Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Purifiers vs tactical marines, an objective look (for some reason)

Over on dakka, there has been a debate (?) running for the better part of this month about Grey Knights being OP.  A common argument presented is that a tactical marine is not as good as a Purifier. One of the more ridiculous statements is that Tactical Terminators are not as good as GK termies/paladins. To this I say, Duh? Is this a surprise? The GK models cost more points and serve a different purpose.
He's just as surprised.

To make either paladins or purifiers viable in large groups, you have to take a very expensive, or a very sub-par HQ, respectively. I know it is possible to run either out of the elite slot, but everyone seems to be upset that a 10 man paladin squad, that's fully kitted will kill their tac squad.  These are not equal things.

If you compare purifiers to tac marines 1v1, the purifier will look (and be) better since it has "upgrades" that the marines would have to pay more for or can't get at all. Fortunately for the lowly tac marine this isn't a game of "My one tac marine vs your purifier".  If you compare them in equal point chunks, a 10 man purifier squad with all the extras comes in at 358. What do you get for this? Up to two scoring units (If another 150 points is paid), a decent anti light tank fire base, a light assault unit that can tie up/kill a light to medium assault unit, and a psychic power that is effective against hordes with low armour saves.
The C:SM Player gets two full tac squads with ~20 points of wiggle room. For that, you have 5 different heavy weapon options which are all reasonably costed, the option to take a flamer, melta, or plasma as your army needs dictate, up to four scoring units (without the need to pay any additional points), and chapter tactics.

The main advantage of the tac marine is that it is cheap and it has a variety of tools to deal with different situations. Grey knights for the most part have psycannons.  Psycannons are pretty good at a lot of things. But they are not reliable in the way that bringing the right gun for the right problem is.

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