Monday, December 19, 2011

Wah wah... (pronounced waaaaaa waaaaaa)

There's a lot of talk out there about Grey Knights being overpowered. I'm not really sure why it took several months for this opinion to explode out on the internet, but it's definitely the trending topic of the last couple weeks.  #greyknightsareop!!!

Still relevant

From people patiently pointing out the weaknesses and strengths:


To people rambling that everything in the codex will kill everything you could ever field so you should prolly just commit warhammer seppuku:

Crazy dakka guy

Now, readers of this site may remember that I play Grey Knights to some success. I beat up on my friends and they cry OP.  I place decently in the tournaments I've played with them and people cry OP.  I Fail miserably in the last rtt after taking a couple months off 40k and it's my fault for mishandling the army. So am I bad now or have people adapted to the tactics used by GK and are now able to beat them effectively? (My guess is a little of both)

I've played lists similar to those fielded against me in the tournament and was unable to pull off a win against the first two. Hell, the BA player massacred my ass. I've never been massacred in a tourney before that.  Is Carlos better than 80% of the people I played against in the BAO? It seems doubtful. Not to downplay his skill, as he played excellently, but I have played against many excellent players and have been able to beat them down.

The point is this: Instead of whining about how things are OP and you can't possibly beat it, change your tactics. Change your list to adapt to new things.  If you are unwilling to adapt to the situation in front of you, then you will never win against a changing environment.  People seem to want to find a "winning list" that beats people up for a while and then complain when something new comes along and beats their ass.  That's the nature of a game where entire new armies are introduced every couple months.  Sure, your "killer list" may happen to win against the first new book that comes out. Maybe even the second. But when a new all around good codex comes out, then you will find yourself at a severe disadvantage.

A good case in point is this; I beat my friend and fellow sometime poster Soldado every time he played his Orks against my GK list. He just couldn't seem to wrap his head around how to beat them.  Meanwhile at the Realm in Brea, CA I came up against Levi's battlewagon Orks (Grimgob for those from Dakka) and lost a very close match. Very similar lists, very similar tactics, yet Levi was able to pull out the win from me.

A change in tactics, a change in how you use your units, and a non-defeatist attitude can bring you far in games. 

And there's the crux of it all.


If you feel you need to spend your time complaining about how something or other is better than what you have available in your chosen codex, then it's your time to waste.  But the GK codex isn't going anywhere so isn't there a better way to spend your time thinking about the game that you have chosen to play?


  1. I always wondered how you got such a hot, totally out of your league I know. It was a strategy using what you had to play with. Well done, Dok.

  2. That's what they call "the grand strategy"


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