - This is by far the most viewed article of the year for us. 
I'm number one!
I'm number one!
This features a list I would never take in a million years nowadays, but it was the early days of the codex so I had to try crazy stuff! 

Also, why the hell don't we do more of these? We suck at following reader trends!

Hopefully we'll have a couple more posts for you guys before the end of the year.  I'll finish up my review of colorado beers, talk about strats for the BAO '12, maybe try and get one of these other mothafuckas to come write again! Thanks for reading, and you stay classy San Diego!


  1. I don't know you personally or irl, but I read this blog because I like nerd stuff. Anyways, please clarify why you dated a girl for "almost a whole year" is part of some sort of crisis. Just wondering since I've never had a girlfriend.

  2. I would explain, but you wouldn't understand... nerd.

  3. What about the post where Brian quit gaming? That one was my favorite.

  4. I don't know any Brian. Perhaps you mean Blood lord soldado?


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