Friday, November 30, 2012

Malifaux Roleplaying game?

I just wanted to post this real quick here. Wyrd is producing a malifaux RPG and funding it through kickstarter. If you back their project before 5pm PST today, you get a free Miss Terious Gen Con exclusive.

I love the world of Malifaux and this seems like a good way to get in to the game on the cheaper side. It's already fully funded, but if you want to get in on the ground floor, here's your chance.

Check out the reward levels

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

To BAO or not to BAO?

That is the question...

I have gone to this tournament in it's first two years and had a hell of a good time both years. I have finished highly in every event I have played there, but have not been able to place with a prize. (Bragging rights only go so far, haha) I still posit that we were robbed out of the team tournament, but that's in the past now... Or is it!!! Haha.

This year however, there are some pretty big differences. There is the obvious big change in editions, but there are a couple other things as well that may influence me to go or to skip it this year. This presents me with some difficulties.
  • The biggest one being that I haven't played 40k in months and don't know that much about the current lists
  • Next being that I don't necessarily have an army that can compete. 
  • And thirdly being that my crew has pretty much diminished to just me. So I would be rolling solo
So I came up with this list to help me decide

Pros of going
  1. I will get to hang out with some good friends that I don't get to see that often
  2. I get to spend a couple days playing some challenging games of 40k
  3. Warhammer groupies!
  4. It good blog material
  5. It's fun!

Cons of going
  1. It's a long drive
  2. I'd have to go solo
  3. I would have to get/paint a new army or adapt what I have to the new edition
  4. Cost of hotel, gas, etc
  5. Losing to that IG guy again, ugh!

There are some tough reasons either way. Cost is definitely going to be a big part of it, especially if I have to start a new army. I guess there are always Allies to mitigate the cost. I dunno, I'm still undecided.  Is anyone out there going this year? If so, awesome! Maybe I'll see you there and we can drink a beer. If not, think about it. It's a super fun event and the guys that run it are pretty awesome.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Privateer Press Holiday Bundles

It's that time of year again! Everyone is slashing prices and offering gift set bundles to get more stuff out the door. This is awesome for anyone looking into warmahordes as I feel these bundles offer a better look at how the game actually plays.  All the bundles are different prices and come with a set of faction tokens, a pocket-sized rulebook, and a special two-sided 1.5"x 1.5" WARMACHINE/HORDES metal holiday ornament.

Prices and contents of the bundles after the jump. As well as a quick synopsis of what I think of each of them.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

In case you've been living in a cave...

See what I did there??

GW is previewing there Hobbit battle strategy game in the next White Dwarf. I'm not sure if it's going to be similar to the Lord of the Rings game or more of a skirmish game, but it should be interesting and sell like hot cakes when the movies come out.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ArchAngel stats! (For reals)

The stats were previewed in the No Quarter this month and the actual page with them was leaked today. I'm sorry to say, the stats in the NQ were pretty much exactly the leaked stats. Take a look.

That's pretty much 100% Glass cannon. It will hit like a truck, but it will not take a beating. Even with Abbys buffs and tenacity, it's still pretty vulnerable to hard hitters.  The only cool thing that I didn't notice before is that you can make a ride by attack, shoot and then scoot back to relative safety. If they are shooting at your colossal, then you are probably ok.

The problems I see here are
  • Consume on the bite is almost 100% useless. The only benefit is against tough small bases. woo. 
  • The animus is never going to be used. I wish it was anything else. 
  • It does not have the rumored chain attack off the claws
  • The life spiral is so small...

What do you guys think? Impressed? Under-whelmed? Why? I think it's too many points for what you get, personally.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Retribution of scyrah battlegroup starter box

I know, why so soon, right? Retribution is a bit behind the other factions as far as model count is concerned, but way ahead on awesomeness as far as I'm concerned. I recently got into Retribution as I really like the models and the fluff. I'm not hot on their jacks though, which makes this box a bit of a disappointment for me.

It seems like a weird time to release it since they released Hyperion a couple weeks ago. You would assume that they would want this in the store at the same time the colossal came out so you could have an easy army in a box.

The contents are

  • Warcaster Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper
  • Chimera Light Myrmidon
  • Griffon Light Myrmidon
  • Manticore Heavy Myrmidon
Seems like kind of an odd combination as Kaelyssa doesn't really want to give all her focus away to boost the 'jacks different field buffs. It seems that maybe Rahn would've been a better choice, but really none of the ret casters are very 'jack focused.

Does anyone out there have a different opinion? Did I miss some awesome synergy here?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Legion of Everblight Archangel and you: Part 2

There are many guesses floating around as to what the Archangel's stats are going to be. With that in mind and knowing approximately what they should be, I thought I would take a little time to think about how the Archangel (AA from here on out) is going to interact with the various Legion casters. Their spells, their feats, their play styles.

