Thursday, January 19, 2012

Space Marine DLC: "The Dreadnought" Release date and more

I know this is a bit of old news, but the dreadnought DLC for Space Marine is coming out next week!

From Gameinformer

"The pack is called 'The Dreadnought," adds a new multiplayer mode called Dreadnought Assault where teams capture central locations on a map. The winners spawn a player controlled Dreadnought armed with Assault Cannon / Auto Cannon, a Meltagun and a Power Fist / Power Claw.

The Dreadnought DLC also includes three new multiplayer maps Desolation, Dome Mechanicus and Chem Refinery, as well as new achievements and trophies. The content costs 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99.

The Dreadnought content is coming to Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC on January 25.

Additionally, all players get a new multiplayer Capture and Control Mode for free."

"Ouch" is the only caption that comes to mind
The chaos dread looks freakin awesome!! The assault marine with the TH means business!


  1. Sometimes you gotta take an assault cannon to the face. That shit never woulda went down in 2nd edition. That foo would be butta.

  2. No more comments than you should have!


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