Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bay Area Open. Round 2, fight!

The second Bay Area open is rapidly approaching! With less than a month to go before I have to make that drive up the state... yay? I had initially planned on taking Deathwing to the tourney as I feel it has a really good shot at accomplishing the missions.  They may not be the killiest army at long range, but they are really good at hanging around. That plan kind of went to hell when I all of a sudden lost large blocks of time to work, life, and traveling with the Dr.
Oh, the places we will go!
While I have most of the army assembled, except for two speeders, I really don't feel I will be able to get it painted in time. With that being said, I also played a modified version of my GK list and I started feeling much better about it in the context of the BAO mission. Check out after the jump for the list and my thoughts on how awesome it will be!

Here's the list

1750 Max threat GK (I stole the idea from jy2. Thanks man!)
Grand Master w/Incinerator, Rad Grenades, MC sword

Ven Dread w/2 autocannons, psybolt
8 purifiers w/hammer, staff, 2 psycannons, 3 halberds

3 x 3-man Warrior acolyte squads w/razorbacks w/psybolt, Searchlights
1 3 man Warrior acolyte squad on foot

Stormraven w/MM, AC, searchlight

2 x Dreadknight w/heavy incinerator, personal teleporter
Dreadnought w/2 autocannons, psybolt

The idea behind this list is that I can apply force from my entire army from turn 1-2 forward. I have the range and speed to get across the table in a turn and have the majority of my army in assault in the next. The dreads will have range to most things off the line. The SR will have PotMS range after turbo-boosting. The Dreadknights can get pretty much anywhere with the shunt move, lay down some burnination, and be ready for an assault the next turn.
With all those targets wrecking your day, I then have the razorbacks to lay down some light supporting fire and protect the soft, scoring, and gooey insides. In addition to the warriors, I can add additional harder scoring unit(s) with the grand strategy. Or add some beef to my already beefy units with counter-attack or the hammer of righteousness. I have only used the scouting power once, but this is the kind of list it would be beneficial in, so I think I'm really using the availability of GS to it's full extent.

My plan with this army is to get in peoples face and come at them. Bro.
I'm doing it, are you doing it???

I hope that this will distract my opponents for enough turns that they will not shoot at my easily destroyed razorbacks and warriors.  Because that would be bad. Hopefully no one going to the BAO is reading this...


  1. I got your strat bro.. you are going down!!

  2. Shiiiit, it would be fucked up if we had to play up there. I don't wanna drive no 4 hours to play your ass, that's why I never come to your house!


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