Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Countdown to BAO!

One more day until the long drive up north to the BAO!!!

The time is counting down and I'm having last minute list jitters... What do I take?  DA? GK? Necrons? (I don't even play Necrons!)

Who f'in knows???

While I feel that DA are a good matchup to the majority of armies as they are really hard to kill, they are just not as mobile and killy as I would like. My first love in 40k is Eldar and I think that has influenced my playstyle since I was 15.

Why not play Eldar then, you might say? 

Hopefully no one heard you talk to yourself, you crazy bastard!

I haven't played Eldar seriously in many years and I just don't feel like they will stand up to the competition (Grey Knights). They have an awesome ability to put out a huge amount of firepower, but it's just not that impressive firepower compared to other armies. And once you start losing falcon hulls, you are in it deep.

So, I have decided to take a sort of weird GK list. I have been playing with it for the last couple of weeks, and I feel it brings the three F's to the table. Firepower, flexibility, and fuckin awesome in combat!  Without further F's, check it out after the jump:

Monday, February 27, 2012

White dwarf spine image?

For those that don't know, The White Dwarf magazine has been running a very special image on the spine of their magazine for the last couple of months.  The first revealed what looked like a robed foot. The second confirmed it. And now the third piece of the puzzle has been released!
It's fairly clear in my mind that this is a Dark Angel. It seems even clearer that this is none other than...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

War Gamma base review

While I was at OrcCon, I got to talking to a gentleman named James from War Gamma Alternative Battle Miniatures. We discussed the coolness of his line and how well they were painted. As I was about to walk away, I decided that I would pick up a couple sets of his bases for my GK army.

These are the bases in question
I wouldn't want to camp there...

I thought these in particular would look good with GK. As if the daemon world they walked on writhed with their every footstep. Also, they remind me of El Mirage...  Only with ghostly faces instead of drunk people and race cars!

Check out the pricing and my take on the painting scheme after the jump

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh snap, March GW releases!

Looks like March has some cool stuff in store for 40k folks.Full price list, release dates and even a couple pics below. Courtesy of the Dakka rumour mill!

Space Wolves Thunderwolf Cavalry 3 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $54.50 $65.50 RTD New Plastic

They look about as good as any of the third party sculpts. It will be nice to finally have the options provided for you instead of having to scrape the stuff together. 
Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Pack 5 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $24.75 $29.75 RTD New Plastic

This seems a bit spendy for 5 wolves to be honest. I've only ever seen people use these as wargear so I don't know if there's going to be a  big rush to pick the little wolves up. 
Arjac Rockfist, The Anvil of Fenris 1 Fig Clampack 3-Mar-12 $24.75 $30.00 RTD New Resin

Arjac is a pretty big pain in the butt, but I have only ever seen one person ever play him. 
Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf 1 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $41.25 $49.50 RTD New Resin

Awesome! This model could either be a great success or flop. It all depends on what comes in the box. GW has been on a trend of providing a lot of options in their kits as of late, but this guy is also in finecast so buyer beware. 
Tyranid Hive Tyrant / The Swarmlord 1 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $53.75 $64.50 RTD New Plastic
Swarmlord? wtf??? That's awesome! Well, not really for me, as that guy rocks my face everytime I play against him, but it's cool to have an official model.

Tyranid Tyrannofex / Tervigon 1 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $57.75 $69.25 RTD New Plastic
Also pretty cool is the multi-part tervigon kit. But let's be honest here...  It's never gonna be a tyrannofex!

