Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Countdown to BAO!

One more day until the long drive up north to the BAO!!!

The time is counting down and I'm having last minute list jitters... What do I take?  DA? GK? Necrons? (I don't even play Necrons!)

Who f'in knows???

While I feel that DA are a good matchup to the majority of armies as they are really hard to kill, they are just not as mobile and killy as I would like. My first love in 40k is Eldar and I think that has influenced my playstyle since I was 15.

Why not play Eldar then, you might say? 

Hopefully no one heard you talk to yourself, you crazy bastard!

I haven't played Eldar seriously in many years and I just don't feel like they will stand up to the competition (Grey Knights). They have an awesome ability to put out a huge amount of firepower, but it's just not that impressive firepower compared to other armies. And once you start losing falcon hulls, you are in it deep.

So, I have decided to take a sort of weird GK list. I have been playing with it for the last couple of weeks, and I feel it brings the three F's to the table. Firepower, flexibility, and fuckin awesome in combat!  Without further F's, check it out after the jump:

Coteaz, Grand Master w/Incinerator, Rad Grenades(I'm really not sure if these are more effective than psychotroke or not. I really would like to test both out individually but so far Rad have been very good in combination with multiple hammerhands)

Venerable Dreadnought w/2xtwin linked autocannon, psybolt ammo (I feel the ven dread is the lynchpin of grand strategy. Whether you need another scoring body, or a super efficient troop killer, the ven dread will be there for you like Bon Jovi.)

Purifier x 8 w/psycannon x 2, Daemon hammer, Warding staff, Halberd x 3 (This is the main hammer of my list that will be riding in the Stormraven. The warding staff is a little controversial, but I feel it's necessary in an effort to keep the squad alive and kicking for longer. A 2+ invuln at every step of the initiative will get to make save 2-3 times per combat. If you run into the random large squad that contains rending, then you can wrap the wounds around to him and hopefully take them all)

Warrior acolyte x 3 w/Razorback w/psybolt, searchlight
Warrior acolyte x 3 w/Razorback w/psybolt, searchlight
Warrior acolyte x 3 w/Razorback w/psybolt, searchlight
Warrior acolyte x 3

My troop selections are fairly weak. But they are only meant to get objectives and make my psybacks scoring. The squad on foot is the (hopefully) late game C&C grabber.  The searchlights are my attempt at meta-gaming. I expect to see some necrons and there are at least 2 Dawn of war missions, so hopefully they make back their points!

Fast Attack
Stormraven w/Twin linked multi-melta, Twin linked assault cannon, Searchlight (One stormraven! No Librarian! what are you doing? Again, please stop talking to yourself before they take you away! This goes against conventional wisdom of redundancy and survivability, but my list is full of hard rocks. It is designed to mess with my opponents target priority. If you shoot at one, the other is in your face. If you spread out your fire and it's ineffective, I will wreck you. I think if i go up to 2k, I would take another one, but it seems like GK have to take a completely different list at every point level. It's a weird phenomenon due to the fact that nothing in the codex can really just be "thrown in".)

Dreadknight w/personal teleporter, Heavy incinerator
Dreadknight w/personal teleporter, Heavy incinerator
I love me some dreadknights! These things are beastly and have won me many games. They get in the opponents face and stay there. They are vulnerable to low AP fire, but most opponents underestimate these guys and don't dedicate the proper amount of firepower to get rid of them. 
Dreadnought w/2 x twin linked autocannon, psybolt ammo
If you take one, you might as well take 2 :)

So that's what I plan on going with. It's a bit different from the MSU purifier list I took last year that did pretty well, but I think with the evolution of peoples knowledge of the GK codex, this is the way to go. This is a strong, resilient list that won't crumble to a bit of artillery. And the pieces can operate fairly independently without relying on the entire army being in the same place.
The need to castle was a weakness of my list last year and would not be acceptable for the BAO mission. It requires you to be able to control a diverse section of the board.  Either way, I hope this one does ok. I've put a lot of thought into it and can't wait to see how I do!

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  1. 10th place overall. Not too shabby for my second GT. Next time, I need more wins!


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