Monday, January 16, 2012

3forint does CES 2012

I made my way to Las Vegas last week to try to take in all that there was to behold at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2012.

The idea of it all was overwhelming at first, 2700 exhibitors covering over 1.851 million net square feet in 5 exhibit halls and casino showrooms. Every company that had anything to do with tech or communication was there.

We walked the show for 4 days and we didn't really overlap anything aside from the entrance areas and let me say it was insanity. I did a lot of name badge observing, just to see who I would run into and it was amazing how many people were there from overseas. Chinese, Japanese, all sorts of other islands, Europe, South America... There was a strong global representation of people from all over the world.

More information, including pictures, after the break!

We saw a lot of things but here are a few stand outs.

Blackberry wins the award for booth people that really don't know shit about their product. I have a Playbook and it sucks, I asked a few pretty simple questions for people that should know things and they straight up told me, "I don't know." ASSHATS!!  F these guys in their A's!!!

The nVidia booth was the opposite. We discussed with them the future of tablets and tablet applications and they knew their shit. We asked a lot about Windows 8 processing and apps and they were as informative as the could be without breaking NDA. We reached that point many times and it was fun to try to dance around that.

Windows 8 Tables
 They also had a great display of laptop gaming and how some of the upgraded GPU's are working. The future of mobile gaming is bright and beautiful!!!
Stunning 1080 Graphics from a netbook!

For me, the breakout star of the even was Razer. These guys were on top of their game in changing the way we play games.

LCD controls built into the keypad area, sooo many options!

New Gaming Tablet

Real life pic of the Project: Fiona concept
Razer is paving the way for gamers to improve their in game performance by adding more utility to the mouse and keyboard. The gaming laptop that they have developed is amazing and I cannot wait to see what else this amazing company has in store for us.

We found the Sony booth on the last day, and I am not sure how we missed it for that long... IT WAS HUGE!!! Sooo many different items and gizmos, and people performing...

Sony's premier item was the PSVista. It is just a super duper version of the current PSP, with touchscreen, and a camera built in, as well as breath taking graphics processing. The picture quality on that little screen will blow your mind!!!

Aside from that there wasn't a whole lot that pertains specifically to gamers. A bunch of bad ass TV's including Samsung's 8000 hz refresh LCD (Yes, 8000!! 3D Tv's are 600hz refresh, so yeah...) I though I was looking out a window. I tried to take a picture of it, but my Playbook has a shitty camera so it didn't do the screen any justice. :( Let me just say, it is awesome. How awesome? Like Scarlett Johanson mud wrestling Megan Fox over who gets to sleep with me first awesome!

We did however, come across a celebrity OP with one of my favorite League of Legends superstars!

Ocelotte from SK gaming was at the SuperMicro booth and you could play in a live game of League of Legends with him!! It was super cool to see League get some representation at the show and to see a world class player like him coming out to represent the company like this.
The man in action!
Video Game Action Shot?

Overall the show was awesome! A++ Will go again. I had a lot of fun and didn't lose that much money gambling after the show was over.

The future of technology looks bright and a lot of cool stuff is coming down the pipe in 2012, although it was odd to me that neither Microsoft or Apple had a booth. I guess they don't really need help selling product.


  1. It was bad ass there. gimme one of those capacitive touch mouse pad laptops, go!

  2. Gimme one of those tvs with 8k refresh!!!

  3. Art, I contacted you on your contact form.

  4. Hey Art, thanks for reading. And making a cool looking product!


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