Saeryn - Obviously Saeryn's feat is good against anything trying to hit the AA. Or it would have been, had PP not FAQ'ed it to not work on huge bases. Wah wah...
And while her spell list has a couple interesting interactions with Banishing ward and respawn (oh, respawn) I don't think this is a good fit.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Supposed Archangel stats

There's a rumor floating around that the Archangel's stats have been leaked from the next no Quarter. I can't seem to actually find the images or any other source, so take this with a grain of salt.

Mv6 Str14 Mat6 Rat5 Def11 Arm18 Cmd7
bite is pow 19, 2 x pow 17 claws, dragon breath is range 10 AOE 3 Pow 14 D3+1 Strafe crit fire, Animus is Draconic aura(end within 2" of it, set on fire)
46 hit boxes
4 Fury

These are very similar to the "guessed stats" from the PP forums so I am not entirely convinced. That animus is kind of crap, as well as the gun, so hopefully there's a little more development into this. Def 11 is definitely cool, as this means you can bump it up to 14 with Abby, which puts it out of the "needs snake eyes" range of most things. But that also means you're never using the animus which kind of sucks.

What do you guys think? Are these reasonable stats?

Legion of Everblight Archangel and you: Part 1

There are many guesses floating around as to what the Archangel's stats are going to be. With that in mind and knowing approximately what they should be, I thought I would take a little time to think about how the Archangel (AA from here on out) is going to interact with the various Legion casters. Their spells, their feats, their play styles.

Absylonia - Regardless of whether the archangel's stats are good or not, you will see a lot of people playing it with Abby. Forced Evolution is just too good to not put on the AA. Along with her feat, which means you either have to kill it in one turn or have to deal with a fresh AA a second time.  Also, Abby loves her beasts and the biggest, baddest beast of course deserves a spot in her lists. Abby has also seen a boost in the meta due to Blight field shutting down the slower colossals/gargantuans, so you can't really go wrong with this pairing. This is also what I'll be playing for sure.
The only question is what to bring with the AA? Carnivean for spiny growth? Shredder for sure. I don't know if he will need help hitting, but with the supposed 4 attacks he is getting... he should be able to put down most opposing huge bases.

More After the jump

Friday, November 2, 2012

Warmachine Mercenaries: Galleon previewed!

From the PP website:
The raw might of a naval ironhull now walks the lands as the Galleon. The colossal fires a rolling broadside before reaching out with its enormous cargo claw to toss warjacks like rag dolls. It can also use its massive trident to reel in foes and finish them off at close range with a series of punishing blows. The Galleon commands a high price, but for those mercenaries who have the fortune to spend, it fights as a symbol of unquestionable affluence and might.

Seems legit. I'm not sure if this really makes mercenaries any more playable as an army, but it's pretty cool to shoot a big trident/harpoon at someone and drag them in for a beating. It's kinda janky looking, but in a charming way. A pile of parts that were thrown together in a way that works.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Taking games "seriously"

Last week, as I wrapped up another 0-2 week at the FLGS, my buddy I was playing with gave me some odd/interesting advice. He said "I know you would be a good player, but you just don't take it (warmachine) seriously" I thought this was an odd statement given the context of the game we were playing (A "who's the boss matchup" where we pick a random caster out of a hat and play them in a pre-made take all comers sort of list).  But I got the gist of what he was saying and it got me thinking.

Or did it???

Warmachine is a complicated game. It's similar to chess, but with big monsters. Protect your king, sacrifice pieces if need be, but the ultimate goal is checkmate. I guess this isn't something that was clear to me at the onset of playing the fame and learning the rules. I was more focused on trying to learn what my dudes did. But... as I get more familiar with the rules, it is definitely becoming apparent. 

I think I have been having difficulty due to my lack of understanding the strategy. I have had my eyes on the prize, but you can't always go for the throat in every match. Sometimes you have to wear them down and play the long game. 

It's definitely got me thinking, that's for sure. I mean, do I want to take it serious? Do I care? Given my lack of presence on the local gaming scene, it would seem not so much as of late. On the opposite end of that, I have spent hundreds of dollars on these models and plenty of time doing my research and assembling them. So I must care at least in one way. 

Anyways, it has given me food for thought and definitely made me think more about gaming in the last couple weeks.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

40k Chaos Space Marine FAQ!!! News at 2!

Hello friends,

I just happened to notice that the new Chaos Space Marine codex has its FAQ up already.

It's pretty brief, so I'll post it.

Page 61 – Typhus, Plague Zombies
Change to ‘Plague Zombies are Chaos Cultists that have the
Fearless, Feel No Pain and Slow and Purposeful special rules
and cannot purchase options other than to add additional
models to the unit.’
Page 69 – Axe of Blind Fury
Change first rules sentence to ‘Models with the Mark of
Khorne, or Daemons of Khorne, only.’
Page 91 – superscript note 5
Change to ‘Models with the Mark of Khorne, or Daemons of
Khorne, only.’
Page 97 – Chaos Terminators, Options, second bullet point
Change to ‘Any Chaos Terminator may choose any of the
following three options:’
Page 97 – Helbrute
Change points value to 100 points.

