Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2v2 team Battle report!

The mission can be found here

Team Donkey punch

Dok - Dark Angels
Deathwing w/cyclone, apothecary, standard bearer TH/SS x 5
Deathwing w/cyclone TH/SS x 5
Deathwing w/cyclone TH/SS x 5
Land speeder typhoon w/typhoon Missile launcher/Multi-melta

Soldado - Chaos
Sorceror w/MoS, Lash
Khorne berserkers x 18 Skull champ, Pfist
Oblits x 2
Oblits x 2
Oblits x 2

We decided to go hot and heavy into melee with a lot of TEQ bodies to back it up.

Team Sasquatch

The raiders are standing in for venoms
Mike - Dark Eldar

Asdubrael Vect
4 Incubi w/Venom (replace splinter rifle with splinter cannon)
4 Kabalite Trueborn 3 w/shardcarbines. 1 w/blaster, w/Venom (replace splinter rifle with splinter cannon)
10 Kabalite Warriors w/blaster, w/dark lance
10 Kabalite Warriors w/blaster, w/dark lance
Ravager w/ 3 disintegrators

Lots of proxies here.
Logan - Necrons
Anrakyr on Barge (Piranha)
Pyrrhian Eternals w/Tesla Carbine x 10, Lord w/ Warscyhe, Scarabs, Res Orb 
Warriors x 5 w/Harbinger of Destruction w/ Solar Pulse
Tomb Blades x 5 w/Particle Beamer, Shield Vanes (destroyers)
Doomsday Ark (Hammerhead)

They went with the strategy of "kill a lot of our stuff until we cry"

We win the roll off to go first and place the objectives around the table. I think we messed up a bit here as we spread the objectives we had control of a bit too far. We also nominated the units that need to be destroyed for the secondary objective.  Team DP - Land speeder, Oblit squad A. Team Sas - Ravager with disintegrators, the immortal squad. 

Hot and heavy action after the jump!

Soldado and I deploy up to the pitched battle line. Using my command squad with Belial attached as cover for his zerkers. We know he has Vect and has a 50% chance to seize so we are trying to mitigate damage!
Central table location with a pleasant view of one of the objectives! Sorceror and oblits are off to the right there. Stay away from the light!

Some left flank action featuring the LS, oblits and some DW. Also, our second objective!
I deep struck one of my DW squads and it's off to Team Sasquatch's deployment!
Their deployment off to the right side of us. One of their objectives is behind that ruin in the far corner. 
Anrakyr's CCB is poking it's little head out. Left side of the board from our view. 

The other Objective is in the middle rear of their side of the table. There is a warrior squad near it but not quite claiming it.

Top of turn 1
We go to begin the game, and Team Sas tries to seize! And with Vect giving them a 4+, they roll a 4 and take the first turn from us.  Wah wah.

All the Dark eldar units move up for better shot positioning.  Anrakyr flat outs up the side of the board towards my speeder. (The only vehicle on our team)  The immortals move up and the tomb blades do as well.
The first thing they shoot is the Doomsday Ark of course. It lands smack dab in the middle of my guys and Soldado's berserkers. Killing only 1 from each unit due to swift 3++ rolling and cover from intervening models.  From there, everything and it's mother is unloaded into my command squad. Dropping Belial to 1 wound left and wiping the entire squad.  So much for that 290 points!
Ouch :(

Soldado lost the Oblits with the sorc, but the sorc hung on!  Thus would begin his epic journey of making every cover save ever!

Our turn 1 begins with My DW  squad deepstriking in front of all of their guns.  Spoiler: It won't end well. During movement, I move belial up, move the lft hand DW and LS towards Anrakyr's barge, Soldado moves the berserkers up and shuffles the oblits around. Sorceror hides in cover like the pansy he is!

During shooting, we somehow manage to blow some stuff up! We take down the disintegrator ravager, lash the immortals up 7" (Which is not quite close enough), kill the CCB and put a wound on Anrakyr. I think a couple Immortals went down to pistol fire as well but meh.
CCB down!
My termies DS and ravager down!
Logan forgot to use the Solar Pulse this turn which is prolly what kept us in the game. One more turn of shooting from that D-ravager woulda been painful.

During assault, I failed to get a high enough roll to get to Anrakyr, and the bersekers were one inch out of charge range! The hits keep comin.

Top of turn 2
They move most everything to continue their sweep of our weak right flank.  Tomb blades and ravager are lined up for shots on my DW. The incubi and vect get out of their venom in front of the DW. Anrakyr moves to assault my speeder.

In shooting, they pile an assload of shots on my DW squad. I think the tomb blades alone did 13 but I only failed one save to them. I lost 2 in total to shooting. Go Terminator armour!  The Doomsday Ark puts it's big boom on the zerkers and they don't have cover this time. It wipes 5. Damn, that thing is vicious when you can't get to it! Anrakyr MitM's the LS and shoots the oblit in the butt, but he makes his cover. He tries to tachyon arrow it also but misses!

They move on to assault. Vect and crew make it to my DW squad and Anraky assaults the speeder.  Vect is pretty much the anti terminator. He hits all of his attacks and wounds me 5 times. I fail 2 saves and only the missile man is left. The rest of the incubi put it to him and I fail the last save.  They consolidate 4.  Anrakyr whiffs on the speeder, hitting only once and getting a punch which tears off the missile system!  That's bad news for him as my termies are hot on his heels.

On our turn Logan pops the solar pulse so we're in night fighting. I move the last termie squad toward Anrakyr and flat out my speeder away from him towards the middle of the table. Soldado moves the zerkers up towards the immortals and joins the sorceror to the unit.  I move Belial up to the edge of the ruin so he can join in the immortal combat. The oblits shuffle around trying to get better los.