Chaos Hellcannon 4 Fig Box 17-Mar-12 $57.75 $69.25 RTD Repackaged Resin
I'm not sure what this is. Maybe some sort of WHFB thing? 
Space Wolves Grey Hunter with Wolf Standard 1 Fig Clampack 3-Mar-12 $24.75 $30.00 D New Resin

Yes, that's right. 1 grey hunter for $25 
Space Wolves Cyberwolf 1 Fig Clampack 3-Mar-12 $16.50 $19.75 D New Resin
I've never seen anyone field one of these so YMMV. 
Tyranid Boneswords Pack 3 x 'Pair of Boneswords' 3-Mar-12 $19.75 $23.75 D New Resin
This is a bit weird. I haven't seen them release a new weapon pack in quite a while. Also, I thought these already existed? 
Tyranid Lash Whip & Bonesword Pack 3 x 'Lash Whip & Bonesword' 3-Mar-12 $19.75 $23.75 D New Resin
Again, cool I guess?
Ragnar Blackmane 1 Fig Clampack 3-Mar-12 $19.75 $23.75 D Repackaged Resin
I don't know if they had a model for ragnar already, but he should make a cool figure. 
Ulrik the Slayer 1 Fig Clampack 3-Mar-12 $19.75 $23.75 D Repackaged Resin

I have no opinion on Ulrik, lol
Njal Stormcaller 1 Fig Clampack 3-Mar-12 $19.75 $23.75 D Repackaged Resin
I wonder if this will be a resculpt or the same model in finecast? I really like the current model. But maybe they'll cast him in an ugly model and people will take him less often. Damn you stormcaller!
Space Wolves Iron Priest 1 Fig Clampack 3-Mar-12 $19.75 $23.75 D Repackaged Resin

Cool. Should be pretty ballin looking

Space Wolves Rune Priest in Terminator Armour 1 Fig Clampack 3-Mar-12 $19.75 $23.75 D Repackaged Resin
I don't think I've ever seen anyone take one of these guys in TDA, but it's good to have options. 
Space Wolves Rune Priest 1 Fig Clampack 3-Mar-12 $19.75 $23.75 D Repackaged Resin
Do they make a model for this currently? I'm not sure. But if they don't, it should be pretty cool. 
Wolf Guard 1 Fig Clampack 3-Mar-12 $19.75 $23.75 D Repackaged Resin
Wolf Guard with Wolf Claws 1 Fig Clampack 3-Mar-12 $19.75 $23.75 D Repackaged Resin

Again, more options are cool, but i think this could've been better done as a box kit with a couple bodies and packaged with the wargear options. 
Lukas the Trickster 1 Fig Clampack 3-Mar-12 $19.75 $23.75 D Repackaged Resin
Bjorn the Fell-Handed 1 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $49.50 $59.50 D Repackaged Resin
Ooohh, I'm pretty sure they haven't made Bjorn in some time. He is quite a pain in the ass and I'm surprised more people don't take him. Great, that's what we all need. More people playing space wolves...
Deathleaper 1 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $24.75 $29.75 D Repackaged Resin
Old One Eye 1 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $41.25 $49.50 D Repackaged Resin
Meh, so-so tyranid special characters. Moving right along
Tyranid Biovore 1 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $41.25 $49.50 D Repackaged Resin
Tyranid Spore Mine Cluster 9 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $24.75 $29.75 D Repackaged Resin
The Red Terror 1 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $41.25 $49.50 D Repackaged Resin
Tyranid Ripper Swarm Brood 1 Base Clampack 3-Mar-12 $13.25 $16.00 D Repackaged Resin

The big rumour was that the harpy was going to be included in this release. There's a model that looks like it in the WD pics on dakka. But people are saying it was a winged tyrant. All-in-all this looks like a good release that will fill in a few holes SW players were having to model. 
It's kinda so-so for Tyranids though. Swarmlord and tervigons are cool, but not having an official model wasn't stopping people from playing them. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OrcCon 2012

This weekend, I cruised down to the Gateway Sheraton to check out what was going on at OrcCon 2012! I had a bunch of stuff to check out as a couple of my buddies were playing in the Broadside Bash, a bunch of people were playing in the warma/hordes tourney, and I was really excited to catch up with the SoCal Malifaux guys in person!