Clarified that Demon Princes can use the Khorne Stuff, cool

Helped people read that more models is not an upgrade for Zombies, cool.

Changed the cost of the Hellbrute!!!

This is the first time I have ever seen a flat points change to a unit. 5 point reduction of points is pretty much unprecedented in my memory.

Is this right?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shameless self promotion!

Hey guys, I just started a beer/brewing blog over at
Take a look if you get a chance! I will be talking about places in and out of LA to get a beer, my brewing adventures, beer news, and what kind of beers I like!

Hyperion, Assssssemmmmbbbllleeeeddddd!!!

After a bit of hobby work with a knife and a file, I got my Hyperion together!

Some tips on assembly
  • The metal blades on the backs of the hands needed to be bent to fit in the slots
  • The central dark grey piece where the main gun is needed a lot of work. The two halves didn't fit together and the assembled piece didn't fit properly into it's seat. Be ready to bust out your file and get some work done
  • The legs are a bit confusing. I would recommend starting from the hip piece and working outward.  That way you can set the feet on a level area and set the metal connectors between the feet and leg pieces. If you don't, it may not be level as the metal pieces will slot in much further than they need to.
  • The arms/shoulderpads are a bit tricky to get on. You have to set the arm ball in it's socket and then rest the shoulder pads on top. Everything is centered on the arm.

Other than that, it just took me a couple hours to get this guy together. Most of the time was spent filing the middle piece to get it flush and then filing the trim off the shoulder pads.

I'm thinking of doing a black based color scheme to hide the filing and gaps a bit better. Basically black on the armor with gold inlay. Could be cool. If anyone knows of any pics of redemption models that look like that, send em my way!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hyperion unboxing!

I know it's been a minute since I posted anything here, but I really have not been feeling tabletop games lately. With the disappointment of 40K 6th edition, followed by my inability to get any gaming time in for Warmachine, I have just been hit by the gaming doldrums... Hard.

So, how does one shake the doldrums and get back on that gaming/blogging horse? (That's a weird horse...) By buying big, cool toys!!!

I like how "Colossal" is the smallest word on there.

I have been playing a bit of Legion and have got sort of a grasp on their play style, so what better way to cement that knowledge than to start a new faction! I saw that Hyperion was coming out this last week and that nudged me to retribution. Then I read some of their lore and checked out their casters and noticed how similar they were to Eldar and I was sold!

Monday, October 8, 2012

New Archangel pic? Hells yeah!

This little image came out over the weekend while I was busy sleeping off a hangover, so sorry if you've seen it already. But it's too awesome not to share!

That looks awesome. Pretty much the design sketch come to life. It's rumored that the wings will be easily detachable for ease of transportation, but we will have to wait and see how that pans out.  All I'm saying is, I can't wait to slap playing god on this bad boy! The Abby tier list just got way more fun!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Judicator!! The wrath of Menoth!

Privateer press released the images for the Judicator on their site today and in a rare sneak peak, we have some art work of it fighting the archangel!!!

No matter which final fantasy it is, I can always hear kefka laughing...

At least that's what I picture in my head.

For really reals, it looks like this


Which is honestly, the same thing. Alexander was the first thing I thought of when PP mentioned a menoth Colossal and they did not disappoint. It does need more giant wings though...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Return to Magic-a?

It's been a whiiiiiiiillllleeee...

Is what the guy from Staind would say if he read that title. You know, Staind? They're that band that did that one song???

Fine, if you were born after 1990, you prolly don't who that is. But you prolly know what Magic: the Gathering is! See that segue? That's why I get paid the big bucks! (Disclaimer: no actual bucks are changing hands on this website. Sad Face)

I used to play Magic back when I was a young buck (Zing!) and eventually got out of it due to none of my friends wanting to play any more and my lack of having a reliable mode of transportation.  My fondest memories of my last magic sting were from the time spiral set and from the Ravnica block. I mean, a whole plane that's a city? That's something I can get behind being from LA. And now they are going back to Ravnica

Magic really is what initially got me into my nerdy endeavors, so playing it after a couple years off should be an interesting experience. Things have changed a lot since I picked up my first revised deck in 199-something. Almost 20 years of magic! Which is probably why they are now "returning" to places they have gone before. First Mirrodin and now Ravnica? Hoepfully they aren't running out of interesting plane ideas. Soon we will be "retuning to homelands", haha.

That doesn't appear to be the case in this set though. For those who don't know, there are certain sites where one can find the list of cards before they are out. And they look pretty awesome! Unfortunately, my favorite guild didn't make it into the first set

8 pointed stars seem somehow familiar...
But maybe I will stick around a while and see how I feel about magic. Like I said, It's been a whiiiiillllleeeee...

Is anyone out there going to get their hands dirty with a bit of shufflin, shufflin? What's your favorite guild?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Newest Dark Angel Rumors: Codex slots revealed?

