Sunday, January 22, 2012

Battle report preview! BAO team tournament matchup

Soldado and I are going to be heading up to the BAO again this year and we were thinking of playing in the team tournament as well! So today we are going to play against a couple of our buddies and practice the first mission

  • Scenario 1: Tacticality
  • Pitched Battle Deployment.
  • Each team rolls a D6 for each player. The team with the higher combined number wins the roll to go first and choose deployment zones as per normal.
  • After deployment zones have been determined, each player places 1 objective. Each objective may not be placed within 18″ of another objective or within 6″ of a table edge.
  • Seize the Initiative as normal.
  • Reserves as normal.
  • Victory Condition 1: Objectives.
  • Victory Condition 2: Marked for death! Each team designates a unit from each enemy players force as marked for death. The team that destroys the most of these units wins this victory condition.
Team Dok/Soldado (aka team donkey punch) are going to be playing Deathwing/Chaos against team Logan/Mike (aka team Sasquatch) who will be playing Necrons/Dark Eldar.  So Two of the oldest school codexes against the newest and a fairly new one.  Who do you think will prevail??? Battle report of this epic mission will be up either tonight or tomorrow! (Depending on how many beers I drink while I'm playing!)

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