Check out after the jump for some reviews of the stuff they had there and what I thought of the con!

Monday, February 20, 2012


This made me lol. Dr. Whoa is Jon Rosenburg's take on Dr. Who. And let's just say, some of the implied creepiness of the Dr is much less implied.

Scenes from a multiverse is pretty funny. The Dr. Whoa line of comics is top notch. The Dalek yelling Inseminate cracked me up the most.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Skyrim patch 1.4

Looks like I missed this, but the 1.4 patch was released to steam and to Microsoft and Sony to review on the 9th. Apparently it's not out on PS3 yet, but Xbox users have it up and running.

It looks like they addressed the main problem with PS3 that I had been experiencing.
  • Long term play optimizations for memory and performance (PS3)
This bug was quite a pain in the ass, as the bigger your save file got, the more your game would crash. So, if you played the game a lot, it would crash more often. Way to let that one through, Sony! I'm not playing Skyrim quite as much as warhammer is taking most of my time, but I would still like to go back and rack up those last trophies without the game crashing every time I walk through a door.

Necron Battleforce available for pre-order...

But it looks kinda crappy

To save you the time clicking on the link, it comes with
  • A doomsday ark/Ghost ark
  • 5 canoptek scarabs
  • 5 immortals/deathmarks
  • 20 warriors
 I don't know how they always seem to miss the mark with these. Maybe they put in the things that are selling the least in an effort to bundle them away? All I know is, I haven't seen a battleforce that even halfway tempted me to buy it in many years.

The SM and DE megaforces on the other hand... They actually contain a nicely fieldable force with a minimum of dross. Those are a decent way to get into the hobby with a relatively competitive force without having a bunch of models you will never use.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gamer Wear: webcomicsarama

I saw this shirt over at one of my favorite webcomics, scenes from a multiverse, and I had to share.
I won't spoil it if you are not familiar with the comic, but this is a business deer that means business. Imagine Patrick Bateman as a job-seeking deer and you will get the idea. :)

And then from my favoritest webcomic, Questionable content, comes this awesome D&D4e reference.

What happens if you make the save? Does a shower magically appear and wash the geek off of you? I think not. Someone cast permenance on you my friend!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Orccon coverage!

This weekend, in between drinking and showering babies, I will be attending Orccon to cover a few of the events. Here's a breakdown of some of the things I plan on reporting on:
Friday: (If I get down there)

Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan Demo: A Strategy Game of Hidden Movement by Frederic Moyersoen. The night is quiet, but somewhere in the darkness shadows are moving. A ninja and a double-crossing samurai sneak into the Lion Clan castle, intent on completing their dastardly tasks. Though alert, the Lion guards are as yet unaware that anything is amiss...Daring, planning, and a little luck will determine whether you triumph or meet your end on 3 feet of steel.

L5R has always one of my favorite games and I've always loved AEG as a company. I used to be pretty good friends with the guys that made L5R, but that was many years ago. 
I think more games need a built in mechanic to make the players be polite to one another like L5R has.  Honor system ftw!  If you haven't heard of it, then give it a look. The lore is fantastic and the gameplay is very quick to pick up on.
Enough talk! I will be checking out this board game for sure. It sounds fun!

Malifaux - Neverborn Raid:A fault has opened up in the ruins of Lost Redemptions a place notoriously known for soulstone formations but the only thing its opened up on earth as well. Needles to say all the factions have an interest in these ongoings. Be the first to get there and reap the rewards of one of the biggest emergences of soulstones in history earth and malifaux both.

It looks like this Malifaux game will be going on at the same time. hopefully I can hop back and forth to check out both!

L5R CCG Demo: A collectible card game, set in the fantasy empire Rokugan, based loosely upon feudal Japan and Japanese Mythology. Players can choose from the nine Great Clans: Crab, Crane, Dragon, Lion, Mantis, Phoenix, Scorpion, Spider, and Unicorn. Rokugan is a land where honor is a force more powerful than steel. Battle for the supremacy of your clan and claim your piece of glory.