Hey everyone, it looks like the latest rumors about the Dark Angels have popped up and I wanted to share as they are pretty neat. The word on the street from Stickmonkey is the following

Right now info I have is we will see DA in November, and we can play with them before Christmas.

From the rules rumor dept I have a few bits, please bear in mind these are only rumors:

Belial - not needed for deathwing
Sammael - not needed for ravenwing
Barakiel - named Techmarine/master of the forge! Note: barakiel is known as Angel of Lightning in references
Sabrael - guardian of the inner circle, gives bonus to inner circle unit
Company Master TA option
Interrogator chaplain
Command squad ( option to take TA or bikes with Belial or Sammael respectively, and apothecary, standard bearer, 1 heavy weapon)


Chaplains (x3 can function independently like sanguinary priests in BA, or form a unit w special rules). Only characters if independent.
Inner circle unit ( name is not known) tasked with hunting down one enemy unit, special rules for doing so. Can death wing assault, can assault on deep strike. But glass cannon, great in assault, but standard PA so will be easily shot up.
Brother-interrogators - this unit wears chaplain style death masks, but are not chaplains, they are a specialist unit adept at near range combat, standard armament is dual bolt pistols and power maul. Can upgrade pistols.


Tactical squad
Ravenwing Bike squad not sure how it differs from ravenwing assault squad.

Ravenwing assault squad
Ravenwing support squad
Assault marines
Ravenclaw air superiority fighter


Whirlwind w flakk options
Land raider
Devastator w flakk options

Rumor is there is something else for the heavy slot too, but no info specific to it.


Siege cannon ( this is supposedly the Techmarine cannon described earlier)
Battle bunker

That's enough to chew on for now....might be a few more surprises...and this is still just RUMOR folks...names and all.

Some interesting stuff here if true. DW and RW as troops with no special character is pretty neat. This will give the army more variety for sure. Looks like there are a couple new HQ characters as well as the rumored inner circle units. Dark Angels might be the last 40k army I play for a while, so let's hope they make it a good one!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Absylonia Vs Harkevich - Warmachine/Hordes 15pt Battle Report

 Hey readers!!

We have another installment of the classic grudge matches that we do around here:

Same bitter rivalry, new delivery method of hate!!

I am playing my Khador force, led by Kommander Harkevich, the Iron Wolf.

My list was:

*Black Ivan

I chose this list to maximize the number of shots I could get with Broadside and try to take out a Beast at range. Mr. Wardog was there because I had a free point.

Dok's force consisted of:

Absylonia, the Terror of Everblight

Click through to see how it ended up!!!!

Warmachine is hard

See that title up there? That's why I get paid the big bucks!

It's been a while since I've posted something meaningful, but I have been hit really hard with a case of the "gamer fatigue" lately. I did my duty. I shelled out some money for dark vengeance, I read all the rumors about the new hotness, and signed up for the big local tournament. Except that Dark vengeance is still in it's box, I don't care about a flying mechanical dragon, and I was too tired from going out for my girlfriends birthday to go to the big tournament.

So, 40k is just not doing it for me. That's fine, every good thing passes in it's time. I'm sure in a couple months/year I will be excited about dudes in power armour running a genetic purity campaign against the universe. Even though they are not strictly speaking "human".  But I digress, That will be covered in my "101 ways the emperor is like hitler" article, haha. What I have been doing when time permits, is playing me some warmachine.


Well, more specifically Hordes. And even more specifically Legion of Everblight. (Speaking of fanatical devotion to an unseen force. I sense a theme here...)  I have approximately 12-15 games under my belt and boy do I lose.

A lot.

I have won exactly one game outside playing against my faithful punching bag, Soldado. And even he has beat me more times than I have beat him! So, in my own fashion I have taken to the internet to try and work out what my problem is.

  • Colossals - Colossals are really hard to kill and it seems like everyone has one.
  • List building - I keep wanting to try new units and not learning how to use the ones I have
  • Complication - The units I do use have different synergy with different casters
  • Reallllllll bad dice - Not using this as an excuse, but I have had some real bad dice in this game so far. I think I have rolled a triple 1 every game I've played so far!
  • Failure to plan - I haven't quite wrapped my head around the strictness of unit by unit activations and I often find myself moving a unit into another units way. 
All in all, I think I just need to play better. But if there's any advice that my warmachine playing brethren have that they would like to share or if you just wanna talk shit about how much I suck, I would love to hear it. I'm totally crowdsourcing my knowledge here. That's what the cool kids do now-a-days, right????

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Chaos white dwarf leak!

The pics for the next white dwarf have been leaked and they are packed full of chaos, mothafucka!

Check out the Hell Drake...

I think "dragon" was a bit of an over statement.  Obviously it's a drake, it's like these rumor people don't know anything, haha!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Chaos Space Marine codex pre-order date confirmed

Chaos mothafucka!

