Thursday, January 19, 2012

Off topic, but truer words were never spoken

For those of you that have known me for a while, I have been poor as fuck for most of my life.  Even now that I have a decent job and make a decent wage, I still live almost exactly like I did when I was younger and broke as hell. I was over on cracked and saw this article.  Every item on that list is absolutely true.

It's a messed up world we live in... Even when you escape the problems of your youth, they still follow you.  Bad habits like the ones in the article on cracked are hard as hell to break. Especially because most people don't even notice that they are bad habits. That's just how you live!

This doesn't have anything to do with games or fun times, and for that I apologize. But that article really made me think. There are more people out there that could use perspective on this sort of thing and if I can do my small part to drop some knowledge... Then at least I'll feel better about myself for a little while.  Maybe I can even change out of my NPC shirt and into my secondary background character shirt for a while!!!

Nah... prolly not


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