Tuesday, January 31, 2012

500 point mini RTT tonight!!!

Tonight I will be battling over at my FLGS for 500 point mini-tournament domination! I think this time, the Eldar will be making a reappearance. After I bombed out with my risky gambit at the last one, I aim to return to the glory of winning!!

I'm not sure what I'm going to take, as the field tends to vary a lot with only 500 points to work with. They changed the rules so that you can no longer have any vehicles with a combined Armour value of 36. So, no necron vehicles (except night/doom scythes. Quantum shielding ftl!), no Stormravens, no land raiders, no battlewagons etc.

My thoughts on strategy and my potential list after the jump!

With the above in mind, it seems like there are a couple things that any potential list will need.
A) A reliable way to punch AV12 from the front and AV 11 from the side. I'm sure someone other than me had the idea that predators are going to be awesome for this format and bring at least 2. Therefore, the ability to get sideshots is going to be key!
B) A reliable way to kill 3+ armour save infantry (we have a lot of space marines at the store)
C) Enough troops to control objectives. 2 out of the three missions are objective based, so bringing a bit of troopy goodness will be necessary.
D) Something that will be ridiculously hard to kill for most lists @500 points.

Taking those things into account and considering my local meta, this is what I have come up with!

Farseer w/Runes of warding, singing spear, Doom

Dire avengers x5
W/Serpent - Scatter lasers, shuriken Cannon, spirit stones

Jetbikes x 3 w/Shuiken cannon

Wraithlord w/wraithsword, starcannon

That gives me two units that score in the first mission, 4 in the second and 7 KP in the third. The third mission is where I might have some trouble, but the Wraithlord will be hard to kill in most missions so he won't give up that KP easily!

What would you take in a 500 point list?


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