As with all 40k info, Natfka has it covered first. September 22nd is the pre-order day so says he! So we should be seeing some previews of what there is to order come this weekend.

The trend for 6th edition has been these "limited edition" releases. Which are really not all that limited and not all that cool.  I wonder what kind of "limited edition" crap they are going to peddle this time? The Interrogator Chaplain is pretty disappointing, but he only increased the cost of the box by a couple bucks.

To be fair, if they do a limited edition daemon prince or something, that would be cool. You really need a big, iconic model to make a special run on. Otherwise it's just kind of meh.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hordes Gargantuan preview video

A pretty cool video talking about all of the upcoming gargantuans.  There is some talk about the Archangel here and some concept art, but no model pics. As well as some concept art for the Mammoth. There's a little bit of discussion about the abilities of the mammoth and Archangel that haven't been talked about before. Check out the video for yourself, it's Awesome!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

pVlad and Conquest - Tonights the night!


I have gotten a few games in with pIrusk and while I havent really "won" any games, I have learned a hell of a lot. Mostly about playing the game, it is really complex. Very much more so than 40k in a lot of ways.

I am very impressed with how well the rule set plays and I am pretty comfortable operation within these rules at this point.

I was pretty hesitant to use Conquest early. In my mind, hes the coolest thing I own, and I didn't want to put him on the table get him roflstomped by completely boneheaded play. (Which is what is going to happen anyways, but it'll be trickery and not just fuck ups)

So now that I don't totally suck, I am going to give him a go.

CONQUEST, HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my list at 35 points:

Points: 35/35
Vladimir, The Dark Prince (*5pts)
* Conquest (19pts)
Great Bears of Gallowswood (5pts)
Iron Fang Pikemen (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Black Dragon Officer & Standard (2pts)
Widowmakers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (4pts)
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist (2pts)

My thought train is pretty simple; get conquest up and in the middle of table as fast as possible and threaten as much as I can with SnP to help ensure my blasts are super effective, while I use the Widow Makers to remove solo threats and clear charge lanes.

Iron Fangs are wave 2, with Flanking Great Bears. Gorman is Gorman,  lol, if they have a Colossal I will try to Oil it, or Rust on any Jacks my Greatbears are trying to kill.

Ill post my results tonight, but I am pretty excited about this.

How are you guys running your Colossals? Slow and ponderous gun platforms or up in peoples faces laying down the law with fist and cannon?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Warmachine - subcultures

Check out this webisode of subcultures that takes place at Game Empire Passadena. You might see some familiar faes, haha!

Stats from the dark vengeance box set!

Sorry for the lack of posts around here, but work has come again to rear it's ugly head! In the meantime, please enjoy the stat cards from dark vengeance a day or two early :)

Nothing to see here...
Some stats for the little guys and a look at the big guys!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Mother Land! Khador thoughts

40k has evolved. I have shipped out the battlewagon rush, as they nerfed the shit out of the way I played them. I still have a massive collection of Guard / Demons / Chaos Space Marines for playing, but the Orks are gone. (Well, I still have 20 shoota boys, 15 Lootas, 1 Warboss and a So the delving into the Iron Kingdom really begins.

So I have all the items I have traded for assembled and ready to play for the most part and I am ready to get busy learning how to really play Warmachine!

A list of my stuff and the lists I plan to practice with after the break!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Comikaze 2012!!!

The Comikaze GT is coming up in less than a month and I have no idea what to play!!!

Comikaze is Stan Lee's newest nerd-centric endeavor in the LA area. This is going to be the second annual Comikaze. I was supposed to play in the first one, but it was on my birthday so I figured I would rather party then play 40k for two days :)

I'm a lush, haha

Anyway, I bought my ticket already since it's a bit earlier in the year this time around and I have no idea what I'm going to play... It's a 1500 point event that requires a 3 color minimum on all models so that sort of limits my options as I'm not going to have any time to paint in the next couple weeks.

So here are my options
  • Grey Knights
  • Blood Angels 
  • Eldar
  • Dark Angels
  • Some mish-mash of allies of the above armies
I think 1500 points is a bit low to be playing with a huge allied force, but I've been kicking around a Dark Angel/Blood Angel list that I think would be pretty fun.... Check it out

BA Librarian w/Terminator armor
DA Belial

2x Scout Squads w/cloaks and ML
2x Deathwing Terminators w/Cyclone ML 1w/banner and apoth

2x Storm Ravens

I'm about 100 points short of 1500, so I'm open to suggestions as to what I should add. This will be a pretty elite army and I will have to hope that the Storm Ravens don't decide to wait until turn 4 to come in like they do. I can start at least one squad in deathwing assault so I will have lots of table presence even with my low model count. It will also be fairly easy to wipe me off the table if my dice go cold. Should be fun either way!

Is anyone else out there going to Comikaze? What are you bringing?

Monday, August 20, 2012

6th Edition starter box relase date, pricing confirmed!

