Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Necron FAQ review

The new necron FAQ (or newcrons as people are calling them...) has arisen from the dust on the GW site here.  I have only played against the new cron army twice and we got pretty much all of the rulings spot on. The most recent was a tough game, as my homie was using the writhing worldscape/tremorstave combo. Unfortunately for the necrons, Deathwing doesn't give a damn about dangerous terrain!

My beating up on my friends aside, I'm happy to see this FAQ come along and clear up some misconceptions that people had about the book. New Scarabs can now only be placed within coherency of a scarab that existed at the beginning of the turn, They changed the way that scarab generation worked, and they nerfed a couple of the other abilities.
As Skrewpa would say, the best necron is an Orange necron!

Check after the jump to see my thoughts on some of the major changes from this FAQ!

First up, the Errata section
1. Time's arrow only affects non-vehicle models.  This makes it so that the c'tan can't just walk up and poof gone your tank... But they realize he's a str7 MC, right? He's pretty much gonna poof gone any tank he walks up to.  Why can C'tan take entropic strike again?
2. The way scarabs are generated has changed. Now on a roll of 1, no scarab is made. This is a bit of a nerf to the Spyders, but I don't think anyone is complaining too much. Scarab farm lists are kind of ridiculous.  If you come up against a parking lot or all mech type of list with a scarab farm, it's almost an auto-win.
They also must be place within coherency of an existing unit as mentioned above. This needed to happen, as people at my local store were getting out-of-control with this.  Sometimes you gotta play RAW, but sometimes you gotta use common sense.
3. Cover saves can't be taken against sweep attacks. Let me just say, sweep attack from the CCB is one of the more cheesy things necrons have available to them.  Boarding planks are already hella cheesy... putting that ability on something that can move flat out over things without any real fear of being hit back is ridiculous.  But at least you can't take cover against it!
4. Dudes generated from a ghost ark have to be placed in coherency with existing models. This is just a clarification as with the above scarab ruling. Nothing to see here, moving right along.
5. Changed Trazyn the infinite's rule to "if he fails a RP roll, follow the surrogate hosts rule". Which is kind of weird because Trazyn will never take a RP roll. He will only ever take a EL roll. I don't know if this is bad writing or if they consider the rolls the same.  I know what they mean by writing it, but if they consider the rolls the same, it could have some interesting implications in other areas. Such as a unit falling back and removing existing counters.
6. Changed the Tesla destructors Arc to only arc on a hit. This hadn't really come up for me as I made it a point to keep my guys 6" away in both my games.

Some interesting changes to the book here. It's good to see a willingness to change things that don't make sense from GW.  Fairly quickly, too!  I really like that they clarified the placing of new dudes both in the warriors and in the scarabs case.  It's too bad they didn't have this from the start. It's not like they didn't have precedent in the Tyranids codex!

On to the rest!

1. Clarified that you can't RP or EL if Trazyn replaces you
2. Clarified that the roll for EL and RP are the same. Again this brings up the question of what happens when a unit with an EL counter falls back? Is the counter removed? It seems like GW is pointing towards yes with all these rulings stating the rolls are the same.
3. Clarified that if the unit is wiped out (sweeping advance, shot to death, etc), any guy with EL can still take his roll. 
4. Clarified entropic strikes pen roll and how it works against squadrons... but F entropic strike. That ability is some bullshit!
5.  Lychguards with their fancy shields can't redirect the actual template/blast, but they can redirect the hits put on them. Lychguards seem a bit overpriced to see the table, but they look cool as hell. Also, they clarified that you can't use the shield if they can take an armour save. Always use your best save!
6. Character who join Deathmarks  get to wound the marked unit on 2+, but the unit itself can no longer deep strike unless the character is allowed to itself. 
7.  Clarified that c'tans still don't need to roll for terrain and that the writhing worldscape/stuff that slows people down combo works as people thought it would.  I just thought of an awesome team game combination! Eldar/Necron! Necrons with writhing worldscape and tremorstaves. And the Eldar player using all nightspinners! You just gotta protect the C'tan. The downside is that the c'tan is a whole lot of points. The upside is that you can put DT on your entire enemy force!
8. As in the BRB FAQ, they clarified what happens when an initiative reducer comes against an initiative improver. Whip coils now bump you down to 1 and then if you have anything that gives you more initiative, that takes effect on top of your initiative of 1.
9. You can put scarab bases into a unit that is locked in combat. This is pretty interesting. It follows suit with the rest of the necron codex though, so I guess it makes sense. All the dudes that get back up go right back into combat. It's kind of cheesy, but it's the simplest execution of the rule.
10. Clarified Death Ray, because apparently people can't read words. They really should put examples like that in the codex so people don't try to WAAC things like this. There is also precedent for this in the Tyranid codex. Apparently no one reads that shit, haha!
11. Imotekh isn't forced to roll to continue night fighting and a cryptek with chronometron can allow him to re-roll if the cryptek is in the unit with imotekh.
12. Mind in the machine can't make a vehicle fire at itself. Duh.
13. They cleared up some mindshackle scarabs rules.
14. Apparently if your res orb dies, you still get 4+ on RP for that phase.  This is pretty ridiculous.  The model is removed from the table, there is no res orb.  This is a silly ruling imo, and was only done to maintain a link between the old codex and the new.
15. Royal courts - They clarified the shit out of these confusing ass guys.  Yes, you can bring more than one of the same kind in a court. Yes, you can attach more than one cryptek to a unit if they are from different courts. Yes, they can have the same staff, just not the same other option. Cool! Knowing is half the battle and knowing what a 'cron player can take in a court is awesome!

That's the majority of stuff I found interesting in the FAQ. There was a lot of clarifications, but nothing that's too game changing. The only real change is in how people will be playing scarabs. No more conga lines! But that was lame anyways, so I'm glad to never have to see it again. 
And with that, the Necron FAQ review is done! I will leave you with this to contemplate the awesomeness of metal robots and how metal they are...


  1. Spyders still generate scarabs on a roll of 1. They are given permission to do this in the THIRD sentence of the entry. The FAQ says to replace the SECOND sentence with the new one that limits the conga line BS.

  2. Ah, you are right anonymous! I misread it. I thought it said replace the whole paragraph, which wouldn't make the rule make much sense.


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