In shooting, the one squad of oblits can't see anything. The other shakes a venom. I get another wound on Anrakyr with missiles and the sorceror lashes the immortals up to meet the zerkers.

Yay! Terminators can kill stuff!
In the assault phase, I get into Anrakyr and the zerkers and belial get into the immortals.Anrakyr forgets that he sucks at combat and takes down a termie, but I have a lot of hammers to put in his face and he goes down.  I consolidate so that he can't get back up within 3" of his token. The zerkers go first with the fist being in b2b with the shackle lord (for some reason...).  Soldado makes his ld vs the MSS like a champ though!  He puts out a ridiculous number of attacks and kills 5 dudes. These are Pyrrhian immortals though, so they make their counter-attack roll and put all of their hits on Belial. And as my luck with that squad had been going, I fail an armour save and he dies.  The lord kills a couple guys as well on I2. At I1, the fist smashes a couple more dudes and the necrons lose by 5 and get swept! Good thing Belial died... I guess?  Soldado consolidates which leaves him in a dangerous position to get doom cannoned and beat up by vect!

They're staring down the barrel...

Top of turn 3
Team Sasquatch continues their sweep of the right side and moves the venoms, the ravager, and the tomb blades to around our bottom right hand table edge. They start making their moves for the objectives at this point. With the warriors in the back and the warriors under the ruin making their way to the backfield and center field objectives respectively.

In the shooting phase, they kill a bunch of zerkers and an oblit from the squad in the middle ruin. They put some shots on my speeder but the ravager only has one shot in range so it gets shaken. Everything else is either out of range or moving around.

In the assault phase, vect and his boys get in on the zerkers.  Vect is very good at killing stuff, so the rest of the zerkers bite it. The incubi and the sorceror go at the same time, with the sorceror killing two dudes and then dying.

This will prove to be the critical turn team DP needs! Vect and the two remaining incubi consolidate behind the central ruin.

At this point we only have 8 models left on the table so our turns are going by pretty fast.  Soldado moves his olbits around. I flat out my speeder back to the corner and hide my termies from their big gun. Most of their models are on the opposite end of the table so they wont be much of a threat this turn.

Shooting on turn 3 involves a very complicated and intense algorithm to determine what we are going to shoot our 3 guns at! The central oblit (our only remaining unit Not pictured) fires plasma at vects unit and kills one so they will need a morale check. The termis kill one of the back objective warriors and the oblits on the ruin above do not a damn thing!

We go on to assault and Mike rolls box cars for his leadership!
(We messed up here as we weren't keeping track of pain tokens. They should've been fearless!) Vect and the remaining incubus fall back and can't rally! That was a huge deal as we didn't really want to dedicate any more shooting to them.

Top of turn 4
At this point we took an intermission to watch the end of the 49ers game. That was disappointing as hell. There seem to have been a lot of post-season games that ended this year because someone messed up. Which is crappy because you want to see the best teams outplay one another. Not someone whiff a field goal, haha. #condiffed!

On to turn 4! Team Sasquatch moves to take the central and rear objective so they now have two to our none. They sweep their right flank to the middle of the table but only make a 12" move. to try and get more shots.

In their shooting, they kill the central oblit and one of the squad in the ruin. 6 models left!

235 points of awesome!
On our turn 4, I move my termies to the objective and Soldado moves his guy 3". I flat out my speeder towards the back objective behind cover. Sneaky!

In our shooting, we kill another warrior on the back objective. Woo! progress!

Top of turn 5
They move another 12" towards us, putting them about 20-30" away from the right hand table edge.
The back warriors move to surround the back objective to try and prevent me from contesting. I think this turn, they forgot to move the warriors to the central objective to capture it.

During shooting they manage to kill one more of my termies. 5 models on the table for team DP!

On our turn 5, I move the termies more firmly onto the objective and move the speeder to contest their back objective. If the game ends after this turn, we will win on secondary objectives!

During shooting, I manage to snipe off one more dude from that back warrior squad. Still not enough to force morale though. Soldado's one shot bounces off cover!

I roll to continue the game... And it continues!!! wah wah...

Top of turn 6
They continue their move up the bottom of our deployment zone towards our objective in the hopes of shooting me off. The warriors turn with an eye towards killing my speeder.  And the middle warriors remember they needed to capture that objective in the middle!

During shooting, the warriors punch my speeder once and get... weapon destroyed! Wooooo, the game is still up in the air. They put everything they have into the remaining termies and they stand strong! I don't lose a single one!

On our turn 6, we only have one hope. They have three objectives with one contested by my speeder and we have one.  Our only hope is to contest the central objective and kill the 6 warriors remaining in the back objective... I move my speeder and angle my missile guy for a better shot.  Soldado shoots and kills one warrior.  Good so far... I get 2 hits on my frag missiles... and wound five...


Mike fails all five cover saves!!! If the game ends now, we will win on secondary! 

Logan rolls to continue.. and it's a 1! Team Donkey Punch wins it!!!!

That was an intense last couple turns. Every hit or miss mattered. I really can't believe how the luck turned on those guys after turn 4 though. We couldn't fail a save and they couldn't get a break. All in all it was a fun game, but I don't think these are the lists we'll be taking to the tourney.  Maybe something a bit shootier, haha.


  1. Dude.. that was Chaos!!

    I am amazed that we eneded up with the a W after such a dismal first turn.

    I smell a rematch coming on.

  2. Was definitely an interesting game and turned quickly at the end. I would like to take this moment to blame 49er WR Kyle Williams for destroying my morale and causing our eventual downfall (jk).

  3. Condiff conwhiffing that FG enraged me to superpower armour save levels!


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