Speak of the devil... I may have to jump in on this demo to check out how much the rules have changed in ten years. 

Nothing in particular jumps out at me as a must see on Friday night.  Check after the jump for the big events of the weekend!

Pandora, Painted!

Well, mostly. I still have a bit of work to do on the facial area, and get her on a base... But that's as much as I got done last night. I think the snake things are looking pretty good. as well as her hair/legs. Faces have always been difficult for me though, so I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with that. Check her out so far!
I decided to paint her as the art showed since I really don't know that much about the lore. I figured I would get it as close to the box art as possible both as a challenge to me and so that people who saw it later wouldn't wonder why I painted her in a different faction's colors, haha!

Getting her hands on was definitely a challenge. I'm not exactly sure I even got them on right. But it looks decent enough as-is. I wish it came with a little sheet explaining how to put them on though. I had to get a bit creative and chop off a part so they would even fit. The Gloves? that come on her hands are way bigger than the arm nubs. But that's really my only complaint with this model. The sculpt is really cool. (Why I bought it in the first place)

I think I might pick out the boots in a different color. They don't really look like they are there. You can barely see the laces. I need to do some highlight work on the face and the boobs area and then get her on a base and she will be my first Malifaux mini that is complete!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Unboxed my first Malifaux mini

Woo hoo! Neverborn here I come! The mini has barely any flash and comes off the sprue like butta. So far I'm impressed with the quality of the sculpt and the detail. I'll post the pics of the finished product once I get her painted. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Skyrim DLC?

Well, no not quite. But this week at DICE 2012, they showed a clip reel of the stuff they have been working on after skyrim was complete and some of the stuff is pretty impressive.

A short recap of the potential features and the video after the jump!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wyrd miniatures March releases!

Here's the break down of the March releases for Malifaux

WYR1041 - Alternate Perdita - $10.50
WYR1042 - Avatar Perdita - $45.00
WYR5062 - Avatar Viktorias - $28.00
WYR5069 - Alternate Viktorias - $20.00
WYR1049 - Latigo Pistoleros - $18.00
WYR2054 - Dead Doxies - $16.50
WYR3052 - Swamp Mother - $35.00
WYR3053 - Gupps - $18.00
WYR0038 - Driftwood Docks 30mm - $13.50
WYR0039 - Driftwood Docks 40mm - $13.50
WYR0040 - Driftwood Docks 50mm - $10.50
WYR0041 - Driftwood Docks Accessories - $13.50 
Check out some of my favorites for this month!
Dude, Murlocs!
This model is just bad ass. The avatars are well done!
You can put this in your pants!
My, what lovely swords you have...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GW is modifying their prize support structure

From Warseer:

"xxRavenxx wrote:Very exciting news for the world of retail.

If you meet certain criteria (Essentially the criteria is being a reasonably sized hobby store), you will now receive the following:

£500 of stock per year for demoing to customers, placing terrain on the table, etc.

£100/200 (I forgot the given number) in stock to give prizes out for competitions.

Trophies. Made specially by
GW to give out to winners. (Which presumably will be fairly cool.)

So yeah.
GW move to give people free stuff for participating in organised play, and in stores. I think its a lovely move on their part. Long may it continue"

So, more prizes, more terrain in stores, and trophies... I like the first two, but I don't think I'll be putting RTT trophies up on my shelf next to my first place Battletech:TCG ribbon from the 1997 Strategicon...

edit - From my l33t inside informer Travis
(The prize value)Works out to the same as far as amounts go, just modified how I can use it. A rare case of GW making a change that did not reduce value and instead increased versatility.

That being said, it's the same amount of prize support we've been getting for like the last five years, so on the whole the value has gone down factoring for increased model cost. Such is life. With GW I'll take a "not directly negative" move any day!

Bay Area Open. Round 2, fight!

