Thursday, January 5, 2012

BAO mission, forgeworld bash, and more!

Ugh... Work has been crazy busy and my brother has been in town so I haven't had much time to post.  My apologies internet folks! There have been some things in the warhammer community going on that I wanted to talk about, and since I had the foresight to have a blog I can talk about them with the whole world!!!

Or the whole world that reads my blog.

Which from my webstats is a significantly less part of the whole... But that whole is comprised of a significantly denser portion of awesome!

I'm not calling you fat... Just.. Tightly packed

Yeah, so 40k... Haha! I wanted to talk about my impression of the mission after having actually played it and then speak a bit about the Broadside Bash that is coming up and their decision to allow IA units.

More after the jump!

Somehow I had enough time to play a couple practice games using the BAO mission this last weekend. Here's my list:

Deathwing dudes x 5 all with TH/SS, 4 squads with cyclone missile launcher, 1 with Heavy Flamer/Chainfist, and 1 with the apothecary and brotherhood banner
3 typhoon Land speeders w/Multi-Melta

I'm not sold on Ezekial yet, but I didn't play against any psychic powers in either of my games so that may be coloring my perception. I feel this is a pretty solid list. 14 missile shots, 3 multimeltas, a ds'ing flamer squad and tough ass units all around. 

The first game I played was against Soldado and his BW orks. I got the first turn and managed to mop him up all over the table over 5 turns.  Taking both the KP condition and the sieze ground mission. (It's hard for me to ge c&c)

The second game I played was against my buddy Emil's Necrons.  This was the first time I have played against necrons so I feel like I made a few mistakes. I started close to the line in a spearhead deployment and got seized on. He then managed to Tesla down a squad and a half of my dudes. I managed to tie the overall with me winning on kp, him winning on seize, and us drawing on c&c., but only because Emil forgot to move his scoring unit back to the c&c objective.  If I had this game to play over I would've just started my guys in the back corner out of his 24" range and blasted everything with missiles until he got close enough for me to assault.

So overall the mission is a bit simpler than I thought.  I think my army design is making it a bit easier to manage, but I don't think most armies will have trouble with it as long as you bring plenty of troops.  I'm eager to play this mission a couple more times against some GK lists. I would like to see whether the lib character is good enough to take vs gk or if I can save myself a kp and trade him and a typhoon for another scoring unit.

If anyone has any experience with deathwing and can provide leet beta infos then I would love to hear it.

On to the Broadside bash! 

They have recently decided to allow certain forgeworld items into the tournament. There is an unlimited amount of crying about how op certain things are and how allowing forgeworld lets people suitcase their way to a 40k win.  This is pretty ridiculous. 

"The BA codex is going to break the game!"

"The DE codex is going to break the game!"

"The GK codex is going to break the game!!"

"Forgeworld is going to break the game!!!"

People like to conjecture and theorycraft about everything from the useful to the mundane. However, there seems to be a recent trend of vocal whiners complaining about anything and everything that changes in 40k.

For fucks sake, new codexes are going to be released. There is going to be new stuff that other codexes don't have. Some things in the codex may change how you are going to have to play.  That is the nature of a game where new things are released on a schedule. If every army were just Ultramarines, do you think that anyone would play this game?

Diversity in army list and play styles is key to keeping the game fresh.

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