Crazy news this afternoon! The Dark Vengeance box set pricing and release date are out! GW has been releasing their BS trailers on youtube that have been touting the 25th as some sort of key date. It's looking like that will be the pre-order date and you will be able to get your hands on the starter set a week later!

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance (English) - Special Edition 49 Fig Box, Rulepack, Dice, Measures, Templates 1-Sep-12 $107.00 USD $128.00 CAD

Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance (English) 48 Fig Box, Rulepack, Dice, Measures, Templates 8-Sep-12 $99.00 USD $119.00 CAD 

Dark Vengeance Figure Case 1 Figure Case with Custom Cut Foam 1-Sep-12 $66.00 USD $79.00 CAD 

You might notice an Interesting little tidbit in the info above... The limited edition is coming out a week before the regular edition! That's kinda crazy, as they have been pushing this "limited edition" stuff more and more in 6th and they are really trying to drive it home here by creating a false demand.  Also, We know that the only difference is going to be the interrogator chaplain, so I'm surprised it's only going to be $8 more. 

Lastly, the Dark Vengeance figure case seems kind of interesting. But we'll have to see. If it's custom cut to hold both the chaos and the DA stuff, then it could be incredibly useless.

Are you guys gonna pick this thing up? I think I might split the regular edition, but I don't know how we're going to split the little rulebook, haha.

Friday, August 17, 2012

40k 6th edition starter box pics leaked!

Oh, hell yeah! There's been a lot of talk about this box being DA vs Chaos and some of the rumors pointed towards certain names and models that were mysterious... But now the mystery is revealed!

Dark Vengeance, mothafuckas!
The coolest thing about this pic is that on the right hand page behind all the cool, fancy stuff, you might notice what looks like a codex page. If you look closer, you might notice some names on that codex page. Here, let me save your eyesight :)

Krannon the Relentless
Mortis Metalikus Hellsbile
Draznicht's Ravager Chosen
Sect Techtvar Cultists

Sounds like some new chaos blood for the blood god!

But wait, there's more! Check out the rest of the pics after the break

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wyrd Gen Con exclusives and ten thunder preview!

Wyrd showed off some of the cool stuff they are going to have at Gen Con (Or not have since they ran into some difficulties getting a hold of their stock!) and as always, it looks really awesome! I want to run through some of the cooler stuff, but if you wanna check out the full list, go here!

First up, a new book!
Storm... Shadow?
It appears from this cover and some of the other stuff they previewed that this expansion will have an old school asian theme.
For Example...
For all your Kill Bill basing needs!

They are also releasing new, cross faction starter boxes! I'm not sure what the implications of this will be other than being able to mix in some of the other faction models, but it seems like an interesting design direction to go in.
I really dig this box. The models make me want to read more backstory.

One of the Thunders. Is this box racist?
In addition to having all this cool stuff up for purchase really soon, Wyrd shared a bit of information about the Ten Thunders that will be featured heavily in the new book. Check that post out here. Spoiler! One of them rides a giant bunny!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Malware attack from Games Workshop!!

Sooo there I am trying to figure out how to get myself and Exalted Chariot of Slaanesh and low and behold I see on the GW site that there are some available. This struck me as odd because the online store sold out in the pre-order phase, in what felt like 20 minutes.

So I click on add to cart.

Then this appears.

so, being the curios person I am I click accept.

I then notice the fishy web address and then the diclaimer.

We are not affiliated nor partnered, with has not authored, participated in, or in any way reviewed this advertisement or authorized it. The above listed trademarks and service marks are the marks of their respective owners.

SUMMARY OF PROMOTION PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS. To receive your free "Gift" you must be 1) a resident of the United States at least 18 years of age or older; 2) register on this web site with valid contact information; 3) complete ALL the program requirements, which includes completing a set number of advertiser "Offers granting 250 points in accordance with Sponsor terms and conditions. Click on the following hyperlinks to go to the offer pages; 4) NOT cancel out on ANY Offers you are completing until you print the Gift Redemption Certificate; 5) and then NOT cancel out on two or more Offers within thirty days of printing the Gift Redemption Certificate; and 6) complete all Offers within 90 days of signing up to complete the first Offer and complete the remaining program requirements within 180 days of signing up to complete the first Offer. Upon successful completion of all the formal program requirements set out in the Terms and Conditions including sending us your Gift Redemption Voucher, your Gift will be shipped to the shipping address you provided on registration. LIMIT one gift per participant household per Promotion Period per participant lifetime. Void where prohibited by law. Available advertiser Offers will vary and change over time - so check back for any changes. You may be required to purchase a product or service (some on a recurring basis) in order to complete a sponsor Offer. (SEE TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR FULL DETAILS.) Your information will be shared with our marketing Sponsors. (SEE PRIVACY POLICY FOR FULL DETAILS) is NOT affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by any of the listed products or services that comprise the "Gift". These and other trademarks, service marks, logos and/or domain names associated with the "Gift(s)" are the property of their respective owners.

so I enter some random characters into the fields and "Activate my gift card."