The second Bay Area open is rapidly approaching! With less than a month to go before I have to make that drive up the state... yay? I had initially planned on taking Deathwing to the tourney as I feel it has a really good shot at accomplishing the missions.  They may not be the killiest army at long range, but they are really good at hanging around. That plan kind of went to hell when I all of a sudden lost large blocks of time to work, life, and traveling with the Dr.
Oh, the places we will go!
While I have most of the army assembled, except for two speeders, I really don't feel I will be able to get it painted in time. With that being said, I also played a modified version of my GK list and I started feeling much better about it in the context of the BAO mission. Check out after the jump for the list and my thoughts on how awesome it will be!

Amazing Spider-man, it's amazing!

The trailer looks pretty hot. Emma stone also looks pretty hot. Not as hot as she does with red hair, but an acceptable amount nonetheless. But, I guess that since they don't have Doc Ock in this one, Gwen Stacy will at least make it a couple more movies. Also, hot.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Realm RTT game 3: Kanz and Manz

This weekend Soldado and I decided to take a trip out to Brea, CA for a 1850 point RTT. I really wanted to practice my potential 1750 list so I basically just moved some things around to get it to 1850. Here's what I played. 

GM w/MC sword, incinerator, rad grenades
Purifiers x 8 w/D. Hammer, warding staff, 4 halberds, 2 psycannons
Ven Dread w/2 autocannons, psybolt
4 squads of Warrior acolyte x 3
2w/ razorbacks w/psybolt, searchlight
Stormraven w/TL multi-melta, TL Assault Cannon, Searchlight
2 x Dreadknight w/Heavy incinerator, Personal Teleporter
Dreadnought w/2 autocannons, psybolt
Game 3
Dok Vs Greg: Kanz + Manz wall 

The third game of the day was against a newer player by the name of Greg. He was playing a Kan wall list and trying to figure out what he was doing with his army. I love playing new players like this because it gives me the opportunity to hopefully teach them some things about how the game works, some strategy, and what is best in life. Here’s his list (approximately)
Big mek with KFF and a power klaw
Mad dok grotsnik
15 lootas
6 mega-nobs with 2 kombi-rokkits and a kombi-skorcha
30 boyz with cybork bodies, a couple big shootas and a power klaw
30 boyz with big shootas
Deff dred with 3 dccw and a skorcha
15ish grots
3 rokkit buggies
3 kanz with skorchas
3 kanz with kustom mega blastas

I don’t have his exact list, but that’s a close approximation. The mission was a weird amalgamation from the supposed  6th edition leaked rulebook. There were 3 objectives along the center line of the table and you scored victory points for having a non-vehicle, unembarked unit near them at the end of the game turn. Troops get you 3 points. Everybody else gets you 1. This is a terrible mission if you’re not ready for it. If the leaked 6th edition book is true, then army lists will be far different than they are now. By necessity they would have to be!
The deployment type was pitched battle and Greg won the roll to go first and let me deploy. I deployed refused flank on the right hand side of the table in hopes that we could limit it to two objectives that mattered. He deployed across from me, with the kanz and the deff dread closest to the right hand objective. Grotsnik was with the cybork boyz and the big mek was with the grots (which seems pretty risky imo). I then infiltrated my assassin on the far left objective to try and cheese some points. Unfortunately, none of the objectives are in cover, so holding them will be hard. This is the only game I remember to use grand strategy to full effect. I get 3 effects and give hammer of righteousness to my dreadknights and the purifiers. 

T Minus 24 days til the Bay Area Open

So with the Bay Area Open less than 30 days away I am starting to put the brain gears in motion to make sure I do better this showing than last.
I did learn last year that 4 Battlewagons is too many, and that I needed some more support.

With that said here is the list I plan on bringing.

