Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Broadside Bash: Do I stay or do I go now?

For those that don't know, the Broadside Bash is a local comp style tourney held at the OrcCon/StrategiCon here in LA. They bill it as a more friendly tourney to the hobbiest side of the gaming community. It's supposed to be an opportunity to come show off your painting and modelling skills... As opposed to bringing your hardest list to beat everyone's face in.

The missions are kind of weird, which is just one of the things that are making me leery about attending.  The funny thing about those missions, is that when you use the major/minor/massacre scoring conditions, you basically have to table your opponent to get max points. Which doesn't seem very friendly at all. Also, there are a lot of weird objective rules which I am not a fan of. My theory has always been Kill first, secure objectives later.

Another strange thing they are doing is allowing some forgeworld models into the tourney. The list of allowed models is here. From reading up on the tourney, I guess this is something that has been allowed in the past. But I have no way to feasibly practice against these units or any real desire to learn what they do. It might be cool to see some of the Eldar models on the table and painted in full glory though.

I'm mostly concerned because I'm strapped for cash and dropping $65 bucks on a tournament with uncertain prize support makes me leery. I would like to roll and get a bunch of battle reports up for the blog as they are what makes reading about warhammer fun imo.  So, I dunno. I have until feb 13th to stop waffling and then a week to figure out a 2k list. Need more Stormravens!!!

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