I enter another random number and:

I am prompted to install some software.

I stop there, because I can't run the installer in a secure environment.

Anyone else have fishy activity while on GW's website?

I feel like this is to specific to be malware on my machine, it must be from their end.

My first 6th edition tournament!

This last weekend I decided I would get over my lingering 6th edition doubts and jump into a local tournament! Unfortunately I was too hung over to take any pictures, but I had three really good games that may have potentially restored my faith in playing 40k at a competitive level.

This one's... For... 'MERICA!!!
I woke up bright and early Saturday morning and immediately regretted it. We had spent the night before at the zoo, drinking with bears and elephants. The "Brew at the zoo" as it is called. A bunch of breweries bring not enough beer and lots of people stand in line waiting for it and sweating their asses off. It was a good time.
I hungoverly stumbled into my garage and grabbed the first army case that came to hand and rolled out to breakfast with my girlfriend.  I needed help to make it through this day of rolling dice, so I turned to the white mans hangover cure all, chili-cheese burritos.  Flash-forward to 20 minutes later and I realize that I grabbed Grey Knights! I looked through what I had and mashed together a list that I thought would put 6th through it's paces a bit. Check it:


Purifiers x 10 w/4 x psycannons, 4 x halberds, hammer, stave

3 squads of henchmen x 3 w/heavy psybolter razorback
Strike Squad x 5 w/psycannon

Fast Attack
Storm Raven w/MM, AC, psybolt

2 Dreadnoughts w/2 x autocannon, psybolt
Dreadknight w/heavy incinerator, heavy psycannon, personal teleporter

Recaps and unit reviews after the break!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

War Room update 1 for the Android

This week, Privateer press released an update for the War Room app!

Unfortunately it still has it's problems...

The first thing you'll notice, if you downloaded this app on your phone, is that there is now a separate download for Android phones. Which is not the one that was available last week. So, your first task with this update will be to uninstall the tablet app and install the new app specifically for phones. Next, you will need to re-download the database. Then you will be on your way!
Unless you weren't able to connect in the previous install... Now you can create your account! Once you get logged on, you may or may not be prompted for another update. Depending on when you downloaded, but there's one available right now!

Remaining bugs and my thoughts after the break

Privateer press gencon exclusives

Privateer has done something pretty awesome. Made female models that have beer! Three of my favorite things in one! Check them out

Get that keg, girl!
This is awesome in that it's based on an actual beer!
You can see the full 3d rotation for the bombshell and the Druid gone wilder at the links here

If anyone is going to gencon and can pick these guys up for me, I will gladly buy them a beer! I Want!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guest Article: Path of Exile Review

From Magister, Formerly of and currently of working his ass off!

There is a pretty sweet D2 based game in development called Path of Exile. I got introduced to it by FoH Boards, and I was lucky enough to get in during a stress test. I have since paid $10 to get a closed beta key (crowd funding basically, since its being developed by a small New Zealand developer). It's basically Diablo style game play, but it diverges in the back end with character customization and economy.  They took the Materia system of Final Fantasy 7 and the Sphere Grid of Final Fantasy 10 and cobbled together a ridiculously customizable system for character building. Its probably my favorite aspect of the game, as those were 2 of my favorite systems and they interact well together. Levels give you skill points which you use to get passive effects in the "sphere grid" system. You then use slots in your gear to give yourself active abilities via skill gems. These gems level up and get stronger as you do. There are also support gems which add effects to any skill gems they are linked to. Leading to a huge array of customizable combinations!

Secondly, the economy is goldless... yep, no gold at all. Instead, there is about 2 dozen items of various types and rarities that can be used to enhance items. They range from scrolls of identify (identify a dropped item) up to items which upgrade a non-magic item to rare items, or reroll the modifiers on a rare item. These items play the role of "currency", both from shops and for trading between players. For example, you might trade a nice high level weapon for 2x Chaos Orbs and 2x Orb of Alchemy (Re-rolls the intrinsic values of a rare item and upgrades a normal to a rare respectively). You find these items via drops, but also via selling certain combinations of items. Selling items in general gives you pieces of the more mid-range orbs (upgrades normal to magic, or re-rolls magic item).

It sounds more convoluted then it it really is, but the net result is that money in itself is a "money sink" as people constantly USE the currency to make items or upgrades their item or reroll their items. There is no gold farming or inflation, no repair costs, etc.

So far, even though its in closed beta, its a really fun game and is executed very well. The best news is the shit will be free once its released (which is ironic considering I paid them $10 to help them test their game, lol) but they will have microtransactions for shit like stash space, armor dyes, non-combat pets, etc. There will be no "pay to win" bullshit, which is good.

Anyway, I feel like its a very strong game, if you don't mind kinda bunk older graphics. The changes to other aspects of the game are fantastic though, and its a ton of fun to play imo.

Monday, August 6, 2012

War Room Released!

And then immediately crashes on Android phones...