Ghaz – Duh!
Big Mek – KFF,  PK and Cybork

6 Lootas
6 Lootas

Diversified Nobz – 1 PK / Waagh Banner, 1 PK / Bosspole, 1 PK, 1 Big Choppa / Bosspole, 1 Big Choppa, 1 Slugga /Choppa, 1 Painboy with Cybork. All with Cyborks and Stikkbombs!
Dedicated Transport – Battlewagon with Deffrolla, Red Paint, Armor Plates, Big Shoota and a Boarding Plank.
 17 Slugga / Choppa boys + 1 Nob with PK and Bosspole
19 Shoota boyz with 2 Rokkit Launchas + 1 Nob with PK and Bosspole
10 Gretchin and a Runtherder.

Fast Attack
Deffkopta with TL Rokkits and a Buzzsaw
Deffkopta with TL Rokkits and a Buzzsaw

Heavy Support
Battlewagon with Deffrolla, Red Paint, Armor Plates and a Big Shoota.
Battlewagon with Deffrolla, Red Paint, Armor Plates and a Big Shoota.

This is a more balanced attempt at a BW Rush with some ideas on how to deal with Grey Knights.
Get my Deffkoptas into the Dreads ASAP!
Do not assault a Purifier squad! (DUH!!)
Try to out maneuver to gain the upper hand, let them come to me and rolla in hard!!
I think the key to beating GK with orks is to get the match ups you want. I have had a hell of a time with Shunting Dreadknights getting into my backfield and incinerating my Lootas, so I will have to tarpit them with my boyz. The army itself ignoring FnP and all armor makes it very annoying and tough to deal with.

I can only hope for some hot dice and  some favorable match ups.

Regardless, I know the Bay Area Open will be fun and I look forward to seeing some of our readers there!

The Realm RTT game 2: Chimeras go boom!

This weekend Soldado and I decided to take a trip out to Brea, CA for a 1850 point RTT. I really wanted to practice my potential 1750 list so I basically just moved some things around to get it to 1850. Here's what I played. 

GM w/MC sword, incinerator, rad grenades
Purifiers x 8 w/D. Hammer, warding staff, 4 halberds, 2 psycannons
Ven Dread w/2 autocannons, psybolt
4 squads of Warrior acolyte x 3
2w/ razorbacks w/psybolt, searchlight
Stormraven w/TL multi-melta, TL Assault Cannon, Searchlight
2 x Dreadknight w/Heavy incinerator, Personal Teleporter
Dreadnought w/2 autocannons, psybolt
Game 2

Dok V Soldado(playing IG) in the case of the exploded chimera
Game 2 was against my buddy and sometimes co-blogger Soldado! He just recently picked up a guard army and he wanted to take his spin on guard… out for a spin! This is the list he brought
Company Command Squad w/4 x plasma guns, Master of the Fleet w/plasma pistol, Chimera w/ heavy flamer
Company Command Squad w/4 x plasma guns, power weapon, Chimera w/ heavy flamer
3 x Veterans w/lascannon & 3 x meltaguns - Chimera w/ heavy flamer
Veterans w/3 x flamers & demolition charge- Chimera w/ heavy flamer
Fast Attack
3 x Vendetta
Heavy Support
2 x Manticore Missile Launcher

Pretty standard as far as guard goes. No hydras as he didn’t have them in time and he decided to use lascannons in his veterans squad to give them a bit more oomph from their rides.

The second mission is modified KP. 2 points for everything with an AV, 2 points for hqs, and 2 points for any model with 4 or more wounds. Yikes, that’s a bad mission for guard under any conditions. Oh, also the deployment is dawn of war… 
Looking at it before the game, Soldado has a total of 31 KPs to give, to my 24. So it’s not that lopsided, but chimeras are definitely easier to kill than most things in my army.
We roll to go first and Soldado wins the roll! I’m not sure why, but he gave me first turn and deployment. I roll grand strategy and get to pick two units. I choose hammer of righteousness one the dreadknights and forget to do my re-rolls all game! I pick my side and put two empty razorbacks in the middle of the table about 18” from each other so that I can push back anything he wants to deploy. He puts out two empty chimeras on his table edge. One on my left hand side and the other towards the middle. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Realm RTT game 1: The realm hates on 3 for int!

This weekend Soldado and I decided to take a trip out to Brea, CA for a 1850 point RTT. I really want to practice my potential 1750 list so I basically just moved some things around to get it to 1850. Here's what I played. 

GM w/MC sword, incinerator, rad grenades
Purifiers x 8 w/D. Hammer, warding staff, 4 halberds, 2 psycannons
Ven Dread w/2 autocannons, psybolt
4 squads of Warrior acolyte x 3
2w/ razorbacks w/psybolt, searchlight
Stormraven w/TL multi-melta, TL Assault Cannon, Searchlight
2 x Dreadknight w/Heavy incinerator, Personal Teleporter
Dreadnought w/2 autocannons, psybolt

Game 1

GK vs BA all jump
My first opponent was a cheery fellow by the name of Todd. He was playing 4 squads of assault marines with meltas, a scout squad with a ML, a librarian, 3 priests , a squad of sanguinary guard, and 3 devastator squads. 2 with missiles and 1 with lascannons. The mission was spearhead deployment with 5 objectives. After placing the objectives, they scatter 2d6 with the possibility to go off the board. We placed them fairly centrally and three of them scattered, but not enough to matter. I won the roll to go first and deployed fairly aggressively along the spearhead bubble. I got a 2 for Grand strategy and gave both my dreads scoring. I kept two of my warrior squads in reserve.  He deployed his devastators up on hills in his fairly open deployment zone and his AMs a bit back from the bubble with lots of FNP coverage. He infiltrates his scouts to my right in a forest and I infiltrate my assassin into a ruin to my left.

Avengers Trailer in the superbowl!

For anyone that didn't catch this during the superbowl, here it is! There's a lot of stuff going on here. Robots flying around, blowing shit up. Hulk, smashing. Scarlett Johanssen looking hot. It's a visual overload!  There's still nothing very revealing about the plot or who the enemy is going to be, but my moneys still on Loki. That seemed to be what they were getting at, at the end of Captain America. Or at least that he will be behind whatever enemy the team is facing.
I have loved these marvel movies so far. The whole avenger line has been great. Now, if only Ghost Rider would get the hint...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time to switch it up Orks to Guard

I am over orks!

They are unreliable, and the inability to provide decent covering fire has lead me to give them up.

Let me elaborate:  Lootas suck ass!!!

The current meta is: Grey Knights.

What do lootas do vs greyknights - Maybe bust a rhino or 2. They have a slim chance to affect a Storm Raven and they themselves are very vulnerable to all that Grey Knights have to offer.

Battlewagons - Battlwagons cannot protect all their sides Vs. the massive amount of Str 7 shots the GK army puts out and being open topped is the equivalent of making all the GK guns AP1. Battlwagons die too easy to GK and ...

Nobs suck Vs. GK. Everyone having power weapons / force weapons makes the shenanigans of a hammer Nobz squad almost useless. Stupid painboy being useless, Stupid Instant Death all over....

- also a byproduct of sucking - No psychic defense. But that's not solved by moving to Guard.

So Imperial Guard is going to be my new primary army.

Details of that after the break!


So, as I mentioned, there was a mini-RTT at my FLGS on Tuesday.  I really, really wanted to play Eldar with the list I posted, but fate and laziness (mostly I didn't want to drive home before hand) conspired against me to make sure that my Eldar stuff wasn't in my car. So I ended up playing the cheese below:
Laziness made me do it!!!

Inquisitor Coteaz
Purifiers x 5 w/2 psycannons
2 squads of Henchmen warrior acolytes x 3 w/psyback

Let me tell you, that's a lot of shots @500 points.

Mini-recaps after the jump!

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