The eagerly anticipated war room app was released today after some initial hiccups with app certification on apple. They had to re-submit a couple times which is prolly why the app is now functional on apple devices and not so much on androids. 

They initially released this statement saying the app was available! And then pulled that shit down and put up this statement. In case they pull that one down, I will post it here after the break.

I work in QA and I know it's hard to catch every possible combination, but they are getting slammed on the android store. App crashes and people not able to get the decks that they have paid for... Those are pretty big problems.  At the moment they have 111 1 star out of  a total of 149 reviews, That's pretty dismal for an initial release.

It's really too bad, because I was super excited for this app. It seems like the perfect supplement for the game. A card sized device that can track my damage and abilities in real time? Awesome! Hopefully they work this out pretty quickly or the company that made the app is going to have shit for a reputation. Anyway, check out their statement and which devices not to pick this up for after the break. 

Woldwrath up on Privateer press!

Speaking of Gargantuan...

This thing is freaking huge!!!

He's got the right and left hand of doom...
So far I have been really impressed by the modelling team at privateer press. They continue to pump out awesome figures. I just would really like Archangel to be previewed already... C'MON!!!

Also, here's a couple sneak peaks of the stats for those that didn't see them in the last No Quarter:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Dark Angels Playtest rumors

The Buzz around town is that Chaos is next, followed closely by a Dark Angels release!

The darkest of Angles!

From over on Dakka:

Faeit 212 "A must remain anonymous source wrote:
Here's a compilation of the most recent Dark Angels playtest.
Anything not included is because it's the same, or I didn't notice a difference.
The universal DA rules are ATSKNF, Combat Squad and Stubborn. HQs are all fearless.

Check out the meaty details and some of my thoughts after the break

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The ninth Doctor cast in Thor 2!!!

Holy crap!

Breaking news today! My favorite Doctor is coming back on the big screen! It's called Thor: the Dark World and Chris Eccleston will be starring alongside the regular Thor crew as the villain, Malekith. 
While I love me some asgardian lore, i really hope that they don't leave his vulnerability to iron in the movie. If Eccleston gets beat by natpo with a tire iron, I'm going to be pissed.

Doctor who Season 7 full trailer

Dr. Who season 7 trailer!!!

It only shows the ponds, but good lord that's a lotta Daleks!

Monday, July 30, 2012

New Malifaux plastics!

Hey guys, Dok back in the saddle again after a bit of time off. I was working my butt off to make that money! I took a little time to go camping this weekend at El Capitan state beach and the water was freakin beautiful! I wish I was still there.

This weekend, wyrd games released some interesting images and poked a little bit of fun at GW. Check it:
"You've been wondering, pondering, even hollering about what we've got coming up and it's about time to let folks know what we've got going on.
Wyrd has traditionally done all of our models the old fashion way, sculpt, mold, metal .. good to go! And it hasn't been bad for us at all. Unfortunately these last few years we've had to deal with rising metal costs as well as a horde of other issues that have for one reason or another caused us a bit of trouble that necessitated our move to plastic.
We found a fix to that and in doing so, we feel that we have seriously upped our game when it comes to quality, product and model options.
If you like our artwork, then odds are you're going to love the miniatures, as we've moved from traditional sculpting to digital sculpting and from metal to high detail hard plastic (this isn't your bendy stuff!). Below we've got a couple of shots to show you the progress from art to finished plastic product. 
Oh, and the best part ... we're not raising our prices to do so. Better quality, more model options (heads, arms, weapons) at a better price.
WYR4056 - Dark Debts Box Set - $40.00
WYR4057 - Mr. Graves - $11.00
WYR4058 - Mr. Tannen - $11.00
WYR4059 - The Depleted (3 pack) - $21.00
WYR4060 - Beckoners (2 pack) - $16.00
WYR5072 - Lazarus - $18.00
(this guy is more an action figure than a model I tell ya!)
Just a few of the things that'll be making their way to Gencon with us next month. More to show off next week!"

So, a new box set for neverborn (Which is awesome, I <3 neverborn) but it also has an orange band on it which means... it can also be used for another faction? Kinda strange, but we'll see what they unveil at gencon! 
ooooo, creepy!
 This looks like a cool addition to the neverborn ranks. I'm not sure what's going on with the Master, but he looks bad ass. The glowy eyes seems to be what's going on with this box so they are probably some kind of possessed. Check out the other models after the break.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Conquest has landed!!!


I got a big new toy and his name is Conquest!!!

I just wanted to share a few pics of him, in all his pieces, before he got his bath....

Its weird to me that one shoulder is plastic and the other is resin.... oh well!

Ooooh my gun is bigger than a bloodletter!! 

My sexy legs, very skinny and bulky at the same time... I should probably vacuum the game game table...

And my Big Beefy arms... this will need at least 1 pin.

We love stat cards!!
I know this isn't breaking news for the world, I am just a man with a new toy and I wanted to share it with you all. I LOVE NEW TOYS!
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